Here is our review of the Spalding Graffiti Basketball.

It is nice to be yourself and stand out from the crowd. Basketball players can choose a unique design for their balls to match their personal style. Recently, graffiti full-themed basketball designs have become more popular. Everyone has started choosing them.

Additionally, Spalding is a renowned, popular brand that has been operational since 1983. It earned a name for producing the finest quality basketballs. Their premium value and unique designs ensure the balls keep a good grip. Due to this, they work well in any environment.

We've spent some time testing out basketballs. Now, we want to share with you our Spalding Graffiti Basketball review. We'll take a look at the product and its significant, stand-out features.

If this basketball does not meet your needs, or if it's not available in your area, you can check out our suggested alternatives.  

Spalding Graffiti Basketball Overview

The Spalding brand is an American sports company famous for its outdoor sports products and equipment. Spalding basketballs are well-known for their design and individuality. They ensure a good, solid, and smooth grip for players.

Moreover, they use the finest quality rubber to mold and produce the best value for their products. This is why Spalding has won the hearts of thousands of customers.


The Graffiti ball, due to its design, is of excellent quality. You can see how the brand produces well-maintained and valuable products from the premium packaging. You can tap on the rubber of the ball and instantly tell how smooth the ball will dribble.

Moreover, professional players always go for these, and thus, the company has a high positive rating.

Graffiti Graphics

The graffiti design makes the balls visually stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, each design is uniquely made specific to the ball.

The paints and colors used are of high quality and last longer than competitors. You can easily count on the brand's quality in this regard.


Apart from performance design, Spalding also provides basketballs made of fine materials. That is, you can expect a good grip and a nice feel.

The material used mainly keeps the ball waterproof, but it also makes it easy to roll off your fingertips. Therefore, you can feel a softer touch and bounce it around smoothly.


Sometimes, Spalding basketballs are unavailable or out of stock. If you are a die-hard fan of Spalding, you might not want to try another brand. In this case, you should go for other Spalding NBA basketballs.

However, for those who dare, feel free to check out the alternatives. Both Wilson and AND1 Fantom basketballs are high-quality alternatives with their own unique traits and guaranteed quality. You can give them a try and make your own comparisons. 

Conclusion: Spalding Graffiti Basketball

Spalding offers a variety of fantastic designs, and the Graffiti basketball is no exception. The ball offers a smooth grip and a solid dribble, making it easy to practice basketball. It is also suitable for beginners, and the basketballs come inflated and ready to use.

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