Having good basketball dribbling skills is essential if you want to become a great basketball player. Dribbling is an essential basketball skill and plays an integral role in all court areas. Whether you are defending or playing midcourt, dribbling helps you open up a lane for penetration and set up a basket. The best basketball gloves can help you improve your dribbling skills.

These gloves help strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the fingers, wrists, and forearms with the help of tactically placed weighted inserts. They also take away your natural grip and sense of touch, forcing you to focus on maintaining control of the ball without grip.

There is a wide selection of basketball gloves, and choosing the right ones can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what factors make the best basketball gloves. After extensive research, I came up with a list of the best basketball gloves for dribbling, so you’ll have an easier time selecting the right ones for your needs.

  • Best Basketball Gloves Overall
  • Pro quality with premium construction
  • Enhances performance and improves confidence
  • Best Weighted Dribbling Gloves
  • Weight placement helps increase dribble speed
  • Improve ball handling and catching with anti-grip
  • Best Basketball Gloves for Beginners and Smaller Hands
  • Touchscreen-compatible index fingertip
  • Affordable and tough construction
  • Best Ball-Handling Gloves
  • Improve ball handling and catching with anti-grip
  • Enhances performance on the court
  • Best Budget Basketball Gloves
  • Eliminates excess sweat and ensures comfort
  • Double-stitched for extra enforcement

Best Weighted Basketball Gloves

If you are looking for affordable yet highly functional basketball gloves, you cannot go wrong with POWERHANDZ Weighted Anti-Grip Basketball Gloves. These gloves are made from, among other materials, genuine cowhide, making them durable, flexible, and comfortable to wear.  

The added weight inside these gloves will give your hand muscles the strength to make throws and shoot to the basket. The placement of this extra weight, spread evenly across the top of each glove, challenges the muscles, strengthens your shooting, and enhances performance.

The gloves feature a breathable fabric on the inside, which does not make you sweat while you play. And the anti-friction material on the palms impedes grip and challenges your ball-handling capability. Another remarkable feature of the POWERHANDZ Weighted Anti-Grip Gloves is the four-nylon stretch material, which enhances their durability.

After you practice with these gloves on, you will notice improved speed, dexterity, and agility on the court. These enhanced skills mean you will also have improved confidence. 

The POWERHANDZ Weighted Anti-Grip Gloves are appropriate for all player levels — from beginner to advanced — and come in both youth and adult sizes.

Be sure to pick the size right for you. The gloves incorporate a Velcro closure, though, for a customized fit.

Ball Hog is one of the frontrunners in the basketball accessories market. They take pride in producing the best basketball gloves to improve playing skills. Their weighted anti-grip gloves offer extra weight resistance for improved finger strength.

Each pair weighs one pound. The weight helps strengthen your hand muscles and develops skills to catch and handle the basketball. The weight placement, located in the wrist area, helps increase dribble speed and improve your ball control handling and catching.  

These gloves consist of premium materials that ensure durability. The anti-grip feature requires you to focus on your ball handling while wearing the gloves, so it becomes second nature without the gloves.

Ball Hog Weighted Anti-Grip Gloves are appropriate for players of all levels and all ages. These gloves come in five size options. Make sure you choose the size that best fits your hands to optimize these gloves’ benefits. The gloves include a strap for a tighter fit.

With Ball Hog Anti-Grip Gloves, you will not only learn to apply force, but you’ll also master the strategies to regulate speed when dribbling. So, if you’re looking to refine your handling skills, these gloves are an excellent option.

Seiberton Unweighted Anti-Grip Gloves are an excellent option for beginning basketball players. They are the most basic and affordable basketball dribbling gloves for beginners.

These gloves boast tough construction. The spandex makes the gloves more flexible. And the palm area is made from synthetic leather to increase anti-grip while keeping your hands cool. The gloves also have small air holes on both sides of the fingers to provide ventilation and keep your hands dry.

The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wrist includes a flexible hook and eye closure to ensure a secure fit.

An outstanding feature of these gloves is the touchscreen-compatible index fingertip. That means you don’t have to remove the gloves if you want to use your phone during a break.

The anti-grip component helps to minimize resistance and ensure that your control and grip get better with consistent training. Eventually, you will have a significantly improved ball catching and handling skills. These gloves also aim to focus on your muscles to strengthen your hands and fingers.

Seiberton gloves promote comfortable training. And these Seiberton Unweighted Anti-Grip Gloves are no exception.

There has been some confusion about their sizing charts. So be sure to read the sizing charts carefully to get the right size.

If you’re looking for a reliable training aid but don’t want to add too much weight to your hands, Ball Hog Unweighted Handling Gloves are an excellent option. They feature solid construction and aim to improve your ball-handling and catching skills.

