When you’re participating in a high-level activity like basketball, you have no time to worry about what you’re wearing. No athlete wants to worry about their clothes when they’re in the middle of a competitive sport! 

To help you keep your mind off your attire and in the game, we’ve compiled a list of the best women’s basketball shorts to help you find what you need so you’re ready to hit the court. We also included some alternative sportswear if you don't like the traditional basketball shorts design.

  • Most Lightweight
  • DRI-GEAR technology
  • Double needle hemmed leg openings
  • Most Heavy-Duty
  • Durable weight and structure
  • Side seam zip pockets provide storage
  • Best Style
  • Fun throwback design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Best Value
  • Side slit for ease of movement
  • Mesh fabrication for ventilation
  • Best Multi-Purpose
  • Can be used for basketball AND soccer
  • Comes in a 2-pack
  • Best Unisex
  • Classic design
  • Made in the USA

Best Women’s Basketball Shorts 2021

These basketball shorts by Champro are a simple and classic design. They’re also one of the more lightweight options, weighing less than five ounces and offering breathability. The shorts are made of 100% polyester for maximum comfort and minimum weight.

Instead of only providing a few color options, Champro has made more than thirty color options available for these shorts. You can choose based on your style, but the variety is helpful if you’re looking for shorts for an entire team.

The legs of these shorts are loose-fitting and do not bind. They are meant to be a comfortable, non-restrictive pair of shorts that doesn’t interfere with activity. The drawstring on the elastic opening conceals inconspicuously inside the shorts for a streamlined appearance.

They’re also a reasonable price for the quality you get, though the prices vary depending on the color and size you buy.

Unfortunately, this product does not have pockets, so they are best for strictly active times or if you have a bag to keep your valuables in.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Low price
  • Come in dozens of styles


  • No pockets
  • Inconsistent sizing options

For a more comfortable option of activewear, Champro’s jersey polyester uniform shorts are soft and cozy. They are also medium-weight if you prefer a little more heft to your basketball shorts.

Although they don’t come in as many colors as Champro’s previous option, this product still has a nice set of colors for personal preference or to match team colors.

Given their comfortable nature, these shorts are good for both activity and lounging. The elastic band is non-constrictive, and the drawstrings don’t get in the way while you’re on the court. The leg opening is a semi-loose fit without being too baggy.

The appropriateness of the shorts’ length depends on who is wearing them. While the shorts run true to size, they may be a tad short for a woman on the taller side or over 5’8”. 

They also are somewhat thin and possibly require a garment underneath to keep the shorts from being too transparent.


  • Comfortable
  • Medium weight
  • Color options


  • Thin and somewhat transparent
  • Too short for taller people

This particular product isn’t a heavily-reviewed one, but Adidas has released a durable, heavy-duty pair of basketball shorts that are made to last. The firm elastic waistband and drawstring ensure that these 11-ounce shorts don’t go anywhere.

These shorts are a comfortable polyester material, with vented hems that allow free and flexible movement. The pockets at the side seam have a zipper, allowing you to store your phone and other objects safely.

The material provides some anti-moisture fortification and is machine-washable. Being polyester ensures that they are comfortable and do not chafe against the skin.

While these are good quality shorts, make sure to thoroughly check yours over before wearing because loose threads can sometimes happen. These shorts also don’t come in a wide selection of sizes and therefore only suit specific body types.

However, they are a subtly unique design with reflective text on the hem and an interesting pattern around the leg and inseam.


  • Durable weight and structure
  • Pockets that zip close
  • Vented hems


  • Occasional quality control issues
  • Minimal size options

While these shorts don’t come in a large variety of colors, the style and pattern that Alleson does offer are unique without being over-the-top. The white sheen of the nylon combined with the asymmetrical stripes and slash pattern gives off a semi-retro feel while still being slick and modern.

They are comfortable, airy, and lightweight. The elastic waistband fits tautly against the waist without being too restrictive, and the drawstring is easily concealed. The legs veer to the slightly baggy side, but this may be some peoples’ preference, especially if they desire freer movement.

This model runs true to size and the manufacturer provides a reliable sizing chart to help you choose the absolute best fit. The sizes range from XS to 2XL.

Since they are lightweight, this comes with the drawback of being a little transparent, so it may be beneficial to wear something more concealing underneath. These shorts can also be a little stiff for some ballers’ liking.


  • Fun throwback design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Somewhat stiff
  • Semi-transparent

Pockets on women’s attire range from nonexistent to rare, legitimate pockets. Fashion pockets sit somewhere in between. Athletic shorts are no different, and while they sometimes contain pockets, they are often not all that functional.

