Molten GM7X Review

With all of the options available on the market, it can feel tricky deciding what type of basketball would best fit your game.

It is not as easy as going to your local sports supply store and picking out a ball. Getting the right equipment will enhance your performance and help you get the most out of your playing time. 

We also know that not every baller has the time to do intensive research on their equipment. Here at Iron City Showdown, we do the hard work for you, so you can focus on getting out there and playing the game. So, here is a Molten GM7X review to get you started.

Note: Molten has upgraded the GM7X to the BG3800.

Molten GM7X Basketball REview

Hands down, one of the best basketballs on the market is the Molten GM7X

Here are some quick stats on it:  

  • This ball is a size 7
  • It is made of composite leather 
  • It was released in April 2014 
  • It is made with a twelve-panel design 
  • It is FIBA approved 
  • It features a scuff-resistant cover 


The GM7X is a Molten basketball, a popular sports equipment brand specializing in everything from volleyball to soccer to basketball. They have over fifty years of business under their belt. They create their products with high-quality materials made to last. 

Molten has strong core values of creating products that will help athletes play at their full potential and their vision for athletes to always have what they need to perform optimally. Molten is an outstanding sports equipment company that makes its products with the highest quality and care. They have intentions you can trust. 

Why The Molten GM7X Basketball? 

The Molten GM7X features new technology to help ballers with gripping. With this ball’s X-series technology, no matter where your hands land, you'll get an even grip on it. It has flat seams and pebble to enhance grip as well. The Molten has an excellent back-spin as well.

Basically, this ball is going to be your new best friend on the court when it comes to controlling your moves during the game or practice. Its improved back-spin will help you find more success with your shots and will allow you to have smoother passes. 

The Molten GM7X also features a new aesthetic addition, a tan-colored stripe. Do not be fooled, when Molten added this new coloring they had more in mind than visual appeal. The stripe coloration actually allows you to get a better idea of your ball rotation. Pretty cool, right? 

This ball meets regulation standards, so it is a great game ball to use. Keep in mind that the colored stripes are another feature that makes the Molten GM7X an attractive option for a game ball.

This ball is also laminated and uses Molten’s patented twelve-panel design. All of these features combined will allow you and everyone in the stands to get a more accurate view of ball movement during the game. 

The pricing for this ball is extremely reasonable, especially given the high-quality materials it contains.

What others have to say about the Molten GM7X 

A critical part of doing your research before making any purchase is to see what other people have to say about it. Buying sports equipment is no exception to this practice. 

Players who purchased the Molten GM7X were overall extremely satisfied with their purchase and with the basketball’s performance. Many of them boasted about the great grip control of the ball, which is one of its emphasized features on its product page. 

Though the product is for indoor use, many purchasers have claimed that they got great use out of the ball both indoors and outdoors. 

Some of the other comments consumers had about the GM7X is that it was aesthetically pleasing, it had great wear and tear, and exceptionally good bounce. 

Based on other basketball players' reviews, the Molten GM7X is a really excellent product. While reviews do not give us all the info we need, you can feel more confident making this purchase knowing how many purchasers were satisfied with its performance. 

Conclusion: Molten GM7X 

While there is an abundance of basketballs on the market, the Molten GM7X is a tough competitor, and for several good reasons. Its enhanced gripping capabilities allow you to maximize your passes and ball handling. It is a composition of durable materials that will stand through years of game and practice time. 

It is moderately priced, and you will be getting an awesome product for a reasonable price, which was important when we compiled this Molten GM7X review.

Its aesthetically pleasing and technology-advanced features and design make this ball one of the best options out there for basketball players. For those who are looking to improve their skill set in all areas, from passing, ball handling with ease, to getting an excellent grip allowing you to make that perfect shot this ball's got it covered. 

The Molten GM7X will do more than deliver. It will win. 

Note: Molten has upgraded the GM7X to the BG3800.

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