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Basketball is a very competitive sport, and if you want folks on the court to take you seriously, you have to be at the top of your game. Fortunately, various cool basketball gadgets are available to improve everything from your shooting accuracy and dribbling efficiency to your jumping and speed.

Don’t know which accessories can improve your game on the court? Here are the best smart basketball gadgets for improving and mastering your skills.

  • Best for Professional Athletes
  • Tracks and records every move
  • Does not disturb game movements
  • Best for Dribbling
  • Measures your endurance level, crossover speed, dribbling, and much more
  • Expert analysis from a DribbleUp virtual coach
  • Best for Scorekeeping
  • Great for improving your shooting accuracy
  • 4 game modes including Buzzer Beater mode
  • Best Budget Option
  • Designed to teach correct shooting form
  • Provides immediate sound and light feedback
  • Best Basketball Return Net
  • Eliminates chasing balls
  • Get more shots per minute

ShotTracker (No longer available for individuals)

  • Best for Improving Shots
  • Automatically tracks your shot attempts, makes, and misses
  • Contains challenges and drills

6 Best Smart Basketball Accessories & Gadgets

The Blast Basketball Analyzer is an all-in-one-tool for improving everything from your jumping efficiency to your positioning and speed. It uses advanced motion sensors to measure all your movements and provides real-time information for fixing your shortcomings.

It is one of the best basketball gadgets because its sensors take comprehensive readings without disturbing your movement during games. The sensor attaches to the back of your waistband then links to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Unlike most other smart basketball gadgets on our list, the Blast Basketball Analyzer only works with iOS devices. It will use your iPhone’s camera to track your movements and record videos. When you accelerate or jump to shoot, the tracker will register your movements and send the data to the app.

You can watch the recorded videos and get accurate data regarding your jump acceleration, vertical height, rotation, and hang time. You can improve these metrics by working on improving your stats. Options for sharing your stats and videos on social media are also available.

The fastest way to improve your basketball skills is to identify your shortcomings, and the DribbleUp is the best smart basketball for accomplishing this accurately. It feels and works like a regular basketball, meaning you can dunk and make as many long shots as you want.

The ball measures your endurance level, crossover speed, dribbling, and much more in real-time while you play. It will send all the information to your smartphone and provide you with live audio feedback.

The DribbleUp Smart Basketball pairs with Android and iOS devices via an app. Aside from tracking and showing your metrics, the app offers frequently updated training regimens, drills, and expert analysis from a DribbleUp virtual coach. Combine all these magnificent features to sharpen your techniques while playing indoors or outdoors.

You can also invite friends to download the app and compare rankings to see who levels up the fastest. This smart ball can’t help improve your shooting or passing, but this will likely change with future updates.

Keeping score throughout a game can be distracting, so let the Wilson X Connected Smart Basketball do all your scorekeeping for you.

The ball has a high-quality leather shell and is available in various sizes to meet your needs. Even though it is a gadget, you can bounce, dunk, and shoot it like a regular ball without worrying about it falling apart or losing shape.

Its battery can last long enough to count over a hundred thousand shots. You can monitor your progress via the ball’s app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app also contains four training modes for improving your shooting accuracy.

Test yourself with the Wilson X Buzzer Beater game, which requires making a specific number of points within a fixed time. Alternatively, enjoy Game Time, which cheers you on and provides live commentary when you shoot.

Just remember that the Wilson X Connected is a smart basketball gadget for improving shooting accuracy and keeping score; it can’t help sharpen your dribbling and overall gameplay.

If you don’t want to overspend on gadgets for honing your basketball skills, try the Spalding Smart Shot. It costs less than $30 and can help you develop useful muscle memory for landing shots accurately from anywhere on the court.

The Spalding Smart Shot is a padded strap worn under the elbow to correct your posture while shooting. When your hand is in the optimal shooting position, the strap will beep and flash. The immediate feedback will help you grow accustomed to being in the best position for taking shots.

You can wear it on your left or right arm, and it fits without impeding your movement. Sweaty arms while playing may cause the band to shift, but you can fix this by wearing a sweatband beneath the strap.

Unless you have a pile of basketballs at your disposal, you’ll have to retrieve the ball after every shot. Pausing to chase the ball after each shot means you can only shoot a couple of balls per minute during practice. Increase that number to over ten shots per minute with the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer.

It is the best basketball return net for practicing long shots. It eliminates chasing balls by catching your missed and netted shots and sending the ball back to you. It can fit on most pole-supported hoops but works best with standard 72-inch backboards.

Installing it takes minutes, and anyone over seven years old can use it to practice three-pointers, trick shots, high reps, and more from any corner of the court. The product is also highly durable, meaning you can look forward to using it for years without issues.

Whether you want to learn how to shoot three-pointers from corners or be more accurate with free throws, ShotTracker can help.

The gadget consists of two sensors – one goes on your arm, while the other fits on your rim net. Both automatically track your shot attempts, makes, and misses and then provide useful insights about improving your accuracy.

You can view the insights via the ShotTracker app, which is available for Android and iOS. Aside from providing feedback, the app contains various challenges and drills for improving your game. Watch training videos that teach different forms and how to make different shots.

Lastly, don’t miss the app’s online challenges and camps so you can compete against other users and learn from actual NBA players.

Our only complaints about the ShotTracker are it doesn’t come with a sleeve or armband for the arm sensor, and the net sensor isn’t weatherproof.

How to Pick the Best Smart Basketball Gadget

Just because a basketball accessory helped your friend become a better player doesn’t mean it will give you the same results. To ensure you pick a product that fits your requirements, consider the following:


Start by defining your goals. Do you want to shoot long shots more accurately, dribble faster, or jump higher? If you do not clarify your goals, you may end up with a product that won’t help you achieve what you want.

For instance, the Wilson X and DribbleUp are both smart balls, but if you choose the Wilson X to improve your dribbling, or the DribbleUp to improve your shooting accuracy, you’ll be wasting your money.


Evaluate every feature of the product to ensure it fits your needs.

For instance, if you play outdoors, you need a product that’s water and weatherproof. Do you plan to connect the gadget to your smartphone? Make sure it is compatible with your device’s operating system.


The cheapest product isn’t always the best pick since it may result in fewer features and lower-quality materials.

Instead of focusing on the lowest prices, choose a product that offers all the features you need at a price you can afford.


You will struggle to get the results you want from a smart basketball accessory if it isn’t user-friendly. The gadget should be easy to set up and use.

If it performs analysis and provides metrics, it should show you data in a format that you can easily comprehend.


In case you are unhappy with the product, a warranty or money-back guarantee ensures you can get a refund or replacement for faulty parts.

Conclusion: Best Smart Basketball Gadgets

Everyone who wants to improve their basketball game can benefit from using smart basketball accessories.

Improve your dribbling, endurance level, and crossover speed by buying the DribbleUp. It is the best smart basketball accessory for improving various aspects of your game, except your shooting accuracy. 

For shooting, look into the ShotTracker or the Wilson X Connected Smart Basketball.

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