The Ultimate NBA League Pass Review

If you are a sports enthusiast, you are probably familiar with NBA League Pass.

It is an outstanding streaming service that offers complete coverage of all National Basketball Association (NBA) games. Furthermore, you will never miss a basketball game with NBA League Pass. Included in this article is our NBA League Pass review.

During the 1995 - 1996 season, the NBA launched the long-awaited NBA League Pass. This infamous streaming service comes with an array of features such as mobile-enhanced views, personalized broadcasts, and condensed game replays at a reasonable price.

Therefore, NBA League Pass will completely transform your streaming experience.

Features of NBA League Pass

Most NBA League Pass features are designed to cater to die-hard basketball fans. Moreover, they are enhanced to modify your game-viewing experience.

However, the only disadvantage is that you have to wait until the missed games appear in the archives as it does not have DVR capabilities.


So, here is an overview of the features of NBA League Pass:

  • Simultaneous Streaming

Amongst the many streaming services, the NBA provides the best simultaneous streaming options. Moreover, you can stream NBA League Pass games on up to five different devices.

  • Personalized Broadcast

Broadcasts via NBA League Pass are tailored to suit the needs of basketball game viewers. As a result, you can choose your commentators and broadcasters.

Furthermore, some of the games have Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish casters.

  • Mobile Enhanced Viewing

Mobile users are at a great advantage as they can enjoy the mobile enhanced viewing feature at its best.

Also, this feature optimizes mobile playback for screen-viewing on smaller devices with interactive graphics and statistics that won’t overcrowd the small screen.

  • Mosaic View

You can view multiple games simultaneously with NBA League Pass. The mosaic view feature allows you to watch up to four games on a single screen simultaneously.

  • Condensed Game

Suppose you do not have the time to catch up on a two-hour-long basketball game, and the highlights don’t satisfy you. A condensed game format is available, summing up an entire game in just 15 minutes.

  • Streaming Library 

The streaming library is easy to navigate. Moreover, viewers can check the calendar for upcoming games or decide whether to watch a live match or on-demand content from the options available in the side menu.

  • Customer Support

NBA users can submit their complaints, comments, or general questions related to NBA on the contact page. Furthermore, an email address or support ticket system is present to assist users in technical difficulties, subscriptions, billing systems, or account changes.

  • Free Trial

The seven-day free trial duration can vary depending on the current offers and promotion deals. Most importantly, a free trial gives new users a chance to see precisely how NBA League Pass works before committing.

However, if they do not wish to continue with the subscription plan, you can cancel it before the billing is charged.

Pricing and Plans

NBA League pass is quite affordable and intuitive to use. Here are the plans currently available:

  • Single Game Pass

A single game pass costs $6.99 at NBA League Pass, and it streams in HD quality and has advertisements. However, you cannot access a mosaic view or in-arena stream.

  • NBA TV

The NBA TV costs $6.99 a month and $39.99 annually. You can watch unlimited games of every season streaming in HD quality.

However, like the Single Game Pass subscription, you cannot watch multiple games in mosaic view or have access to classic games or in-arena streaming.

  • NBA Team Pass

If you wish only to follow a single team, the NBA Team Pass is ideal. The NBA Team Pass costs $17.99 every month, and the annual cost is $119.9.

You can enjoy three regular-season games per month with this subscription. In addition, you can enjoy various basketball games in mosaic view that are streaming in HD quality.

Also, you can simultaneously stream the basketball games on at least five devices.

  • NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass subscription costs $28.99 every month, and the annual cost is $199.99.

This subscription offers all-team access and allows you to watch 82 games of a regular basketball season. Moreover, you can enjoy the feature of mosaic view as well as classic games.

Furthermore, users can watch the games on up to five devices, with streaming in HD quality.

  • NBA League Pass Premium

NBA League Pass Premium cost is $39.99 a month and $249.99 every year. With this plan, you can have unlimited access to classic games and in-arena streams.

Additionally, you can watch 1,230 regular-season games in HD quality on up to five different devices. Moreover, it is ad-free. Hence, your game is never interrupted. You also have all-team access with this subscription as well.

  • NBA League Pass Premium and NBA TV

The price for NBA League Pass Premium and NBA TV is $44.99 a month, and the annual cost is $219.99. Most of the features are similar to the NBA League Pass Premium plan.

You can stream 1,230 games of regular basketball seasons in HD quality without interruptions. Unlike the other subscription viewers, you can see what is happening in the arena during the ad break.

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Supported Devices and Streaming Services

Streaming Services


  • Apple TV 3 and above

  • Android TV

  • iPads and iPhones with iOS 11.0 and above

  • Android devices with version 5.x and above

  • Kindle Fire

  • Xbox 1

  • Playstation 4 and 5

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • Windows Mixed Reality

  • Magic Leap One

  • HTC Vive

  • Oculus Rift

  • Oculus Go

Conclusion: NBA League Pass Review

NBA League Pass provides access to almost every out-of-market basketball game with advanced features.

Indeed, it is a compelling choice for a basketball fan whose favorite team is not broadcasted on local cable networks.

Moreover, it is far more affordable than any other streaming service, providing unparalleled access to sports. The subscription process is also very straightforward, and you do not have to pay the bill manually. Furthermore, it can be canceled at any time.

NBA League Pass offers guaranteed coverage of every single game of the season. You can enjoy hours of entertainment with your favorite team. We hope that our NBA League Pass review has satisfied all of your burning questions.

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