For several people, basketball is an excellent and popular recreational activity that’s enjoyable, regardless of your age or experience level.

While many enjoy playing basketball in any environment, several people may prefer shooting hoops outside. If you like shooting basketballs, you’ll need the ideal basketball to play uninterrupted. 

While some people may believe that using any basketball for indoor or outdoor play doesn’t matter, but several factors may affect the ball’s quality. If you’re playing on concrete or asphalt, you’ll need the best outdoor basketball that can withstand these environments.

  • Best Grip for Outdoor Play
  • WAVE triple threat Technology gives improved shooting grip
  • Robust durability designed for the streets
  • Best Suited for Adult Players
  • Usable for both indoors and outdoors
  • FIBA approved & authentic feel
  • Best Womens’ Size Ball
  • Molded, deep-channel design
  • Composite leather helps manage sweat control
  • Best Color Options for Rubber Basketballs
  • Enhanced grip design
  • Comes with a pump
  • Highest Quality Rubber
  • Enhanced airtightness and shape retention
  • 4 color options
  • Ideal NBA Size and Weight
  • Made with polyurethane leather for better control
  • Professional nylon wound and butyl bladder
  • Best Size for Kids
  • Faux leather surface makes gripping comfortable
  • 1 color and 1 size option
  • Best Air Retention
  • Soft-Valve System provides great air retention
  • Symmetrical design for a perfectly balanced bal
  • Best Size Variety
  • Great budget option
  • Made with 100% polyurethane to improve overall durability

Best Outdoor Basketballs

Ideally, your outdoor basketball should feel comfortable as you catch and throw it, bounce against the surface, and retain its firm shape. Luckily, we have a way to help you find out which one’s right for you.

We’ve compiled a list of several basketballs that we believe are the best outdoor basketball for any event. By narrowing down your options, you may find a durable basketball to use for your active lifestyle.

If you’re looking for an outdoor basketball with enhanced gripping action, the Wilson Wave Phenom Basketball might be the right pick for you. Its Triple Threat Technology gives users three extra grooves on each panel for gripping while shooting. In total, it has 24 recessed grooves to enhance your control.

This rubber basketball is ideal for people who enjoy playing outdoors and has robust durability on concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces. Its dual-tone cover also gives it quality bouncing power to help you improve your control.

It may have a more rigid surface than other rubber basketballs, but it is essential for avoiding swift wear and tear.

The ball has a pebbled rubber channel which enhances its overall feel. The Wilson Wave’s design also incorporates a Premium Core Design to help the ball retain its shape for a longer time. It may feel lumpy, but having a defined grip might be essential in improving your basket shooting.

Its rubber cover keeps its internal bladder from breaking quickly, making it ideal for people who play regularly.

Its size is 28.5 inches, making it ideal for professional and older athletes, measuring less than an inch smaller than the official size for most professional, college, and high school basketball games.

The Molten GG7X is an ideal basketball for avid professional and recreational basketball players.

This FIBA approved ball gives players an interactive way to play with its sturdy synthetic composite leather cover. Although this ball is more suited for playing ball indoors, its composite leather makes it usable for outdoor environments.  

This basketball has a sleek design, incorporating the orange and white panels with its black ribs. These additional splashes of color give it extra substance when compared to traditional orange basketballs. Its surface texture isn’t too rough and makes it easier to grip and toss.

Due to its build, the Molten GG7X may need additional inflation to retain its shape, air capacity, and durability on the basketball court. 

If you need to pump more air into the ball, it would be wise to track how much you put in and how fast you do it. This ball doesn’t come with a pump, so it would be best to have one on hand if necessary.

The Molten GG7X comes in a standard size-7 build, the ideal size for most men’s professional basketball associations. Although this ball doesn’t have many sizes to choose from, it’s ideal for anybody who wants to experience what authentic athletes use for their tournaments.

The Nike Elite All-Court Basketball is another option you might want to consider if you want a smaller ball.

Although this ball is smaller than a size-7 basketball, its size-6 build might be more ideal for women’s league games and youth recreation. These intermediate balls make it more convenient for people with smaller hands to use without losing their grip.

Its intricate molded and deep-channel design gives its users the freedom of perfecting precise ball control for aerial maneuvering. Due to the ball’s size, your hands might have an easier time controlling the ball than larger ones.

The Nike Elite is made with robust composite leather. During an intense game session, you may find this feature essential because the composite leather helps manage sweat control in your hands. The Nike Elite has versatile environmental durability for outdoor and indoor use.

Although there aren’t many color options for this ball, its brown exterior gives a different aesthetic from most orange basketballs. Its design's simplicity doesn’t detract from its function and might be ideal for people who don’t mind occasional dirt and dust on their ball.

The Nike Elite’s reinforced internal windings keep its shape secure for long hours of play. Its windings also provide internal air consistency to prevent leaking and deflating. If you prefer fewer interruptions due to the ball’s inflation, this basketball might be ideal for you. 

