How to Wear a Basketball Jersey Casually

Are you looking for a better, more casual way to wear your basketball jersey? We know you want to look your best and be comfortable at the same time. Remember, you can look sporty and casual while being stylish and fashionable.

Whether you support a player, a team, the sport, or follow the basketball jersey fashion trend, knowing how to wear your jersey is essential.

When you put it on, you are instantly bonded with fellow jersey-owners; you become part of the community. You want to play your role by representing and looking your best. 

Inspired by go-to celebrity style and basketball players themselves, we have found the most fashionable ways to style your jersey.

Knowing how to dress your basketball jersey casually but fashionably is an achievable goal, and you may already have these items in your closet. So let's see how you can achieve the look on the courts and in the streets.  

Are Basketball Jerseys Casual Attire?

Basketball jerseys are made to be casual attire designed for comfort. Therefore, they can never be a part of formal wear. As a bonus, they also look casually cool. You should know how to sport your jersey correctly.  

Wearing a basketball jersey is a fashion statement, a fandom art act, or an expression. It is a badge of honor and should be worn with pride. But you should not take it too seriously; you should enjoy wearing it and have fun. 

Why Are Basketball Jerseys Unique? 

The basketball jersey is the only sports jersey with no sleeves. It is made of light and airy material. The track-style jersey is made to fit the human form for movement and comfort. 

The professional jersey worn on the courts is slightly different from those sold to the public off the court. Regardless, basketball jerseys have become a famous fashion statement, now sported at arenas and in public spaces. 

Fit on the Court or in the Streets

How you decide to wear a basketball jersey matters. Whether you are a basketball player playing on the court, or a fan making a fashion statement, how you wear your jersey is important. 

Fit for the Player on the Court 

Wearing your jersey correctly impacts your movement and overall performance. There are standard conventions on wearing your jersey when you are playing on the court.

The basketball jersey is longer than an average t-shirt, enabling players to tuck in their jerseys during the game. That said, it would be best if you felt secure in your attire.

Therefore, the jersey should not be too loose or baggy. It needs to feel aerodynamic, moving in sync with your body while playing or moving. 


Compression Undershirt

Professional NBA players wear undershirts of the compression type, not a regular cotton t-shirt.

Compression shirts are worn for athletic benefits, including sweat absorption, insolation, and muscle technology that prevents strain and relieves stiffness and soreness. 

Fit for the Fan or Fashionista in the Streets

The basketball jersey is at the top of the graphic t-shirt design trend. Its colors and design elements are appreciated and used for styling purposes off the court and in the streets. 

Therefore, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in your look. As a fan, you should look both cool and casual effortlessly, allowing your jersey to hang freely.

Since professional basketball players only tuck in their jerseys while playing for performance reasons, letting it hang is the most basic way to wear a basketball jersey casually.

What Size is The Right Fit? 

The size and fit of your basketball jersey matter. Bigger is better, and it is an unspoken rule to have a sports jersey at least one size bigger than your standard size.

This is because you should feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Size Mistakes

  • Too big, loose, or baggy. For example, do not wear an XXL when you are usually a medium. 
  • Too small or fitted. For example, do not wear a jersey that hugs your body too tight. It is not flattering, and it will stretch out your jersey. 

How to Size Your Jersey

The team name and logo should be on the chest area of your body. If it is closer to your belly, it is too big. If it is closer to your collarbone, then it is too small. 

You should also consider if you are more likely to wear an undershirt or not, as this will impact your sizing selection. 

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How to Choose Your Jersey

If you decide to buy yourself a jersey, you desire to be a part of the basketball community.

Whether you want to show your support for a team, a player, or the sport, you aim to express your allegiance through this statement garment. However, deciding on the right jersey for you can be a challenge with all the options available. 

The popular choice is a professional basketball jersey. So, you can choose a jersey from your favorite basketball team or select your favorite player's jersey. If you do not have a favorite, you can choose a famous basketball player's jersey, like Michael Jordan or LeBron James. 


Alternatively, you can choose a jersey based on your favorite color or lucky number. Some people personalize their jerseys, and some even get a blank jersey.

However, they don't look great blank; they look much better with a logo, number, and player's name on it. So, it is not recommended that you choose a blank jersey. 

When/Where to Wear Your Jersey 

Before you get dressed, you probably consider where you are going. The setting is important, and what you decide to wear should match the occasion and the context. This is true for when you choose to wear your jersey. 

In general, you should wear it in a casual environment. However, you shouldn't wear your jersey any random day of the week. The best way to take care of your jersey is not to overwear it. It is not your 'everyday' jersey; you should wear it on game day or special occasions.


