What Position Did Michael Jordan Play?

Although most fans have read or heard several exciting stories about basketball legend Michael Jordan, most of them are unaware of the NBA legend's remarkable career and achievements. 

Jordan is recognized globally as one of the greatest basketball players in history. Although there are a lot of popular stories and clips of the legend, only a handful of fans have seen Michael Jordan in action on the court.

What position did Michael Jordan play during his career? The basketball legend played different positions and impacted when his team needed it the most. We'll learn more about him in this article.

What Position Did Michael Jordan Play During His Career?

Jordan's remarkable dunks were one of the many skills he possessed, and he knew how to exploit them to leave his fans breathless and astounded.

The legendary player was one hell of a shooter during his prime, and burying balls into the net was one job he was good at. He also tried out other positions, such as Small Forward and Point Guard.

While Small Forward wasn't on the list of Jordan's favorite playing positions, these skills still showed how versatile he was during his time on the court.


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Shooting Guard (SG)

Michael Jordan spent his entire NBA career with the Chicago Bulls as a shooting guard. Though he was often used in other areas, his primary position with the Chicago Bulls was shooting guard. The basketball legend excelled as a Shooting Guard, a role he showed exceptional skills.

This position is one of the most dynamic and athletic in the game, and Jordan displayed exceptional talent in these areas.

Phil Jackson, the legend's coach in the 90s, made this position Jordan's primary role when he noticed that no player could match his exceptional skills.

Scottie Pippen was another exceptional player who teamed up with Jordan as a shooting guard during the legend's time with the Chicago Bulls. Together, both men caused terror to the opposing teams.

Small Forward (SF)

The basketball legend decided to hang his boots for a while after his time with the Chicago Bulls ended. He left the Bulls after the 1997-98 season. The basketball legend stayed out of action until 2001 before making a comeback with the Washington Wizards.

Although Jordan still had the determination and desire to succeed, the legend had been out of the game for far too long. Jordan had aged as well as lost some of his touch and magic. As a result, the basketball legend has to explore various techniques and positions.


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The NBA veteran moved to the small forward position, giving him more opportunity to explore the wing and use his signature mid-range fade away. This position allowed him to perform remarkable mid-range jump shots and drive to the bucket with less percentage of his shots.

Surprisingly, the basketball legend continued to dazzle his fans with his skills as he quickly adapted to his new position and still averaged over 20 points per game in both of his seasons with the Wizards. That was an awe-inspiring record for a player of that age.

Point Guard (PG)

This is one story most fans don't see about the basketball legend in the news these days. Jordan only played a few games as a point guard at the end of the 1989 season.

While the legend wasn't a big fan of this position, he managed to average 33.6 points, 11.4 assists, and 10.8 rebounds per game over 11 games.

During the basketball legend's era, this position was mainly for small-looking guys that were no more than 6'1 taller. Jordan, of course, was tall and beastly, and he did not belong in that category.


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Jordan, a 6'6 Point Guard, looked like a bully, and he could easily intimidate his opponents. Although this wasn't the norm back then, the basketball legend put in the effort and left an outstanding career record during his time as a point guard.

He dominated every game he played, putting up one of the most incredible runs of his astonishing career.

While you won't see many stories or posts about Jordan's time as a point guard, he was undoubtedly one of the best players ever to play the position.

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Why Was Michael Jordan So Great at His Positions?

Michael Jordan is, without a doubt, one of the NBA's greatest and most versatile players. His size, as well as his skill and athleticism, clearly proved that he was a natural Shooting Guard.

He was a formidable opponent in his prime, and he could easily pick up anyone from 94 feet away.

The basketball legend played as a shooting guard from high school until he turned pro. This position cemented his reputation as the greatest player in history.

To give you a quick rundown, the basketball legend had superb fundamentals, unmatched footwork, top-notch athleticism, and an unquenchable thirst for goals. It was understandable why the basketball legend was also a natural on the wings. There weren't many coaches or players who could figure out a way to stop him.

Aside from his incredible scoring abilities, the basketball legend had outstanding passing skills that weren't widely appreciated. Jordan's remarkable passing skills allowed him to create offense as a point guard in half-court sets.

Jordan was one of just two players in NBA history to bag the season's MVP and defensive player of the year in the same season.


Jordan was always a fantastic and unstoppable player regardless of his position. He had the ideal height, skill, and agility for the job.

Although Jordan did not change positions much during his active days, he was born a shooting guard.

He could easily fit in as a Guard and slide over and play forward. Jordan had the versatility to play Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Point Guard during his career.

After reading this article, we believe without a doubt that you will have a confident answer when anyone asks you, "What position did Michael Jordan play?"

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