Molten GL-7X Basketball Review

Play like a pro with the Molten GL7X, the official basketball of the International Basketball Federation. We've compiled a complete Molten GL7X review through thorough research highlighting the ball's key features and benefits. 

So, if you're in the market for a new basketball, keep reading for more information about the Molten GL7X and why it may be your best choice.  

Molten GL7X Product Overview

The Molten GL7X is a high-quality basketball in both materials used to create it and Molten's design. Basketball players worldwide choose the Molten GL7X as their ball of choice. As such, the ball has gained international recognition and the official preference of the International Basketball Federation. 

With such high praise and proven superior performance, the Molten GL7X is the perfect choice for basketball players of all likes, including amateurs and professionals.


  • Leather
  • 1.21lbs
  • Two-year warranty
  • FIBA Approved
  • 10in by 10in by 10in  

Features and Benefits

Molten's high-quality design and materials give you improved control and visibility on the court for the duration of your basketball game.   


A basketball's texture is essential to a player's control over the ball. Since hand-to-ball contact and control dominate basketball, the object's surface differs significantly from one used for, say, soccer or volleyball. Molten has designed the GL7X with power and comfort in mind, especially concerning the texture. 

The Molten GL7X has a uniform pebble surface to maximize control and provide a superior grip. The bumpy surface allows you to maintain your grip when weaving in and out of players, dribbling down the court, and making shots. Not only does the ball's texture give you full throttle, but it's also comfortable to handle too. 


Cheaper basketballs consist of synthetic materials, often including plastic. Molten, however, created the Molten GL7X with bonafide leather, making the object soft to the touch and durable. The more you use the ball, the softer and more comfortable it becomes because of leather's malleable nature. 

You will need to break in the ball before taking it to court for a full game because of the ball's leather composition. Breaking it in will give the ball a chance to soften and increase its playability. 


Since basketball is such a fast-paced sport, it's easy to lose track of the ball throughout the game no matter how long you remain fixated on the object. The players and uniforms combined with speed can swallow up the ball, so the Molten GL7X has contrasting colors. 

The contrasting red and cream-colored stripes of the 12-panel Giugiaro design make the ball stand out on the crowded court. Since you can easily spot the ball, you can track it around the court and plan your moves accordingly. For spectators, it makes the game all the easier to follow since you can see where the ball is moving around the court. 


While the Molten GL7X is an excellent choice for a basketball, we understand you may not have the budget for it or would like something different. Through thorough research, we've found some suitable alternatives for the Molten GL7X below.

Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball

The Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball, much like Molten GL7X, has garnered renowned recognition leading the NCAA to choose it as its official game ball. It has laid-in composite channels and a uniform pebble service to give you superior control throughout the game. It also comes at a slightly lower cost than the Molten GL7X. 

Its visibility, however, is not as adequate as the Molten GL7X. The Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball is a consistent, traditional red color, making it less visible on the court than the bright contrasting design of the Molten GL7X.  

Molten BG3800 Series: B7G3800

Another Molten product, the Molten B7G3800, has a similar 12-panel design with contrasting stripes for improved visibility. Unlike its relative, the Molten B7G3800 does not have the same pebbled texture, which means it does not provide the same control level. 

This Molten brand basketball is also significantly cheaper than the other Molten ball and has a cover that suits indoor and outdoor play.  

Spalding Precision 

At a slightly lower price than the Molten GL7X, the Spalding Precision basketball has an innovative eco-grip for maximum control and comfort. Unlike the Molten GL7X, the Spalding Precision is ready to go straight from the box, meaning it doesn't require a break-in period to soften. 

This ball, however, lacks the international recognition of FIBA and does not have as visible a design as the Molten GL7X. 

Conclusion: Molten GL7X Review

The Molten GL7X is a premium quality indoor basketball designed with your benefits in mind. The pebbled texture and leather composition give you uncompromised control over the ball, while the 12-panel Giugiaro design maximizes the ball's visibility. 

Not only that, but the ball is recognized as the official ball of the International Basketball Federation, meaning it is recognized globally as the preferred basketball choice.

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