How Much Are Courtside Seats?

Has the question, "How much are courtside seats?" been on your mind lately? Have you been dying to be so close to your favorite NBA players and celebrities?

Do you want to know what it feels like to be on TV in the front seat of an NBA game? Do you want to know where and how to get courtside seats?

Well, we have your answers here. Meanwhile, there are other details you should know about a courtside before booking a seat. Let's find out!

Who Sits Courtside? 

Often, wealthy, famous, or fortunate individuals occupy courtside seats. Typically, celebrities sit courtside during games.

As a result, it will add prestige to a team's image. A star attending a game is likely to draw the media's attention. Famous people often sit courtside for Lakers games.

You can also see team owners and their families seated on the courtside seats. Additionally, there are seats available for businesses and renowned companies.


Are There Rules That Guide the Courtside?

Some rules guide sitting by the courtside. You must follow these rules strictly. Violation of any protocol can result in ejection from the arena. Not all games are the same. So are the rules.

Before sitting courtside, familiarize yourself with the courtside practices. Referees can remove you from a game for violating the rules.

Why Are Courtside Seats So Popular?

A distinguishing characteristic of professional basketball is the chance to observe the matches closely. It is typical for audiences in other sports to be separated from the field. 

However, basketball does not operate that way. That is the primary advantage of courtside seats. Sitting next to your favorite player or celebrity gives the best feeling, and even socializing with them could be possible if you are lucky.


Basketball fans also cherish the authenticity of the courtside seat. The front row seats will give you an insider's perspective, and it will feel as though you are a player or a coach. Being a basketball player is a huge advantage when sitting in a courtside seat.

Factors That Determine Courtside Seat Prices

  • The Team’s Popularity

Tickets for courtside seats are often priced according to the reputation of the basketball team. This factor is somewhat natural since big teams tend to have more fans. It doesn't matter whether the team is underperforming; their fans will still turn up for their games.

For example, basketball's two most popular teams are the Warriors and the Lakers. Fans can end up paying hundreds of dollars to watch a Golden State Warriors game, and Lakers games will also cost the same.  Check out this tweet:

Courtside seats will not be too expensive for smaller teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz. Teams' reputations are constantly changing, however. Prices also fluctuate according to each season.  

  • The Type of Match

It is common for courtside seat prices to fluctuate depending on the match.

During the NBA playoffs series, the NBA generates the most revenue, and Playoffs courtside seats will cost more than twice as much as courtside seats during regular seasons.

Regardless, prices may vary based on a team's name and region. The NBA final is usually the real monster. The price will undoubtedly be higher since this is the tournament's last and most explosive match.

For context, Toronto Scotiabank Arena tickets cost an average of $5000 in 2019. However, tickets for a Warriors game will cost you around $3000.

So, How Much Are Courtside Seats?

An NBA courtside seat usually ranges between $300 and $50,000, and it is pretty impressive considering the price range. This range depends on the factors already discussed.

What Are the Advantages of Courtside Seats?

Courtside seats come with a seemingly endless list of perks. Let’s find out what they are!

  • Access

The experience of sitting courtside during a basketball game is unparalleled. You are only meters from the famous players in the sport. Hearing the players talk will be enjoyable, and a front-row seat to such games is always a delight.

  •  Visibility

When you sit courtside, it is almost certain that you will appear on television at some point. It is also a fantastic way to flex for your social media followers. With a picture of yourself on the court, you will make your followers jealous on Instagram or Twitter.

  • Amenities

Additional amenities often enhance the premium fan experience offered by courtside seats. Complementary foods and beverages are always available when you get a courtside seat. You will also get padded chairs, parking passes, and concierge services.

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How Can Someone Get a Courtside Seat?

To buy courtside seats for an NBA game, you can use a certified ticketing website. You can also save money by purchasing them in bulk. Smaller cities and markets are ideal for buying them in bulk, which is obvious because the Staples Center or Lakers Tickets have sky-high prices.

Secondly, there is the black market or third-party intermediaries. These seats, however, can be costly compared to open market prices, and you will get additional charges when you buy such tickets.

A final option is to find people willing to resell their courtside seats. Holders sometimes charge meager prices just before the match begins since no one will buy the ticket after the game.

Last Words: How Much Are Courtside Seats?

Now that you know how much courtside seats cost, will you be booking one for your next favorite match?

Don't forget the factors that drive the cost, like players, team, and season. It would be best to remember to abide by the courtside rules to avoid violating them and losing your space.

Search for the best place you can get tickets at a bargain so that you can save money. And make sure you enjoy the perks. Who knows, you might be sitting next to your favorite celebrity. 

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