Everyone gets excited for the NBA draft, whether they are fans or players. It is a big day for players as it is the moment that their dream of playing in the NBA will come to life. For fans, the draft is an opportunity to get a look into the new players who are joining their favorite teams. 

Something that is memorable and noted is the moment that the new player puts on the NBA Draft Hat to symbolize the joining of their new team. If you are a die-hard fan of the NBA, you may want to buy an NBA Draft Hat to remember the moment forever. 

NBA Draft Hats are great collector’s items and mementos to hold onto for years to come. If the NBA is a huge part of your life, read on to learn more about the best NBA Draft Hats you can buy.

Best NBA Draft Hats

All Golden State Warriors fans can appreciate the classic blue and gold color scheme of this draft hat.

This hat features the traditional Warriors Golden Gate Bridge logo that everyone can easily recognize.

There are several removable patches and a pin that reads “The Bay” to make this hat stand out and satisfy all fans of the Golden State Warriors. 

If there is one thing that is true, New York Knicks fans are loyal to their team, and this hat from the 2018 draft is no exception to that.

The cap features the very classic NY Knicks logo across the front on a bright royal blue background that shows off one of the most memorable logos in basketball.

It also comes with a removable “New York Forever” and several patches for extra design. 

Some of the most die-hard basketball fans come from the state of Indiana as it is a place that lives and breathes basketball, so this Indiana Pacers Draft Hat from the 2016 draft is a perfect piece to add to your collection.

The navy blue hat features the Pacers name in bold lettering, and the famous "P" logo adds to the overall look.

True Pacers fans will appreciate the simplicity and traditional look of this hat. 

Fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder can appreciate this NBA draft hat's traditional varsity jacket style from 2019.

The snapback design makes it a good fit for all head sizes. This hat has a felt Thunder patch and comes with a pin that features the official team logo.

This is a classic hat that will go great in any draft hat collection. 

Real New Orleans Hornets fans will love this stylish snapback draft hat that features the blue shade of the Hornets.

This is a great collector’s item because it showcases the Hornets’ name in big, bold letters and features the distinct NBA patch directly on the front.

The adjustable fit and old-school style make it a fantastic addition to any collection. 

This NBA Draft Hat from the 2018 season of the Los Angeles Lakers is a great collector’s item for NBA enthusiasts.

It shows off the famous purple and gold colors that die-hard Lakers fans go crazy for.

The design is a snapback style that can fit up to any head size. This hat also comes with a pin that reads “The Bay” and some unique patches you can add. 

This a proper Boston Celtics fan Draft hat. Celtics fans will enjoy the solid, bright green appearance of this hat that has made the Celtics recognizable worldwide.

This snapback style hat comes with a lucky shamrock pin and unique embroidered patches to enhance the collectability of the item. 

Fans of the Chicago Bulls must add this 2018 draft hat to their collection.

It has a classic Chicago Bulls look with the iconic logo on an all-black background. The simplicity makes this hat stand out.

There are also quite a few removable embroidered patches and a unique “Chi-Town” pin to make this hat unique. 

Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are sure to love this hat’s simplicity from the 2018 draft season.

The all-blue hat is a snapback hat that can fit any head size and features the traditional 76ers logo across the front.

The traditional logo is more old-school, which makes it unique to own. You also get a pin of the iconic Liberty Bell to add to this collectible hat’s overall flair. 

Tips And Resources For Draft Hat Collectors

Dedicated fans and collectors know that it is crucial to keep the items that you collect clean and safe to maintain the item’s value over time. This is especially true when it comes to collecting NBA Draft Hats. 

Whether you are storing your hats on a shelf or wearing them proudly around town, you should always take care to keep your hats clean. Over time, caps can become worn down and frayed, so proper care is crucial. 

This article only covered particular NBA Draft Hats from more memorable years. If you are looking for a different year, it may be a good idea to look at the official NBA Store to find precisely what you are looking for. Either way, you should always treat your hat with care to ensure it lasts a very long time. 

Final Thoughts

Official NBA Draft Hats are a great and unique way to add to your collection as a die-hard basketball fan. In particular, Draft hats can be challenging to find at times, so following the above links is the best way to ensure that you find your favorite team. 

Watching the NBA Draft is incredibly exciting for everyone involved, so head on over and get your draft hat to wear and support your favorite NBA team and players. 

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