EttelLut’s athletic shorts are comfortable and soft with pockets that serve their purpose. They are capable of containing a variety of objects without being too conspicuous and invasive to the rest of the design.

They are a stretchy and flexible option, making them ideal both for sports activities and lounging. They are a decent price and even have the option of coming in a two-pack so you can rotate between two pairs.

Being high-waisted shorts, they sit higher above the hips and this can result in them sitting further above the knee than intended. They also are a trifle thin, so wearing a second layer is advisable.


  • Good pockets
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Thin
  • Short on taller people

This pair of shorts from Champion is simple, classic, and comfortable. It only comes in one color and design, but they are an inexpensive choice while maintaining high-quality standards.

Their look and feel are fairly standard, though the subtle striped knit taping down the sides is a nice touch. They’re a mesh polyester, which aids in breathability and minimizing sweat build-up.

Apart from being flexible and stretchable, the slit on the side of the leg pieces helps amp up mobility when you’re moving side to side.

However, these shorts do not have pockets. And while the cut is comfortable on most body types, some wearers may experience riding up in the back or crotch area.


  • Inexpensive for the quality
  • Classic design
  • Allow mobility


  • No pockets
  • Prone to riding up in back or crotch

BALEAF’s 5” shorts come in a 2-pack, and their design suits either Basketball or Soccer. Their classic style makes them a timeless addition to your sports wardrobe, and their functionality gives you the support you need to play sports vigorously and comfortably.

Being that this set includes two shorts automatically puts it in the running as an item to consider. If you play ball relatively often, having to wash the same pair of shorts over and over again is a pain. Having two pairs of shorts cuts cleaning labor in half.

Many women’s shorts tend to veer on the short side, specifically if they function primarily as running shorts. But these shorts are a moderate length and keep you well-covered without interfering with movement.

These shorts are made entirely from polyester and are very comfortable. They have an adjustable elastic waistband with internal drawstrings for personalized sizing. They sit higher up on the waist, which, depending on your taste, may seem a bit like a “mom waist,” but many enjoy high-waisted shorts as they are less likely to slide down one’s hips.

Some buyers felt the shorts were on the thin side, but many others felt these are a breathable, lightweight, and comfortable choice of sportswear. They allow a full range of motion and are durable and easy to wash.


  • Come as a 2-pack
  • Very comfortable
  • Classic style


  • Thin
  • No pockets

Unisex shorts serve the same purpose as women’s basketball shorts but tend to be less constrictive and more suitable if you prefer a looser and less fitted style.

These basketball shorts are comfortable, airy, and lightweight. They’re completely made of a double-ply, 70-denier polyester that does not cling or bind when you sweat. They come in several color options but maintain a classic design. They are subtle, inconspicuous, and will never go out of style.

They are looser fitting for a wide range of movement, but the elastic waistband still keeps everything secure for more intense activity.

The looseness is a product of the intentional unisex design, but this may not suit everybody. They also are a little thin, as lightweight attire tends to be, but are loose enough so another layer can be comfortably worn underneath.


  • Non-constrictive
  • Comfortable and airy
  • Classic design


  • Loose
  • Thin 

BALEAF’s athletic running shorts are comfortable and don’t weigh you down or interfere with mobility. They come in four colors with a labeled waistband for stylistic flair. Like many shorts of its kind, this pair is acceptable for a wide range of physical activities.

The shorts are made of 100% polyester and incorporate moisture-wicking components, as well as quick-drying technology, to prevent sweat and the like from intruding on your comfort. They have a mid rise waistband with a 3.5” inseam that’s intended to provide mobility.

While these shorts include pockets, there’s some minor controversy as to their effectiveness. Some customers cite that they are fully capable of containing their keys or phone within the shorts. 

But, a handful of people also say that the pockets stretch too much. This issue causes the items to hang down below the hem of the shorts and interfere with mobility. The most common consensus is that the pockets are functional for lightweight items, which probably excludes your phone.

Despite their well-regarded comfort, many women reported the need to wear bike shorts or compression shorts underneath. Depending on the wearer’s level of activity, these shorts tend to rise at the back.

This occurrence doesn’t seem to be an issue when walking, but once you start delving into the realm of running or doing layups, the fit of these shorts do not accommodate everyone.


  • Low price
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Has pockets


  • Fabric tends to rise in the rear
  • Pockets are shallow and stretchy

Comfort is about as important an item on your sportswear checklist as anything, and Blevonh’s cozy women’s workout shorts deliver on this note.

Like many other sports shorts, you can wear these for activities such as running or other forms of exercise. But since basketball includes various kinds of movement and lots of it, a pair of shorts that’s comfortable for any form of activity is a good aim.

