Youngest NBA Players in the 2021/22 Season

2021 saw the drafting of some of the youngest NBA players, following the reversal of the 19 years age limit in 2020. If you recall, the pre-2005 years saw the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Tracy McGrady come into the scene straight from high school.

However, by 2005, the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement stopped incorporating straight-out-of-high school players. The agreement between the NBA and NBPA suggested that players be up to 19 years, with at least one year post-college experience. 

This agreement lasted until 2020 when they reverted the age limit for draft into the NBA to what it was before - 18 years. Read on to see the list of the youngest NBA players looking to make a lasting impression in this season's NBA competitions.

The list goes from youngest to oldest.

Top 10 Youngest NBA Players in the 2021/22 Season

1. Joshua Primo

Joshua Primo is the youngest NBA player on this list and is the only one yet to turn 19. He was born on 24th December 2002 in Canada. The San Antonio Spurs signee is creative and has exceptional ball-handling skills.

Primo is one player who knows how to create his own space for a shot. Even though he is just 18 years old, his confidence is something to write home about. Joshua made his first appearance in the match against Orlando Magic, where he scored 3 points in less than 4 minutes of play.


2. Josh Giddey

Second on the list is Canadian-born Josh Giddey, born on 10th October 2002.  He is currently signed to Oklahoma City Thunder after coming out as the 6th overall pick.

The six-foot-eight (6'8) tall player is a talented playmaker. His ability to read the game and throw passes, coupled with his ball-handling, makes him stand out. He is also a prolific pick-and-roll offensive player. In fact, he creates more points through pick and rolls than he scores by himself, according to

Josh Giddey has made NBA history by becoming the youngest player to record a triple-double.

3. Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga was born on 6th October 2002 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He made his debut appearance for the Golden State Warriors on 30th October in their match against Oklahoma City Thunder, scoring 3 points.

He is a very fluid, power forward player and a jump shooter. Jonathan's athletic capabilities make him a potential threat to the opponent. A review by declares him "the most versatile defender in his draft class." 

4. Jaden Springer

Jaden Springer plays at the Philadelphia 76ers. Born on 25th September 2002, the six-foot-four tall basketball player is one of the youngest NBA players to look out for. His skill set is exceptional. Jaden is a sound defender who basks in his ability to mount pressure on whoever holds the ball and eventually steals it.

Additionally, his physicality and size allow him to drive almost smoothly into the defense, even though he is not the fastest player. This attribute makes him a good playmaker and close-range scorer.

5.  Usman Garuba 

Former Real Madrid forward, Usman Garuba was born on 3rd September 2002. The Spanish-born basketball player is currently six-foot-eight tall (6'8). Though he is young, his defensive capabilities in court are not.

Usman makes pretty good short passes while switching positions. He has an eye for spotting his teammates, and getting the ball in their hand is his thing. The Houston Rockets player handles the ball outstandingly, steals the ball, and blocks shots effortlessly. 

6. JT Thor

JT Thor is a South Sudanese US-born professional basketball player. The 19-year-old (born 26th August 2002) was drafted by Charlotte Hornets earlier this year. He was on the same team as Joshua Primo at the Huntington Prep School.

He is a multi-talented power forward whose strength lies in defense. A recent article on predicted that JT Thor would be the best signee in the 2021 Drafts. The 6'10 player is known for stealing the ball and making 3-point baskets.

7. Alperen Sengun

Alperen Sengun is a Turkish-born basketball player, born on 25th June 2002. He stands at six foot ten (6'10"), and he currently plays for the Houston Rockets.

Alperen stands out for his ability to read the defense and make calculated and swift passes. The youngster recorded four assists, ten rebounds, one block, and scored 10 points in his first appearance against Phoenix Suns. He is easily one of the youngest NBA players.

8. Moses Moody

Born on 31st May, 2002, Moses Moody was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, being the 14th overall selection. The 19-year old has a knack for long-range shooting. In fact, Moses is one of the best 3-and-D players. (A player who shoots from outside the perimeter and is adept at defense).

Arguably, he is one of the best shot makers in his draft class. As a powerful 3-point shooter, he makes an average of 17 points per game, of which most were from outside the perimeter. 

9. Keon Johnson

Keon Johnson is a six-foot-four (6'4) professional basketball player born on 10th March, 2002. Though initially drafted by the New York Knicks, he currently plays for Los Angeles Clippers.

The freshman from Tennessee is quite the offensive player; this shows in his aggressiveness and athleticism. Also, his cutting ability makes it almost effortless for him to disrupt the opponent's defense. In addition, Johnson is a remarkable defender. 

Final Words: Youngest NBA Players

The youngest NBA players, mostly below 19, will have the opportunity to develop faster than their counterparts. Imagine playing side-by-side with the likes of LeBron James, who has been in the NBA since 2003. That is a longer time than some of these new players have lived.

Fun fact: The youngest player to ever play in the NBA is Andrew Bynum, who was only 18 years and six days old on his first appearance.

Behind Andrew are Jermaine O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, and they made their first entrances at the ages of 18 years and 53 days and 18 years and 72 days, respectively.

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