If you’re looking for an outdoor basketball that stands out from the others and can withstand extreme activity for a long time, the AND1 Fantom might be an ideal pick for you. Although this basketball is best suited for outdoor play, you can also use it for indoor play during bad weather. 

If you want to add some flair to your game, this basketball comes in several colors. While many professional and recreational basketball games use traditional orange basketballs, you may want to try playing a game with a teal or purple ball.

Having multiple color options for this ball gives you several gift possibilities for your friends and family.

The AND1 Fantom ball has an advanced deep channel construction to give its users a better grip while playing. Its enhanced grip design makes it an ideal choice for youths to use. The ball might be firm, but its soft texture helps it maneuver across the court. 

This basketball also comes with an inflation pump to preserve your ball’s shape and air capacity. The ball inflates quickly and retains its air during an intense playthrough, making it an excellent gift for active members of your family.

You can save a trip to the store for getting a pump or replacement ball by having this on hand.

The Senston Rubber Basketball uses 100% natural and synthetic rubber to create a ball that withstands indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s available in the official regulation size, making it ideal for any competitive or recreational basketball games.

This basketball is made with an eco-friendly, natural, and synthetic rubber suited for playing on outdoor surfaces. If you enjoy playing in the streets or by your local school playground, it’s durable against the pavement.

It has an easy-to-clean surface if you play near dirt or water. Its cover also provides a better dribbling control with its granule surface. Its surface is also ideal for absorbing moisture in your hands. The ball’s texture is ideal for playing without getting hurt if it hits you.

It has a 100% butyl inner gallbladder to enhance its airtightness and has 80% nylon windings to help retain its shape after continuous use.

The Senston Rubber Basketball comes with a pump and needle to keep it in top condition. If it needs touching up after extended use, you’ll have the necessary tools to fix your basketball and continue playing.

Unlike other basketballs in our lineup, the Sentson comes in four colors, including red, black, blue, and yellow. Each color option comes with a black or gold rib outline to enhance its appearance on the court. 

Another ideal choice for the best outdoor basketball is the XEDGE basketball. This ball is suitable for people who want a ball that mirrors what the NBA professionals use. Its diameter is 29.5 inches, making it perfect for professional players, teenagers, men, and women. 

It’s made with polyurethane leather, giving its users a firm and soft grip for ball handling. This coating gives users superior control while handling the ball. If you think this option is ideal for you, it would be best to break it in as soon as possible to retain its softness as you play.

The XEDGE has a thick butyl bladder for trapping air and maintaining a soft and stable bounce. Its properties make the ball difficult to deform and gives it superb resistance to aging and heat. 

Its nylon windings are an essential factor to the ball’s flight and rotation stability as you shoot hoops. It would be ideal to have a ball that performs well on the ground and in the air to keep your basketball game fast-paced.

This ball is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, so it would be wise to preserve its strength.

This basketball comes with a carrying bag, air pump, and two inflating needles to ensure proper storage and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a smaller basketball that might make playtime more engaging for younger players, the BMP Mini Basketball might be an ideal pick for families with active kids. If you want to introduce your kids to basketball, it’s a superb ball for young beginners.

Its compact size and design make it an excellent option for playing on outdoor surfaces and arcade-style games. Its sleek pink and white color scheme helps it stand out from the dirt or concrete.

Most kids might not have a comfortable grip for regulation-size basketballs, making it challenging to throw and dribble. Measuring as a Size 3 ball, the BMP has a 7-inch diameter that fits most kids’ hands. 

By starting with the smallest sizes, your child might be more likely to adjust to the next size as they grow. Its size may not be suitable for older children, but it still accomplishes its job as an introductory ball.

Its faux leather surface makes gripping comfortable and won’t damage itself on most surfaces. If you want to play inside or outside, this ball is appropriate for any environment. 

The ball’s bouncing capabilities encourage high-level activity and movement to enhance the experience. If your kids don’t mind exerting extra energy, they can get a full workout as you watch them play outside.

This composite leather basketball has excellent air retention qualities that any basketball enthusiast should consider.

The Baden Contender has a symmetrical build for its paneling, providing excellent consistency while shooting, rebounding, passing, catching, and handling the ball. This feature is ideal for anybody who prefers using a ball without lumps on its surface.

Due to its synthetic material, the Baden Contender is an excellent basketball option for outdoor and indoor games. Its cover provides players an excellent grip, consistency, and longevity for high-intensity sessions.

We believe this ball is best suited for people who enjoy spending extra time outside of their homes and doing fitness.

This ball’s durability makes it capable of withstanding outdoor pavement. It also has a soft feel to prevent injuries on the court and won’t dent indoor floor surfaces.

The Baden Contender also comes in additional colors to add cosmetic value to your game, including orange, navy with white, or red with white. Getting a ball in non-traditional colors might help you identify your ball from the ones your friends may use.

This ball also has a Soft-Valve System that gives it quality air retention when fully inflated. It has less exposed rubber from its valve stem and a soft valve panel. The Baden Contender might be ideal for you if you have trouble reinflating the ball.

