If you are a basketball player, you may feel disappointed when it gets dark and you are expected to spend more time on the court.

This is especially true if there is insufficient lighting in your court, making it hard for you to play the game. To help out with this issue, we have a solution for you at GlowCity. 

The company started back in 2009 by selling different glow products at fireworks events. Currently, we have specialized in many other areas, basketball included.

Read on for more information on the GlowCity basketball review and see why it should be your next basketball investment.


Features of The GlowCity Basketball

Here are the top five features of the GlowCity basketball 

1. It is an Official Light-Up Basketball

The ball uses two Hi-Bright LEDs for illumination. With these lights, the ball illuminates with a fire like a glow. This light is bright enough that you can continue playing even after sunset.

Each of the Hi-Bright LEDs has a compartment, meaning that the lights stay in place no matter how hard you dribble the ball.

You can, therefore, enjoy the game as you do with other normal basketballs without fear of ruining the glowing lights. Plus, the glow makes the game more fun and exciting.

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2. Replaceable Batteries

GlowCity LED basketball uses batteries to power the lights.  

The batteries are part of the ball during purchase and can last for up to 30 hours. Additionally, the batteries are replaceable, and the replacement process is easy. 

Therefore, if the glowing ball starts getting dimmer, use the right changing tools and replace the batteries. You will get both the changing tools and replacing batteries.

Additionally, there are instructions on how to go about changing the batteries without damaging the ball.

3. Has Smart Play Light Activation

Activating the play light in the GlowCity LED basketball is easy. 

It has an innovative and automatic system that lights up the ball when you start playing and turns off the light when you stop playing. Therefore, when you need to turn on the lights, bounce the ball on the ground, and it will immediately light up.

Likewise, it will automatically go off after being inactive for 40 seconds.

Why is GlowCity Basketball Worth Your Investment?

Customers who have bought and played with this ball have given great reviews about it. Some of the reasons they have for falling in love with GlowCity basketball include:

1. It Has the Official Size and Weight

The GlowCity basketball maintains the official size and weight of basketballs regardless of the two Hi-Bright LEDs. This is because the lights are properly secured inside the ball to add no extra weight to the intended official weight. 

2. It is a Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a gift for a basketball fan? 

This GlowCity basketball is a great choice. You can give it as a holiday gift, birthday gift, or even when there is no specific occasion.

You are assured that the person you gift this ball with will love it. Additionally , you can complement the ball with a GlowCity basketball hoop lighting kit to make the playing to add light in the court. 

3. It Feels Like Any Other Ball When Playing with It

There is nothing unusual you feel when playing with the GlowCity basketball. It looks and feels similar to any regular ball. 

The difference comes in when it gets dark and it lights up, enabling you to continue enjoying the game even in the dark.

4. It Eliminates Playing Time Limits

If you are playing in a court with insufficient light, you are forced to discontinue the game while sunset approaches.

Luckily, with the GlowCity basketball, you have no time limit, even if it gets dark.

Additionally, you will be the talk of the neighborhood as the person with the coolest basketball that glows in the dark.

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5. They Have Pre-installed LED Lights

After you get the GlowCity basketball, you inflate the ball, ready to start playing. 

The Hi-Bright LED lights are already installed and ready for use. You will only need to replace them after they get used up, which is also not complicated.

6. They are Durable

The material used to make the GlowCity basketball is of high quality.

As a result, even the toughest players can use this ball without fear of ruining it. Additionally, the company provides a guaranteed repair or replacement of the ball in case of any problem within 60 days after purchase.


Tips for Using the GlowCity Basketball

  1. Always inflate the ball before you start using it. You will also need to inflate it after you replace the batteries. This takes only a few minutes and prevents damaging the ball.
  2. Avoid playing too hard since this may make the black lines slide away.
  3. Remember that the lights turn off after 40 seconds of inactivity. Therefore, keep playing the ball so that you do not lose it in the dark.


GlowCity basketball is made by GlowCity, which is a company known for making expert glow-in-the-dark products. 

The ball helps basketball fans to continue enjoying the game even when it is dark. Buy this ball on Amazon or buy a GlowCity Light Up LED Rim Kit with LED Basketball Included and enjoy basketball on a new level.

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