The synthetic material and the anti-grip element interfere with your hand’s natural grip ability, which forces you to work harder to maintain control of the ball. The anti-grip material makes the ball feel slippery, which forces you to focus your attention on holding onto the ball while you are training and practicing.

This method improves your ball-handling skills when you are not wearing the gloves, and this heightened concentration enhances performance on the court. These Ball Hog gloves also aim to improve your dribbling skills. You can expect your dribbles to get better after using these gloves for a while.

While these gloves are a little pricier than most of their competitors, Ball Hog Unweighted Gloves can be an excellent investment if you are a passionate basketball player and you want to increase your dribbling accuracy and speed.

The sizes come in medium (middle school) and extra-large (for high school and college players). Take into consideration the size of the person you want them for when you make your selection.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a reliable pair of basketball training gloves, you might want to consider these gloves from Elite Handlz. These budget-friendly gloves feature a genuine leather anti-grip palm that makes handling the ball more challenging, resulting in stronger hands, increased hand speed, and better agility over time.

The Lycra and neoprene materials used for making these gloves improve durability, breathability, and flexibility. The gloves feature elastic woven bands for improved resistance, which promotes strength building during training. Anti-grip palms play an integral role in improving ball handling and control. And this improved ball handling and control may lead to enhanced confidence and performance on the court.

Another remarkable feature of these Elite Handlz Gloves is the neoprene piping and brow wipe, which eliminates excess sweat and ensures comfort in prolonged practice sessions. The breathable Lycra material on the Velcro straps also prevents your hands from sweating. And the Velcro straps help create a secure fit.

So, if you are looking for a budget pair of gloves to improve coordination and arm and hand strength, give Elite Handlz Gloves a try. They are double stitched for extra enforcement. And they are suitable for basketball players of all ages.

How To Choose the Best Basket Ball Gloves for Dribbling

Several factors come into play when looking for basketball gloves that best suit your needs:

Types of Basketball Gloves

There are three main types of basketball gloves, designed to meet different needs:

  • Weighted anti-grip gloves — If you want to improve your strength and performance, weighted anti-grip gloves are the best training aid. They offer enormous support in training by providing a real-time challenge to your hand muscles. These gloves require more force to catch, dribble, shoot the ball, and make your muscles firmer.
  • Unweighted anti-grip gloves — With unweighted gloves, you won’t feel the extra weight, which means you won’t need to exert additional force. These gloves feature a specially designed surface that makes it more challenging to control the ball. This design helps enhance your motor patterning and coordination skills.
  • Shooting gloves — As the name suggests, the unique design of these basketball gloves improves your shooting skills. They help you master the level of grip and control needed for throwing and shooting. Shooting gloves are available in a variety of shapes to suit your specific needs.


The material often determines the style and durability of the glove. Most weighted basketball gloves are made from genuine cowhide to enhance durability. However, cowhide encourages sweating, which usually makes using these gloves for a prolonged period uncomfortable.

Most shooting gloves are nylon and Lycra. This combination offers improved durability and flexibility. Anti-friction gloves are also often made from synthetic materials that help minimize sweating, improve air circulation, and ensure a comfortable fit while delivering the flexibility required for shooting.

It’s important to understand what each material offers so you can choose the best gloves for your specific needs.

Glove Fasteners

The type of fastener is another crucial feature to look for when choosing the best gloves. Most gloves feature tough Velcro fasteners, and others come with snaps. Some gloves fasten with the help of a small buckle system.

It’s best to choose gloves with Velcro, as it makes it easy to fasten the gloves with one hand. Velcro also helps lower the weight of the gloves, allowing for a sleeker, lightweight design.

Weight Resistance

Basketball gloves serve two primary functions: to make your hands less grippy and to offer weight resistance.

Many people purchase these gloves to minimize their grip and improve their feel for the ball. Some overlook weight resistance, oblivious to the fact that it adds a huge benefit to skills and performance.

The added weight helps strengthen your wrist and hand muscles and gives you more power and control while dribbling the ball.


Basketball gloves come at different price points, depending on the brand, type, and style. Weighted gloves are often the most expensive. Their shooting and anti-friction counterparts are usually more affordable.

Adult-sized gloves will be more expensive than gloves designed for kids and teenagers. Price may also determine the quality of the glove. Make sure you have a budget before you go out shopping for the best basketball gloves.

Final Thoughts: Best Ball Handling Gloves

The best basketball gloves play an integral role in improving your ball-handling, shooting, and dribbling skills. They are an excellent investment if you’re looking to take your skills to the next level. If you have the right pair of gloves, you can expect to notice a change in your performance in a few weeks, with consistent practice.

With the wide range of gloves available to choose from, it’s not easy finding the best ones for your needs. I hope this review for best basketball gloves for dribbling makes things easier for you. Any glove you choose from the list will help improve your performance, ball-handling capability, dribbling speed, and shooting efficiency.

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