Nike Elite All-Court Basketball Review

The Nike Elite All Court Basketball is the perfect ball for a game of hoops, whether you're in the gym or on the blacktop. With its composite covering and grip enhancing design, you'll love the way this ball handles, whether you're passing, shooting, or dribbling up the court. 

What's so great about a composite covering, though? And, what about the design enhances grip?

I'll answer all that and more below. By the time you're done reading this Nike Elite All Court Basketball Review, you'll know what makes this basketball great and why. More importantly, you'll know whether or not you should buy one.  

Composite Covering

In the world of basketball, there are three types of ball coverings: 

  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Composites

Professionals prize leather coverings over all other options. They love the soft feel and easy-grip that leather coverings offer. But a real leather ball is expensive, takes time to break-in, and is far from durable. Playing with it outside is a huge no-no! 

Rubber balls are better for use outside, and they're incredibly inexpensive. They're great for summer camps or playgrounds, but not for a serious basketball player. The grip's all wrong for shooting hoops. So leave the rubber to dodgeball and kickball enthusiasts. 

That leaves us with balls that have a composite covering, like the Nike All Court Elite. Composite covered balls are less expensive than leather balls, but the feel is similar. The composite covering absorbs a little moisture just like leather does, which helps control sweat. 

Since they're made using a synthetic version of leather, rather than the real thing, there's no break-in period, and the balls are very durable. That's why you can take your Nike All Court Elite straight from the gym to your driveway, something you could never do with a leather ball, at least not in good conscience.

Grip Enhancing Design 

All basketballs have a textured surface, sometimes called pebbling. The pebbling on a basketball increases friction, a vital force if you plan on dribbling, shooting, or passing the ball. Without friction, objects become extremely hard to grip or move. It'd be like playing with ice cubes!

In fact, players used smooth soccer balls for the first few basketball games. The results? Players stopped worrying about making baskets and became entirely focused on controlling the ball, which was no easy task! Soccer balls don't provide much in the way of friction. 

The more surface area an object has, the greater the friction it creates. So pebbling on a basketball is necessary, and these days, all of them have it. But the Nike Elite All Court Basketball comes close to perfecting the necessary textured surface. 

Extra deep channels that run across the ball's outside help your hands grip and control it. Tight pebbling across the surface adds to the effect. The result is enhanced grip, which could translate to better ball handling overall. That means more passes made; more shots attempted, and, hopefully, more baskets scored. 

Should You Buy a Nike Elite All Court Basketball? 

The Nike Elite All Court Basketball is ideal for players of any age who want to take their game outdoors to indoors seamlessly. That doesn't make it right for everyone, though. 

If you're serious about basketball and keep your games inside the gym, maybe a leather ball is worth the investment. Leather balls have a completely different feel than their composite cousins, despite what marketers have tried to say. 

When the NBA tried to switch out leather balls for composite balls in 2006, the players complained so much that they reversed the rule mid-season. Players preferred the softer feel of real leather to their composite counterparts. 

For most, though, a leather ball is overkill. If you're playing in the driveway, at school, in the gym, and at the park, you want a ball that can handle various environments for a reasonable price. 

You also probably don't want to deal with break-in time. The NBA spends at least two months breaking in leather balls before using them in games. That's a long time playing without a ball in top shape! 

So, should you buy a Nike Elite All Court Basketball? 

It depends on where you play and what your goals are. If you're taking your game from a wood-floored gym to the driveway and want a good all-around ball, then the Nike Elite All court Basketball is ideal.

If you play in the gym exclusively, or run a summer camp, maybe a leather or rubber ball, respectively, is a better option. 

To Sum It Up: Nike Elite All Court Basketball

The Nike Elite All Court Basketball is a great all-around ball that works in a variety of environments. A composite covering makes it durable yet sweat-absorbent, and great design enhances grip. 

You won't need to break it in, either; you can play with it right away. So, if you need a ball at a reasonable price that works on any court, the Nike Elite All Court Basketball is perfect. 

About the author

My name is Joshua Bast and I have been playing basketball ever since I was 7 years old. I love the game play, I love the feeling whenever I score a basket, but what made me fell in love was the camaraderie with my team mates. This blog is dedicated to help any up-and-coming basketball players maximize their potential.