Sports enthusiasts prioritize acquiring gear to show their support for their favorite teams. Once their favorite NBA teams win the championships, they’ll want to celebrate by having an NBA champions hat as a keepsake. Dedicated fans won’t pass the opportunity to get the best ones from each season.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best NBA champions hats that you should add to your collection if you’re a dedicated sports fan or if you’re interested in stylish headgear.

Some of them have features that differ from each other, such as material, design, and functionality. By taking note of these traits, you can pick out the ones you prefer to represent your team.

  • Flat Visor with Structured Fit
  • 85% acrylic fabric and 15% wool
  • Snap closure, structured fit
  • Best Comfortable Mesh Style
  • Snap closure
  • Trucker Style - Mesh back panels
  • Most Affordable Cotton Hat with Durability
  • Buckle closure
  • Burst of positive energy
  • Ideal Flat Brim One Size Fits All Cap
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Part of the 2016 trophy ring banner - trbo - collection by adidas

Best NBA Champions Hat

The Toronto Raptors won their first NBA championship in 2019 and notably served as the first win by an NBA team from outside the United States. With the finals resulting in a 4-2 win, the Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in an intensely heated match.

If you’re looking for an NBA Champions hat that’s relatively recent, consider getting the ‘47 Toronto Raptors NBA 2019 Championship Cap. This snapback cap has a structured fit that keeps its top standing tall all the time. Its flat visor also gives its wearer comfort and shade on the brightest days. If you’re looking for authenticity, it’s officially licensed. 

This official NBA cap comes in one size that fits most and has a structured fit supported by a flat visor brim. It’s a resilient cap made with 85% acrylic fabric and 15% wool that makes it easy to clean, excellent for insulation, and stays in shape after extended use. Its raised embroidery also gives it an iconic appearance and stands out with its bright and solid colors.

This NBA Champions hat makes an ideal addition for any fan invested in the Raptors’ professional milestone. This is an ideal hat if you want memorabilia that doubles as an adjustable, comfortable piece of apparel. Whether you’re a supporter of the team or just want to collect a hat from each winning team, this is one cap you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Golden State Warriors’ outstanding victory in the 2018 NBA Finals is cemented by their 4-game winning streak against the Cavaliers. As with their win against the Cavaliers in the previous year, Durant, Green, and Curry led the team in these successful games.

As a testament to their victory, this cap represents the team’s tenacity of reaching the top, no matter what challenges you may face. Its embroidered front graphics make it iconic for dedicated fans or collectors. Its bold combination of blue, white, and gold gives it a striking appearance that draws attention.

This trucker-style snapback cap has mesh back panels that provide the wearer breathability and comfort to keep your head sweat-free. As an adjustable hat, it’s structured to stay secure on your head. It’s available in one size that fits most and has a polyester build for a durable fit. Its design also allows it to stay afloat in water and dries out quickly if it gets wet.

Another favorable aspect of this hat is its washable surface properties. If you want to keep a hat in peak condition, this might be an excellent choice for you to pick. We also think that its simple coloring gives it a bold statement for people eager to win.

The NewEra Golden State Warriors 9FIFTY 2018 NBA Finals Champions cap makes a valuable addition to anybody’s collection. If you want a functional mesh hat, this might be the best option to consider getting.

Another NBA champions hat that we endorse is the Adidas San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Champions Structured Flex Hat. Although the Miami Heat stood victorious at the end of the finals, this stylish cap is still a must-have for fans looking for a cap with excellent embroidery. If you prefer a hat that’s not flashy, this solid black cap is an ideal choice that goes with any ensemble.

The Spurs started strong by winning the first and third games and tried to balance the ties in between. Green, Parker, and Duncan put in their best effort on the court, even without a final victory. The Spurs proved themselves by winning the championship the following year, showcasing that they’re not a team who’ll give up when faced with the heated competition.

This cap has simple cotton and spandex build to provide a comfortable fit for your head. I’m fond of its embroidered logo indicative of the team’s name. It makes it stand out from the rest of the caps that have an embroidered trophy next to the championship logo. It’s also available in large or extra-large sizes and adjustable for anyone due to its minimalist design.

Compared to other hats, it’s simple and doesn’t reflect immediate victory, but is still admirable for the persistence it represents. It’s favorable for anybody who’s looking for a comfortable hat that doubles as a reminder to keep pushing yourself to beat the odds and come out on top. If you think this is the ideal hat for you, pick this one up as soon as you can.

If you’re looking for Lakers gear in a different style, the Mitchell & Ness Lakers Championship Pom Knit Hat is a hat you should consider adding to your collection. It's a must-have for anyone looking to stay warm and stylish while supporting your favorite team. Most people opt for the typical ballcap, but this knit hat still has an appealing draw to its wearers.

This hat has a 100% acrylic material that’s soft to the touch and provides excellent insulation for your head. It also has a durable build that retains its shape after you’re done wearing it. Many people prefer hats that stretch around their heads comfortably and keep their shape after continuous use.

Its gold and black color scheme also make it stand out from a distance. We find its pompom on top to be appealing to anyone looking for a hat with a cuter appeal. It’s tightly knit to withstand typical wear and tear or bending. It seems quite fitting that a formidable team like the Lakers has many hats available for their fans.

