Why Is Stephen Curry Famous?

February 27, 2016, is a day Stephen Curry's and most basketball fans won't forget in a hurry. 

In an incredible turn of events, the Golden State Warriors snatched a 121-118 win over Oklahoma City Thunder with just 0.6 seconds to the end of overtime. Stephen Curry nailed the three-pointer shot from 30 feet in an enigmatic display of style, leading his team to victory.

See it here:

The shot which broke the internet was his 12th three-pointer in the NBA and just one of his many outstanding moments. But how does he fare today?

Well, the talented and likeable athlete is still on beast mode and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

So, let’s take a look back at the career of this already iconic basketball player and what made Stephen Curry famous.

The Early Life Of Stephen Curry

Athletic Heritage

Wardell Stephen Curry was born on March 14, 1988, to parents Sonya and Dell Curry.

While Sonya played volleyball during her high school and college years, Dell Curry was an NBA player from 1986 to 2002. So, you can say that the young Stephen followed in his dad's footsteps.

Why Is Stephen Curry Famous

Stephen Curry spent much of his childhood attending his father's games. There he would practice on the court and nurture his passion for basketball. Curry often talks about the importance of his parent's support in furthering his career. 

College Star

Many college recruiters failed to see potential in the young Curry due to his relatively short height of 6ft and his slim frame.

As a result, he never got a major division one scholarship. Instead, he attended Davidson College in North Carolina.

While at Davison, he averaged 21.5 shots per game and was the highest scorer of all first-year men nationally. He continued to get noticed throughout his college years by more and more NBA scouts. 

Professional Career In The NBA

Early Career Days

After a successful run in college, Curry got his chance to play at the NBA in 2009. On October 28 of the same year, he played his first NBA game with the Golden State Warriors against the Houston Rockets.

Quickly, the young Curry showed what he was made of. In only 36 minutes of play, he scored 14 points, had two rebounds, four steals, and seven assists. Later, he achieved an average of 17.5 points per game during the season. 


Although he wasn't famous then, he was a reliable player and a talented shooter. His iconic three-point shot gained him some popularity, and soon, he was a favorite amongst the Warriors fans.

However, he suffered a nasty ankle injury in his third season that kept him benched for the rest of the year.

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But by the 2014-15 season, Curry was ready to show the world what he could do. He led the Warriors to a 105-97 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, clinching the league title.

Notable Highlights In The NBA


Curry has won many awards during his career so far. He won his first MVP award in the 2015 season.

Later, he retained the title in the following year with the first-ever unanimous vote. Thus, he became the 11th person in NBA history to win the title consecutively.

Curry was also the best NBA player for 2015 and 2021 and has won the All-NBA Team award seven times! These are just a few of the most notable awards tied to his name, though. There’s no telling what the future holds for Stephen Curry.

Highly Skilled Player

Curry is a highly talented player with impressive dribbling and passing skills. However, his signature move is his ability to score three-pointers far off the line

This move has captivated commentators and viewers for years, and it has often been the reason for the Warriors taking the lead in most games.


Curry has a unique style with the ball. He often misleads opposition with fake passes or throws, opening the space for a perfect shot or pass he executes effortlessly.

So, he entertains spectators and fans across the globe with his style of play. Many of his fans and other basketball enthusiasts often claim he is one of the best, if not the best, in the world. 

With all the attention from fans and skills to show for it, Curry is the face of many brands. In short, he enjoys areal superstar status at the moment.

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Outside Of Basketball


Curry has signed lucrative sponsorship deals with multiple big brands. His most notable is a shoe brand deal with Under Armour that nets him an estimated $4 million a year. 

However, this estimation is on the low end as his deal also includes equities in the company. So, if we take those into account, the deal's value rises closer to hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Curry is also a part of many other similar campaigns. For example, the multi-year deals with Brita, Unilever, JPMorgan Chase, and Infiniti. In addition, he has a standing deal with Sony, which Variety magazine referred to as "the biggest media deal of any athlete to date."

A Household Name

As a result of his on and off the court charisma, Curry is one of the most recognizable NBA faces today.

If you own a smartphone or a TV, chances are you’ve seen plenty of him by now. Also, he has become a role model for up-and-coming athletes.

Rookies look up to him, dreaming of reaching his skill level and fame one day. Kids wear his name on the back of their basketball jerseys or hats. Plus, he has NBA cards sought after by thousands, and any conversation about basketball typically includes Stephen Curry. 

Curry’s presence and demeanor are also why fans adore him. Even if he weren’t that good of a player (but he certainly is), his cheerful personality is a rare quality. It’ll be hard to find a photo of Curry without a smile on his face, and it's this charm that has caused American and basketball fans across the world to idolize him. 


Curry is also a very generous person who likes to walk his talk. That’s why he created or supported many charities over the years.

For example, he supports the Nothing But Nets charity that aims to protect the families in Africa from Malaria by providing safe sleeping nets. He also pledged three nets for every three-point shot he makes, amounting to a whopping 2,500 nets from 2012 to 2015. 

More recently, Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry set up their foundation called "Eat. Learn. Play." and donated 16 million meals to families in Oakland affected by food insecurity. In addition, he supports nine other charities, including the Animal Rescue Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

He has also lent a voice to 13 causes such as AIDS & HIV, Human Rights, and LGBT movements. 

No End In Sight: Famous Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is set to continue dominating the basketball scene for at least another four years. He signed a new contract with the Warriors to play until 2026. 

From today’s viewpoint, it’s difficult to imagine the NBA without this particular superstar. Stephen Curry has become a household name both in and out of the court, and he shows no signs of stopping.

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