Are you shopping for the best chain basketball net but have no idea where or how to buy one that meets your needs? In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn about some of the best metal basketball nets on the market.

Metal chain nets provide a streetball vibe that adds to the experience of playing outdoors. Basketball hoop chains also make a pleasant sound when the ball goes through the hoop. It’s a fun alternative to standard nets that changes the way you think about basketball.

Buying the right metal chain net isn’t easy, though, if it’s your first time. The ideal chain net should be durable so that no metal parts come loose after just a few sessions of playing. Also, the metal rim must be rustproof so that it doesn’t turn brown shortly after purchase.

Metal vs. Woven Basketball Nets

Choosing between a metal and woven basketball net is one of the key decisions when setting up your basketball court. Thankfully, it’s not a big deal if you make the wrong decision because it’s always easy to change net types later on. Here are a few of the differences between metal and woven nets:

  • Durability: Metal chain nets are more durable because metal is tougher than fiber, but keep in mind that they can be problematic if the manufacturer has made mistakes or if you don’t take the time to install your net properly. Also, woven nets tend to shrink over time, which can trap the ball in the net, while metal nets retain their size no matter how much time passes.
  • Sound: Metal nets make a completely different sound from their material counterparts. The satisfying jangle of metal chain nets might even be a primary reason why you want to get one. It’s a louder sound, though, which you’ll need to consider if you have neighbors nearby.
  • Training: During basketball matches, you typically play with a woven basketball net. Therefore, if you want to practice under identical conditions, then choosing a metal chain net might not be the best choice. That said, the difference isn’t big enough to affect the chances of the ball going through the hoop.
  • Standard loop size designed to fit most back boards
  • Built with anti-corrosion properties
  • Ideal replacement for all weathers
  • Heavy duty 13-gauge chain link for all weather
  • 12 loops and 19 inches in length
  • Affordable and durable
  • Made with rust proof, zinc plated galvanized steel
  • Thin yet sturdy
  • Cheapest on the list
  • Coated in zinc to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Includes heavy duty "S" hooks that easily attach to any style rim
  • Great for recreational centers, schools, parks, housing complexes, home courts, or any outdoor space
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Rust-proof, zinc-plated galvanized steel
  • Premium option

5 Best Chain Basketball Nets

You could spend hours looking online for a good metal chain net. Instead, take a look at the high-quality options we’ve listed for you below so you can buy with confidence.

TRIXES is one of the smartest buying choices when it comes to metal chain nets. The company is known for its high-quality materials and the mixture of simple installation, durability, and price make it a no-brainer.

The net has a nice shine that makes your court look more impressive when new and fully cleaned. Dirty nets can darken your ball and your hands. Metal chain nets are therefore a good option for regular cleaning.

The anti-corrosion properties of this metal net mean it will keep its metallic appearance for years to come. In addition to ruining the look of a metal net, rust can deteriorate its durability and stain your ball if you’re playing on a wet court.

The S-hooks of this chain net allow you to quickly and easily install it on most rims. There’s no need to fiddle around with anything like you would with a material net. The metal construction also means you can quickly remove the net if you ever find yourself wanting to switch to an alternative.

In short, the TRIXES Silver Heavy Duty Net is an excellent choice for buyers who like the look and feel of playing with a metal net. The combination of anti-corrosion, S mounting hooks, and competitive price make this product one of our top choices.

This metal chain net from Cannon Sports comes with useful features that add value to the purchase. The mixture of low price and durability means you can buy this product knowing it will last you a long time. It’s also compatible with most rims so you can buy with confidence.

The heavy-duty 13-gauge chain can take a beating before showing any signs of wear. It’s unlikely to fall apart, even after thousands of accurate shots at a distance. Make sure to install the metal chain net correctly so that it holds up as it’s designed to. Incorrect installation could lead to the net tearing from one end.

The S-hooks make installing this metal net a straightforward process. You don’t need a lot of experience to use the S-hooks to clip on to each latch. Most rims are compatible with S-hooks. Also, the net is weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor hoops. You can leave the chain on during the winter knowing it will hold up against even the worst nature has to offer.

The metal net makes that iconic sound when your ball goes through the hoop. It’s a relatively thin metal chain, which allows the ball to move quickly out of the basket. Consider this chain net if you want a louder sound compared with that of material nets.

Overall, the Cannon Sports Standard Chain Basketball Net with S-Hooks is a competitive choice if you want good quality at a low price. The S-hooks make installation almost effortless and the heavy-gauge metal is durable.

Champion Sports manufactures reliable sports equipment and this metal chain net is no exception. The features here add up to impressive performance that allows you to play without changing the net for years. Take a closer look at the features to see whether this metal chain net is a good match for your hoop.

The rustproof design means you can enjoy using this metal chain net without worrying about longevity. Weathering effects tend to compromise most things if left outdoors all year round. Fortunately, this metal net can withstand any weathering effect that might come its way, so you won’t have to replace the net only a few months after purchase.

This metal net is compatible with most hoops you might encounter, including those in gyms, schools, and back yards. The size of the S-hooks allows the chain net to flex without dislodging during play. If the net does come loose, then you can quickly use the hooks to secure it back to the rim.

The chain is thin yet sturdy, so it won’t break under the stress of many shots. Also, the ball can more easily pass through the net than through thicker metal hoops. This means you can get more shots in per hour since you don’t have to wait as long for the net to release the ball.

In summary, this metal chain net is a great choice if you want to mix up the action from material nets. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor rims, so every court is a good match for this chain.

This metal chain net from Crown Sporting Goods is an affordable choice that offers the value of more expensive options. There are several features here that will impress buyers and bring many years of enjoyable basketball action.

Installation is a snap with the heavy-duty S-hooks that don’t bend under stress. The hooks won’t even give out under your full weight if you decide to go for a little “hang time.”

S-hooks can come loose, but you can quickly hook them back on to the rim when they do. The sizing and positioning of the hooks make this product a good match for most hoops you might encounter. Be sure to get a tall chair or ladder, though, to give yourself safe access when installing the net.

The manufacturer has done a good job of keeping the net thin without sacrificing construction quality. It will therefore last a long time before anything bends or breaks. Thin nets are a good choice to ensure the net can quickly spit the ball out after making a shot. You can use the net for both indoor and outdoor hoops.

The Crown Sporting Goods net is a top choice for basketball fans on a budget. It’s a highly rated net that’s already used by many hoopers around the country. Its soothing metal clang and durable construction are worth your time and money.

This metal chain net from LIOOBO is a top choice among buyers who want cool design and don’t mind spending extra to get it. It’s the most expensive net in this buyer’s guide but offers excellent features. Decide for yourself whether paying more for this premium metal net is right for you.

The standard-fit design ensures the chain offers excellent compatibility with most rims. There’s enough freedom in the design to clip on each strand to the opening of the rim. A secure fit means the chain won’t come off easily.

This net is made of rustproof and zinc-plated galvanized steel. It will therefore hold up for many years before you begin seeing any damage from the elements. Intense play and weather conditions don’t stand a chance against this durable material.

Even the smallest weaknesses in a metal net can cause the entire net to tear, and the manufacturers clearly took this potential drawback into serious consideration when designing this net.

This net has a visually appealing look that basketball players will appreciate. It’s an attractive metal chain net that’s suitable for any location, including gyms, back yards, and schools.

Overall, the LIOOBO Iron Chain Basketball Net is a premium alternative to other nets in this buyer’s guide. Between its strong durability, zinc plating, and visual appeal, there’s a lot to like here.

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