Stephen Curry’s Signature Moves (Guide to Mastering These Skills)

Height is a major advantage when it comes to basketball. But do you need to be tall to master the game?

NBA player Wardell Stephen Curry is taking the game to new heights with his signature moves. He played for the Golden State Warriors, where his incredible performance resulted in various accolades to his name and team. Owing to his brilliant skills, the team won in 2014, 2016, and 2017. 

Utilizing his exceptional skills, Curry became a dextrous basketball player. His signature moves paved the way for his glory in professional basketball.

Playing naturally as a point guard, he has done justice to the position by his adeptness. Currently, Stephen is known as the most outstanding point guard of all time. We'll discuss Stephen Curry's signature moves which set him apart from other NBA players. 

Top 3 Stephen Curry Signature Moves

Curry embodies efficiency and is a model for all aspiring players. It's essential to provide the new players an insight into Stephen Curry's exceptional skills and brilliant strategies.

Therefore, we will educate you on his signature moves. Let's take a look at his extraordinary and classic movements.

  1. Three Pointer

When a player stands beyond the three-point line on the court and takes the shot, it is called the three-point shot. It is one of the most challenging shots to nail. However, you can excel at this shot with the proper technique and approach. Three-point is one of Stephen Curry's signature moves. 

steph-curry-signature moves

In a three-point shot, the taller players such as Kyle Anderson and Boris Diaw have a particular advantage over others. Taller players can oppose the defenders and aim for the rim with less effort. 

Considering the average player's heights in professional basketball, Stephen Curry is not tall. Therefore Curry had to master the technique and assess the aspects of the shot to turn it into a success. He took a disadvantage and made it into his expertise. It is the precise reason why Stephen Curry is exceptional at three-pointers.

In 2014-2015, Curry showcased his excellence in three-pointers during the MVP season. Afterward, every amateur player and the local team were imitating this signature move in their ways. Curry uses the following three critical techniques for a successful three-point.

  • Step-Back

One of the most practical ways for conducting the move is to step back to move away from the defender as much as possible. The player intends to create a significant distance from the closest defenders.

As a result, they get sufficient space to position themselves for the move. Stephen Curry utilizes this tactic to divert the defender. He continues to dribble in the defender's direction and then swiftly changes his position.

Consequently, the defender steps in one way while Stephen dribbles the ball in the opposite direction. Afterward, he sets his foot firmly on the ground while using the other to jump or move forward. 

Curry positions one hand on top of the ball and the other underneath it. He then throws the ball with a sleek wrist move. This technique provides him the leverage of time required to shoot. As Curry takes a three-point shot, the baffled defenders seek the ball in the wrong direction.

  • Off the Ball

Using the off-the-ball technique requires skillful teamwork between Curry and the screeners, i.e., offensive players. Curry equips screeners to stop the defenders from attacking him, and they intend to create a space for their teammates. The screeners also provide Curry the distance he needs to shoot the ball at the rim. 

As soon as Curry acquires the ball, the defenders surround him to take the ball. The closest defender needs to remain vigilant throughout the process. At this point, the screeners move in and distract the defenders by blocking their access to the ball. Thus, the defenders are unable to get close to Curry. 


Another significant factor to consider before the shot is the time granted to the screen. The player assesses the scenario, utilizing precise movements and trying their best to stop the defender within that time. He takes advantage of the moment, creates a firm position, and throws the ball into the basket.

The technique is effective and always results in a successful basket. Therefore, it is one of the most used tactics to complete a three-point shot. After Curry's demonstration, it gained tremendous popularity in local and national teams..

  • Pull Up

Another reliable technique with a high success rate for three-pointers is the pull-up. This method is tricky, and Curry gains the momentum for this shot before entering the court. As soon as he gets hold of the ball, he runs towards the bucket. 

The defenders presume that the player runs to throw the shot from a closer range. However, Curry utilizes this beguiling notion to take his aim. He sprints and immediately stops. Until the defender realizes that Curry is nowhere around and seeks him, he can take a position.

Moreover, Curry uses his exceptional hand movement to throw the ball into the rim. The sudden halt and the built-up momentum before the three-point in the court power the shot.

In this technique, Curry does not give a chance to the defenders to protect and acquire the ball. Timing is all that counts for this shot.

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  1. Push Dribble

Stephen Curry has a unique style for dribbling, as he does not employ the traditional methods. Of course, how else would legends dribble?

Well, Curry uses a behind-the-back dribble. Not only is this signature move tricky, but it also takes ages and a significant amount of practice to grasp. 

You may encounter several missed opportunities until you master the technique. You may lose the ball along with the court, or you may not be able to dribble it after the transition. Moreso, this move involves plenty of steps that can go wrong in its nature. Therefore only a skilled and adept player can exhibit this move.

The move allows the player to create a sufficient distance between the ball and the defender. As a result, the defender will struggle to hold the ball. In contrast, the player will have the chance to dribble the ball thoroughly across the field.

The move is a compelling opportunity to misdirect the defenders. There are three ways to conduct this dribble move; the crossover, behind the leg, or in and out. It may involve either a combination of three techniques or only one. 

Curry continuously shifts the ball while the defenders and offensive players try to keep up with him. He moves the ball behind his leg, crosses it over, and dribbles. Sometimes he pushes it behind twice and then moves it in and out before aiming for the shot or passing it.

  1. Floaters

Whenever Curry comes near the rim, giant defenders seeking to hold the ball surround him. Therefore, he has mastered shooting the ball from areas far from the rim. 

Stephen Curry employs tricky approaches to guide the ball into the basket when surrounded by tall defenders. He has to be swift and ensure that the defenders, despite their optimal physique, do not acquire the ball. Hence, he utilizes floaters. It is an efficient technique for shorter players to protect the ball in congested zones.

You must be at least five to eight feet away from the basket for a floater. This distance provides the opportunity to insert the ball into the rim before any of the surrounding players attack you. The forward or center players of the opposing team are critical for this shot, as they intend to block you and prevent the aim.


To complete the move, you need to get in the hoop zone. At this point, the defenders and the central players bust in to prevent any attempts for the shot. Therefore you are unable to view the rim. 

You have to be swift and throw the ball before becoming a target for the opposing players. Furthermore, you should have practical ball-handling skills; so you can throw the ball directly into the basket. 

The floater is one of the most complicated shots to nail. Due to his stature, this becomes even more difficult for a player like Curry. He lacks the height to remain at the top of the defenders and aim for the basket. So he has to jump over the defenders and throw the ball.

However, Curry is swift in action and calculation. He can assess the defender's position and his distance from the hoop before taking the shot. As a result, he throws excellent floaters; that's why they've become one of his signature moves.

Conclusion: Steph Curry Signature Moves

Stephen Curry has exquisite ball-handling skills, and signature moves allow him to stand out among the rest of the NBA players. He can compensate for the drawbacks in his physique through his talents.

Through these skills and hard work, Curry can work out ways to aim for the rim in any scenario. He can ace a critical shot despite the constant pressure of his peers and the tall defenders towering over him.

All his abilities and efficient techniques come together and make Stephen Curry one of the most adept and skilled basketball players. 

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