Spalding TF-500 Basketball Review

Whether it's after-school practice or weekends at the rec center, every young baller needs a quality, durable, and well-designed basketball to build their techniques. 

The Spalding TF-500 Basketball does just that. Made with a soft, tacky grip, this basketball is built for control. The patchwork cover and deep grooves provide excellent grip for effortless handling — whether it’s high-flying slam dunks or quick back passes.

In this roundup, we’ll conduct an in-depth review of the Spalding TF-500 Basketball, so you can make the right moves for the perfect game.

Spalding TF-500 Basketball Review

The Spalding TF-500 takes your basketball game to another level. The ball’s composition works well both indoors on hardwood floors and outdoors on concrete pavements. 

Upon arrival, the TF-500 is fully inflated — ready for play right out of the box. With a special durable design, this ball produces superior bounce. It also features a butyl rubber bladder for air retention, so you don’t have to worry about your basketball constantly deflating. 

Spalding boasts quality and long-lasting products. Many note the longevity of the TF-500, with one reviewer saying the product retained its mint condition status for over two months. 

The ball measures in three different sizes: Size 7 (official NBA size and weight), Size 6 (official WNBA size and weight), Size 5 (youth size and weight). 

Made with an exclusive composite cover for optimal performance, Spalding’s best-selling ball is perfect for any level of play on any playing surface. Both soft enough for a “broken-in” feel and tough for outdoor play, this ball’s cover is a great option for any surface. 

For better control and handling, wide and deep channels are designed throughout the ball’s surface. Forty percent nylon polyester windings provide durability and protect the sixty percent butyl bladder for shape retention.

Things to Consider

As with any product, there are always things to consider. To ensure you’re buying the right basketball for you, we’ll examine some key factors you may want to keep in mind as you search for the right product. 

General Use 

When buying a basketball, it’s important to narrow down what you’re looking for in regards to quality and use. 

For anyone looking to shoot some hoops or play a quick scrimmage here and there, the Spalding TF-500 is a great option. But the affordable product isn’t intended for pro players. This basketball is perfect for junior and high school students. 


Bounce is one of the first things to look for in a basketball. Overall, the Spalding TF-500 received raving reviews regarding bounce. 

Some users mention the bounce being a little dull the first few uses, but after wearing it in, the ball softened up.


Ease of grip is another key consideration. The TF-500 basketball is specifically designed for quick and easy gripping. 

One user, whose hands measure 20cm from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the ring finger, said how easy it was to palm the ball, even with poor grip. 

Other users made similar discoveries, saying it took little to no effort to fully grip the ball.


Making sure you have a durable, thick basketball is crucial. A flimsy, cheaply-made product will simply fall apart or pop easily.

Thankfully, the TF-500’s composite cover is able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with regular playing.


How much you’re willing to spend on a basketball depends on what you intend to use it for, i.e., outdoor or indoor play. 

The Spalding TF-500 comes in at just over $30 — an affordable option for an indoor/outdoor basketball. There are certainly more expensive options on the market that are just as good, which means this product is worth the price and many paying customers agree. 

Customer Service

Most users experienced little to no issues with the product upon arrival, but there’s still always a risk of receiving a defect. 

In some cases, users received a defective product which included some peeling issues. When they contacted the manufacturer, Spalding quickly apologized for the inconvenience, sent them a free replacement ball, and allowed them to keep the original.

Conclusion: Spalding TF-500 Review

Overall, the Spalding TF-500 is a quality choice for anyone looking to play a friendly game of basketball. Specially made with a durable design, the TF-500 produces bounce superior to those of other options available on the market.

The butyl rubber bladder offers air and shape retention, so the ball stays in premium shape. The composite cover offers both long-lasting sturdiness and a soft feel for a truer, more consistent play.  

With an exclusive composite cover, the ball offers players greater grip while maintaining a softer feel to deliver an overall truer, more consistent play.

Maintaining its status as one of Spalding’s best-selling basketballs, the TF-500 is great for any level of play on any surface. Whether it’s an outdoor scrimmage or gym class, the TF-500 is worth the purchase. 

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