Molten GG7X Review

It takes more than a great aim to get the ball through the hoop. You also need the right gear. The basketball you use for practice and play affects your performance on the court.

When you want to make the shots, you need to read the Molten GG7X review.

How to Choose a Basketball 

You can go to any sporting store and grab a basketball off the shelf. It will bounce and go through the net, but is it the best one for you?

Where you play and what you expect from the ball are factors to consider. Knowing what you need from a basketball will help you know if the Molten GG7X is the best one for you.


If you shoot hoops outside, you want a rubber basketball. The material is durable and can withstand the wear and tear found on outside courts. All rubber balls are often priced a little lesser, and it’s worth it when you don’t have to replace your outdoor basketball every few months.

Basketballs made from composite leather are ideal for indoor play. You get an affordable and durable ball that will last for seasons. You can use some composite balls outside, like the Molten GG7X, but you will be replacing them more often.


Even basketballs marketed for adults aren’t necessarily the same size. If you’re only playing for fun or exercise, you don’t need to pay attention to exact measurements. Just make sure the basketball feels comfortable to grip and palm.

Anyone in a men’s league, ages 13 and up, is required to play with a size 7 ball. Women’s and children’s leagues typically play with a smaller, size 6 basketball.

Molten GG7X Basketball Review 

The Molten GG7X has made a name for itself as one of the best-performing indoor basketballs

The Japanese brand is the official supplier of sports balls for the Olympic and FIBA games.  You also won’t have any trouble separating the GG7X from other basketballs. It boasts a 12-panel design that makes it easily distinguishable.

It is a composite leather ball making it ideal for indoor games.

Touch and Feel 

How a basketball feels to the touch is important. Smooth balls are harder to keep under control, especially during the heat of the game. Your hands will get sweaty jogging up and down the court, and you don’t want the ball slipping out of your grasp.

The Molten GG7X comes with “consistent touch” pebbling. The pebbling is evenly distributed around the ball. It doesn’t matter where you touch the ball, the feel is the same. You’ll always have a firm grip and control over a GG7X basketball.


Pebbling does help prevent the basketball from slipping out of sweaty hands, but it’s not the only factor that affects your grip. Like most indoor balls, it is softer than ones designed for outdoor play. The softer feel makes it easier to palm and grip.

Even with the precise pebbling pattern, the ball’s softness can make it slippery when it comes in contact with moisture. It’s something you want to remember when your hands start perspiring.


How well a basketball bounces affects performance and control. A flatter bounce reduces the amount of control you have over the ball. It also makes it harder to move the basketball down the court.

The GG7X has a bounce slightly over 8psi, which is standard in most game balls. It gives you a little extra height without making it difficult to retain control.

The butyl bladder is puncture resistant and the valves are designed for durability. You don’t have to worry about the ball deflating in the middle of the game.


The composite leather ball can withstand plenty of hard-playing indoor games. It’s not designed for outdoor courts. Unlike all leather balls, the GG7X will quickly show wear and tear on outside courts.

The pebbling also wears away with prolonged play, so it does lose some of its grip that makes it such a great game ball.


The Molten GG7X has a unique design. It might not help your playing skills on the court, but it is a nice change from the traditional 8 panels on most basketballs.

Known as a Giugiaro design, Molten basketballs come with 12 panels. Add in the two-tone coloring and trademark X, and you get a ball that looks as great as it performs.


  • Durable composite leather construction
  • Puncture resistant butyl bladder
  • FIBA approved
  • Even, precise pebbling
  • High, controlled bounce


  • The GG7X is designed for indoor and not outdoor use.
  • The grip is a little softer than some other balls and can take time to get used to.

Final Verdict: Review of Molten GG7X

Now that you’ve read the Molten GG7X review, you know that if you want the best indoor basketball, you can’t go wrong with the Molten GG7X. It boasts a durable construction, good grip, and plenty of bounce.

Even though it’s not the perfect choice for outdoor games, you can’t go wrong when you take the GG7X to your next indoor game. 

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