If you prefer playing with a leather-like basketball, the Adidas All-Court basketball might be the pick for you.

This ball is made with 100% polyurethane to improve its overall durability. It has a synthetic leather cover that’s best suited for any surface. The composite fibers give players a superior grip while playing.

It has a nylon-wound butyl bladder to keep the ball airtight and secure after extended use. By having a ball with a durable surface and bladder, you’re less likely to puncture the ball while playing and search for a replacement.

If you’re looking for a basketball with multiple size options, you can pick from three available sizes. This ball comes in the official size 7, women’s size 6, and juniors’ size 5. Some people may find it convenient to have various sizes to choose from and upgrade to the next size.

The largest ball’s regulation size has a maximum circumference of 30 inches, making it an appropriate ball for older players. If you want to challenge yourself with its bounce properties, we recommend getting the largest size.

If you’re looking for a valuable basketball for your budget, this synthetic basketball might be an option that’s durable for your family.

What to Look for When Picking an Outdoor Basketball

Once you’ve considered your basketball options, you’ll need to figure out which one would be best for you.

Before selecting an ideal outdoor basketball, there are several factors you should consider. Depending on your preferences, these features may affect how you play basketball and the ball's quality. 

Ball Size

Typically, you’ll want your fingers to grip the basketball without trouble and fit securely in your palms.

The standard basketball size for most professional mens’ leagues is a size 7, making it an ideal size for most hands. The ball’s circumference may also differ depending on its size. Smaller basketball sizes may be more appropriate for younger players or womens’ leagues.  

The basketball’s size can also affect its bounce due to surface volume, density, and air resistance. The air friction is proportional to a ball’s radius, making larger-sized basketballs bounce higher than smaller ones.

It would be best to find a ball that fits through your hoop’s net while scoring. Regulation-size balls typically fit most hoops, so it would be wise to measure your ball’s size and diameter to ensure it’s compatible with your environment. 

Cover Material

One of the factors you should consider before getting a basketball is its material. The ball’s feel and durability depend on how it’s manufactured. You may prefer one over the other, so it would be best to think about what makes each one different from the other.


Rubber basketballs have high levels of durability and bouncing ability. They can withstand most surfaces, making them ideal for playing on asphalt and outdoor courts. Its surface can also keep water from seeping into the ball and affecting its performance. 

They’re less soft than leather balls, which some people might not prefer if they want a more comfortable ball. Some rubber basketballs don’t have the soft feel that leather balls have.


Leather basketballs are best suited for indoor use and aren’t suitable for extended periods of outdoor play.

If they’re exposed to outdoor surfaces, dirt, and rain, the balls can deteriorate quickly. They’re also the softest material option for a basketball and won’t damage wooden floor surfaces. Leather basketballs also tend to be more expensive than others. 

Leather basketballs have exceptional control and gripping capabilities, even when they’re in contact with sweaty hands. These balls require a break-in period before competitive play to retain their softness on the court.

Composite Leather

Composite leather looks and feels like traditional leather basketballs but tends to be more versatile, and you can use them on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Synthetic basketballs may also do minimal damage to indoor floors, so it would be best to balance how often you use them.

You don't have to break in composite leather for it to become softer since it’s designed to remain soft and durable for indoor and outdoor play. They typically have a better grip and control than traditional leather since it stays soft. 


Most outdoor basketballs should retain their air capacity after vigorous throwing and dribbling.

With a sturdy cover material and butyl bladder, an ideal basketball won’t tear after prolonged use.

Some basketballs may be more durable on some surfaces than others. It would be best to find an option that won’t wear and tear quickly on indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Several basketballs are only available in shades of orange with black ribs.

Some people might prefer picking a basketball with unique colors or patterns to keep themselves more engaged. Most leagues prefer traditional orange for their games, but nothing can stop you from choosing a flashier option for recreational purposes.

Testing Your Basketball’s Quality

If you want to ensure that your basketball is the right fit for you, it would be best to test it out.

When throwing and handling your basketball, you should have a comfortable grip on the ball. The more pressure a ball has on your palms, the more uncomfortable it might be for you. 

A basketball should also have enough air pressure to retain its shape and have a steady bounce at any intensity.

Your basketball’s surface should have a smooth and consistent feel. If you notice indentations or lumps on its surface, the ball may be overinflated or pumped with air too fast, which will affect its performance.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Basketballs

Every person has their own personal preference when choosing the best outdoor basketball.

Some people might prefer softer balls, but it’s essential to have a consistent surface. If you want to purchase an outdoor basketball, it would be best to find one exclusive for outdoor use or doubles for indoor use. 

Our top pick for best outdoor basketball in this lineup is the Wilson Wave Phenom Basketball. Its rubber surface makes it ideal for withstanding most outdoor surfaces and elements. We believe that its durability is essential for maintaining a budget without additional replacements or enhancements. 

If this doesn't seem like what you need, take a look at the others on our list, and you're sure to find the perfect fit for your game!

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