Football vs Basketball: Which is the Superior Sport?

Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891, and no one has forgotten its name since then.

What began as a popular sport in the United States has since grown in popularity across the world. As of today, basketball is one of the most intriguing sports that many people adore watching.

On the other hand, American football began in the early 19th century with an oval-shaped football. After that, the rest is history, and no one can deny the popularity of this multiplayer sport.

According to most professionals and experts, American football is a game that evolved from the likes of rugby and soccer.

Football vs. basketball is a never-ending discussion. Over the years, this debate has given rise to a continual rivalry between the two games.

This article will talk about which of the two sports is more fun and entertaining to play and watch. So hold on as we delve into the details of the topic.

Football vs. Basketball Popularity

To say that basketball is fire and football is water implies that they are equal in every aspect. Moreover, in terms of popularity, both games are renowned in the United States and across the world.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the factors that influence which game is more popular.


One of the most essential characteristics of basketball is that it is a game that both men and women enjoy.

Women play basketball in domestic and international leagues without any reluctance.


Football, on the other hand, is a male-dominated sport. Despite the fact that more women have participated in football in recent years, they are still not provided with the same resources as their male counterparts.

As a result, we may conclude that basketball is a preferred sport for both men and women.


In a football game, participants wear helmets, making it hard to tell who is on the field. They are also unable to communicate and interact with others, whether it be their team members or opponents.

Basketball players, on the other hand, are a lot more engaged with the viewers. Therefore, they get a lot more acknowledgment on an individual level compared to football players.

Football vs. Basketball: What's The Difference?

Although there are some parallels between the two games, there are far too many variances. Everything about them is different, from the rules and regulations to the number of players.

Stay tuned as we go through the differences between these games to give you a better idea.

Outdoor & Indoor

Football is an outdoor sport, and natural or synthetic grass is used on football fields. To watch the game, a large crowd gathers in massive football stadiums. Only when it's raining is the indoor space useful for football.

Because of the bad weather in England, James Naismith's major goal when inventing basketball was to develop an indoor sport. So while you can play basketball outdoors, it is mainly an indoor game.

Rules & Regulations

Football rules are pretty complicated and challenging to understand.

This is primarily because there are several penalties and fouls involved in the game. Since it requires a lot of time and effort to get the hang of things, it can be difficult and intimidating for an ordinary person to get started.

Basketball is a straightforward sport with a total of 13 rules that might change from time to time.

Therefore, it is a simple game that is relatively easy to understand, which keeps people intrigued until the end of the match.


Football is a costly sport. Because of the large number of participants, the cost of equipment and maintenance adds up to be quite high.

Moreover, football tournaments and leagues often require a lot of preparation, staff, and expenses.

Basketball, on the other hand, is a low-cost activity that requires no specialized equipment. Everything is simple enough for you to play the sport whenever and wherever you want.

Duration Of The Match

A basketball game is pretty simple since there are no specific limitations regarding the duration of the match. A participant can even play more than one match a day!

However, the single match duration of football is longer than basketball. As a result, there are a lot more leagues and tournaments for basketball than for football.

In general, a professional-level football game is about 60-minute long. On the other hand, a pro basketball match lasts a total of 48 minutes.

Regardless, both games involve several fouls, penalties, and timeouts, which may increase the overall duration of the match.

The Shape Of The Ball

Basketballs are small, spherical balls that bounce back with some force. A football, in contrast, has an oval form, floats in the air, and is easy to catch. It also bounces back at odd angles from the ground.


So, we may conclude that the ball shapes in both games are entirely different.


Basketball and football are both team sports in which players work together to achieve their goals. All of the team members collaborate to try and win the game.

A basketball team consists of 12 to 15 players, while football teams are generally much bigger, with 50 players in a professional match.

Why Is Basketball Better Than Football?

There are numerous reasons why we believe basketball is superior to football, which we will explain in detail. So, let’s begin.

No Specific Location

To begin with, we can say that basketball is a simple game that anyone with interest in sports can play at home.

Aside from a ball and a hoop, there isn’t much equipment needed to have the time of your life playing the game.


The primary reason for the superiority of this game is its versatility. Nearly anybody can play basketball, regardless of gender, age, race, or financial status.

Less Risky

Football is a rigorous sport that involves a high risk of injuries and accidents. In contrast, basketball is safer and less risky, so it is our pick between the two games.

Easy To Learn

Football is an extended and complex game with plenty of rules and regulations.

However, basketball is a relatively simple game and does not require learning a million rules beforehand. Hence, it is easier to practice and adapt.

Great Exercise

Even though most football players are fit and live a healthy lifestyle, football is still not considered a full-fledged exercise.

In contrast, basketball provides an intense, full-body workout. People worldwide play basketball to get in shape since it allows you to run around and burn extra calories in a minimum amount of time.

So, if you are also looking for a fun exercise that can make you fit quickly, basketball should be a part of your everyday routine.

Final Verdict: Basketball vs Football

Since there are several differences between basketball and football, it is pretty easy to pick our favorite.

As discussed earlier, basketball is a relatively simple and easy-to-learn game with fewer rules. Being such a versatile sport, it is easily our preferred choice between both games.

Hopefully, you are more familiar with both basketball and football after reading this article and can now choose between the two sports.

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