Welcome to the world of the Spalding Grip Control. In this review, we address whether or not the Spalding Grip Control lives up to its name and review the ball in performance.

All told, we found the Spalding Grip Control to be a high-quality ball suitable for all surfaces. Though pricier than some, the Spalding Grip Control is reliable for on-court feel and durability.

Spalding Grip Control: The Specs

As one of the highest-quality basketballs money can buy, the Spalding Grip Control has many features that make it great for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Feel

The first thing anyone will notice when they're handling the Spalding Grip Control for the first time is likely the way the ball feels in their hands. The ball has a nice weight to it, and the superior grip and feel of the cover are apparent from the jump.

Laminated Construction

Spalding Grip Control, in terms of pure construction, is top-of-the-line. With a cover specifically designed for control on indoor and outdoor courts, the sturdy carcass of the ball provides structure and shape to the ball while protecting the interior bladder.

In between the carcass and the bladder is a thin layer of thread insulating and protecting the bladder even further. This thin layer, integral to the structure of the basketball, is called the windings. The windings, along with the carcass, help the ball to retain its spherical shape. 

On the Spalding Grip, the windings give the ball that extra structure and, indeed, durability that make it not only a high-quality basketball but a long-lasting one.

Finally, at the very heart of the basketball is the bladder. This is where the air is stored. The bladder of the Spalding Grip Control does exactly what it's supposed to: it maintains air pressure for a long time. You may need to pump more air from time to time, but this is an unavoidable inconvenience.


The Spalding Grip Control comes in regulation sizes. The 29.5" diameter is perfect for men ages 13 and up, while the intermediate, more manageable 28.5" ball is great for females of all ages and boys under the age of 13.

Spalding Grip Performance Review

The Spalding Grip Control is extremely well-reviewed across the internet. What's there to dislike about it? 

With incredible grip and feel, you may suddenly feel like a better dribbler than you thought you were. Much of the grip of the ball has to do with the cover: the cover of this ball is designed with the on-court player in mind. 

In other words, it doesn't just look pretty on a shelf and advertise the NBA. With the weight and feel of the whole ball, many report that the ball feels more expensive than it is.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Another aspect of the Spalding Grip Control that makes it the highly popular item it is is the fact that it's designed both for indoor and outdoor use. Of course, while it can survive outdoors, you'll preserve your ball longer if you store it properly -- indoors.

The intricate workings of the Spalding Grip Control are such that the ball will last you a very long time whether you play inside or outside, with small groups of players or with full-on daily team practice.

The Downsides?

With a ball as excellent as the Spalding Grip Control, we're starting to ask if there are any downsides. We only found a few.

The price. That NBA logo on the side of the ball might be what earns the company a pretty penny. Like any logoed item, you might pay more for a ball with a big name on it. Then again, you get what you pay for, so there's no tradeoff in quality here.

The size. If you have a small child, or if you yourself are small, even the intermediate-sized Spalding Grip Control might be too large for you. In other words, the Spalding Grip Control is not designed for children. Of course, if your aspiring player wants to feel like a pro, they might grow into this ball.

The Final Word on Spalding Grip Control

All things considered, the Spalding Grip Control is a fantastic ball that will suit any style of play, whether indoor or outdoor. Although the ball is going to be more expensive than others, what you get from the Spalding Grip Control outweighs the price. 

The Spalding Grip Control has excellent handling, a high level of durability, and is optimized for both solo and group play.

We ultimately recommend this product, and the inclusion of the NBA logo may even help you get into the mindset of a pro whether you're inside or out. Get the Spalding Grip Control for yourself or your loved one and get out there on the court!

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