Suggested Places to Wear Your Jersey

  • Game time 
  • Sport events
  • Festivals
  • Halloween 
  • Sports bar
  • Beach
  • Home

You know the best time to wear your jersey is to a game to support your team. However, if your team is not playing and you are not wearing an All-Star jersey, then wearing your jersey to a match is not the best fandom (or fashion) choice.

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When/Where Not to Wear Your Jersey (Unless It's Jersey-Themed):

  • Corporate events 
  • Weddings
  • Business meetings/Work
  • Gym
  • Dinner parties
  • Other formal occasions

Consider the Weather and Setting

You need to consider the weather and the setting where you'll wear your basketball jersey. It will impact how you wear your jersey and what other clothing items you wear with it. 

When to Only Wear Your Basketball Jersey

A trending look for women is to wear your basketball jersey as a sundress. This style grew in popularity at music festivals. You can wear sporty underwear or a bikini underneath with short denim for comfort. 

For men, on hot or sunny summer days, you can wear your basketball jersey as a tank top. However, this should not always be the case. It would be best to consider the environment you'll be in and the amount of space available.

If you are outdoors and there is wide-open space, wearing your jersey without anything underneath is more acceptable.  However, if you are indoors or surrounded by a crowd of people, you should wear an undershirt. 

What to Wear Underneath Your Basketball Jersey

A cotton t-shirt under your jersey is the best option, or a plain white shirt is also an excellent go-to. Alternatively, you could wear a sando or vest as an undershirt. 

On colder days, you can wear a long sleeve sweater or turtleneck. Another option is to wear a hoodie or track top under your jersey. This is a great street style look for winter days and an alternative to covering up your jersey with a jacket or coat. 

What to Wear Over Your Basketball Jersey

You can wear a jacket or coat that matches your jersey on cold or rainy winter days. Another option could be a denim or bomber jacket. Finally, an upcoming trend is to pair your jersey with a complimentary flannel. 

Other Items That Complete the Look

Think of your basketball jersey as the main character, with the rest of your outfit built around it, complementing it. 


You can wear casual pants or shorts as bottoms. Keep in mind then that the bottoms you choose should complement your jersey. 

1. Pants

Baggy or fitted pants, what style do you prefer? You can pull off either look with a basketball jersey. Many 2000 rap music videos inspire the baggy look, whereas the fitted pants style is the more modern fashion look. Therefore, your pants options include: 

  • Track pants or joggers, generally loose-fitted
  • Jeans could be baggy, ripped, or skinny, depending on your preferred style
  • Casual pants that are neutral-colored

2. Shorts

You can wear the matching athletic shorts with your jersey to look like a basketball player on the team yourself. Loose-fitted shorts that are above the knee are another go-to.

Alternatively, you could wear cycling shorts or compression shorts

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The best shoe combination to match your jersey is fresh-looking sneakers. The most popular basketball sneaker brands are the following: Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armour, Puma, Reebok, and Converse.

If it's too hot or humid for sneakers, you could opt-in for other casual shoes such as sandals, loafers, or boots. It's best to ensure that whatever pair of shoes you wear is clean and complements your jersey.


These are the best accessories to dress up your basketball jerseys and complete your stylish look. 

1. Gold Chains

It is the top, trending, most popular accessory for basketball players and fans alike. You can wear one or a few stacked on each other.

2. Sunglasses

There is nothing cooler than shades on a hot summer's day. Sunglasses and gold chains are the top 2 accessories that can elevate your entire look. 

3. Headgear 

Even though a cap and jersey combo does not fit the basketball aesthetic, other styles of hats, such as bucket hats and beanies, have become increasingly popular accessories to complete the fashionable look on colder days. 

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Complementary Color Coordination

  • Always ensure that whatever you wear with your jersey, the items must match or complement the colors of your jersey. 
  • It should not be the same color but a different tone or texture of the same color, or a different color entirely. For instance, if your jersey is dark blue, you could wear a light blue or white t-shirt underneath. 
  • Sporty, essential tones are blacks, greys, and beiges. You can never go wrong with these primary hues. 

Conclusion: Wearing a Basketball Jersey Casually

Knowing how to wear a basketball jersey casually is vital to look and feel your best. We have shown you how to style and wear your casual jersey more fashionably.

It would help if you considered the formality level of the environment, the weather conditions, and what you'll be doing. Other factors such as the size and fit of your jersey also matter and impact what additional items you can wear with or under your jersey, especially during winter.

To create the trendy, casual aesthetic, the rest of your outfit needs to complement your jersey. The complementary elements include color coordination with your preferred bottoms, clean shoes, and the right accessories. 

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