This product provides a wide range of colors and sizes, not to mention the choice between drawstrings or plain elastic waistlines. Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, these shorts live up to their self-proclaimed coziness with a soft interior lining.

Another added facet to these shorts’ comfortability is its no-dig-in waistline, a discomfort that might impede performance and cause brush burns. However, the waistband is still tight enough to suit basketball activities.

These shorts are machine washable and are quick-drying in cases of sweat and other moisture.

They provide a free range of movement and still offer acceptable coverage. For some, these shorts may be a bit on the shorter side, depending on your preference.

Blevonh advertises “deep” pockets, but many reviewers do not feel they are all that deep. They are passable for keys and the like, but it’s best to empty your pockets before getting too active.


  • Very soft and incredibly comfortable
  • Pockets for your phone or other items
  • A large variety of options


  • Tight around thighs
  • Sizes run large

For a pair of basketball shorts that offer a little more in the way of aesthetics, these Yeyemet Wobity running shorts provide two layers of fabric that both serve functionally and fashionably.

The top layer of fabric is a comfortable material that’s looser in fit than its counterpart underneath. It includes two mesh pockets with a shape that accommodates a cell phone, though its depth does not allow the phone to be fully submerged.

The stylistic bonus is the secondary layer, which fits the thighs more tightly and prevents chafing, and provides a subtle splash of color. If colored accents aren’t your preference, they also offer a pure black option.

This bottom layer peeks out from underneath the top layer’s hem and can also somewhat show through the top layer parts that are sheer. The double-layer makes for a unique visual without being garish or outlandish, and the black and teal or pink under part go well together.

Visuals aside, this pair of shorts is still comfortable, breathable, and allows flexibility of movement for a range of physical activities. They provide the same moisture-wicking and quick-drying features that are present in many other athletic shorts.

Some customers report the inseam rising and cutting into their inner thigh, which doesn’t bode well for high-level activities like basketball. This point depends on the wearer’s physique and is not a consistent criticism.


  • Unique appearance
  • Has pockets
  • Underlayer prevents chafing


  • Inseam may rise up
  • The underlayer may be too restrictive

Pockets on women’s attire range from nonexistent rare, legitimate pockets Fashion pockets sit somewhere in between. Athletic shorts are no different, and while they sometimes contain pockets, they are often not all that functional. 

Sese Code’s workout shorts include pockets that genuinely serve their purpose. This pair of short’s pockets are deep and stable enough to contain keys, cash, your phone, and other small items.

Outside of their built-in object repositories, these shorts tick other boxes for comfort and stylish appeal. They come in three colors and consist of a blend of rayon, cotton, polyester, and spandex that’s breathable and soft.

The main drawback is their thickness. The shorts are significantly heavier and bulkier than other athletic shorts, lending to the idea that these are more lounge shorts than athletic attire. Many customers tout their comfort and softness, but buyers mention little regarding their viability for actual sports activities.

They are high-waisted, which also does not suit everyone’s build. However, the shorts come with elastic waistbands and a drawstring to give you some leeway with how the shorts fit your waist.

However, if you need a pair of athletic shorts that allow you to carry objects without concern for losing them, a little thickness may be worth the trouble.


  • Deep, usable pockets
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable and well-made


  • Thick for athletic shorts
  • Not as basketball-friendly

Champion is a classic brand name in sports attire, and these Champion Women’s mesh shorts are a well-rounded piece of sportswear. The brand is longstanding and comes with a legacy of dependable clothes for physical activity.

These shorts are a relaxed fit that does not bind around the thighs. The waistband is an elastic enclosure without drawstrings, and the shorts overall are a breathable mesh material with a smooth interior lining for added comfort. Their fabric makeup is 100% polyester.

The inseam is 4 inches for improved comfort and range of motion. They are long enough to provide adequate coverage without being too long that they become an interference and put staring on the waistband.

These shorts do not have pockets and best suit physical activity, instead of doubling as loungewear the way some other athletic shorts do.

Appearance-wise, they are relatively standard. Although there are eight color options, they still look like plain basketball shorts, and you’re not likely to want to wear them as a fashion statement.

Being as inexpensive as they are is a plus within itself, but this comes at some cost. Some users reported that the lighter colors tend to be see-through, which isn’t something you want to worry about while being active.


  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Focused on activity viability


  • Light-colored versions sometimes see-through
  • Not a consistent fit

Conclusion: On the Best Women’s Basketball Shorts

Finding the best women’s basketball shorts can be a chore, but with this list, you’re off to an excellent start.

You’re sure to find a comfortable, functional pair of b-ball shorts here, but narrowing down the options involves knowing what you need and how you’re most comfortable on the court. 

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