The stitching on this knit hat is also impressive, with the Lakers’ team name embroidered on the front above the brim’s official NBA Finals logo. As an officially licensed item, it’s undeniably legitimate for any dedicated Lakers fan’s collection. It stands out from the rest in this roundup due to its different shape and material.

Although this season rescheduled its games due to this year’s circumstances, playing the games behind closed doors with the mindset of staying safe is a better solution than cancelling it. Another noteworthy milestone that happened during this Championship is LeBron James taking the Finals' MVP title for the fourth time in his career.

This novelty snapback hat is a quality keepsake for any dedicated Lakers fan. Its cotton material keeps your head warm and precisely ventilated in any climate. It’s adjustable snapback design makes it a must-have for sports fans of every age. It’s a generally durable hat that should last a long time.

Another characteristic people might also enjoy from this cap is its flat brim. It’s an excellent solution for keeping the sun out of your eyes when you’re playing sports outside, going on a walk, or relaxing at your friend’s house.

Its striking purple and gold color scheme also radiates the same energy the Lakers used to beat the Miami Heat. Since this cap has a striking color palette, durable structure, and an adjustable fit, it makes an excellent option as one of the best NBA Champions hats. 

If you’re in need of positive energy during these pressing times, this champion’s cap is perfect for any fan’s collection.

This solid-colored cap makes an excellent and affordable addition to your Champion apparel. This adjustable hat has a curved front that provides a snug fit for most people. Unlike most of its caliber caps, this one has an adjustable velcro strap on the cap’s back. For people who find snap buckles challenging to use, this hat can save you time and effort when adjusting it.

As the intense 2016 season concluded, the Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in a 4-3 win. With LeBron James named MVP, the Cavaliers gave Cleveland its first win in a major professional sports championship since 1964. This achievement showcases how the team overcame their city’s sports curse during this playoff.

This hat qualifies as “one size fits most” due to its medium or large range. Another distinct trait this cap has is its embroidered red team emblem. The navy color balances with the red, gold, and white accents to create a color combination that most people can wear. Its bent brim also emphasizes how it hugs onto its wearer per their preferred adjustments.

If you’re looking for an affordable Champions hat with a minimalist design, this 9FORTY cap might be an ideal pick for your Cavaliers collection. Fans of this team can take this keepsake home to commemorate how a Cleveland team won a major league sport after 52 years. Superstitions aside, it’s a must-have for dedicated fans.

Another contender for best NBA Champions hat is the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers TRB Flat Brim Hat. This piece of memorabilia from the 2016 NBA Finals stands out with its solid black color scheme. This Adidas cap has a sleek flat brim that’s stylish for any occasion and useful for keeping sunlight out of your face.

The NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Champs Hat is made with 100% acrylic material that keeps it sturdy for daily use. Its flat and limited color scheme give it a minimalist appeal for people eager to find a hat that matches their shirts or equipment endorsing their favorite teams.

The indicative comeback of the Cavaliers during the 2016 finals makes this cap symbolic of how the team persevered after many decades of never winning a professional championship. If you want to embrace their stroke of luck, this is the type of gear you should flaunt. It’s sleek enough to wear for any game or if you want to hang it on the wall with the rest of your gear.

As a part of an official outfitter for the NBA, this Adidas cap is officially licensed and has embroidered authenticity. If you’re looking to complete your Cavaliers collection, this hat is an excellent option to consider when looking for the best hat.

In a close match, the Dallas Mavericks managed to win the 2011 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. As a rematch to the 2006 finals where the Heat claimed victory, the Mavericks took the lead after the second tie. We always appreciate a team that can make their best comeback.

If you want a champion team cap that stays in place, the NBA Dallas Mavericks Fitted Cap is the right pick for you. This cap comes in a fitted style that stays secure on an appropriately-sized head. If you’re someone who prefers fitted caps over snapbacks, you don’t need to adjust it regularly to keep it secure on your head.

We also enjoy the logo structures on this polyester hat, with a raised embroidery NBA Championship logo in the front, the Champion logo on the right, and the Mavericks’ logo on the back. We think its shape takes full advantage of how each logo is specifically placed on each side of the cap.

The polyester material makes it breathable and durable in most environments. It’s also an excellent pick if you want a hat that retains its shape after washing it. Its classic aesthetic makes it resemble older wool caps but it still qualifies as a modern cap.

If you prefer sleek-looking team apparel, consider getting this one for your collection. A commemorative piece of merchandise like this makes it an excellent contender for a collectible NBA Champions hat.

Buyer’s Guide to Finding and Picking the Ideal NBA Champions Hat

As sports enthusiasts, there are many options of team hats that we can choose from. Many of us tend to make decisions based on how it looks, but we don’t always think about other factors besides what team it represents.

Before narrowing down your options for what kind of hat you’d like to have in your possession, there are numerous factors you must consider when you decide what to buy. Here’s a rundown on what we think should be the crucial characteristics you should know about before finalizing your interest and purchase.


While sports hats share a similar, lightweight appearance, there is still a variety of size options to choose. Some hats have adjustable features to let them fit the wearer’s desired size, while others follow strict fitting guidelines to stay on a person’s head without the need to adjust it freely.

Snapback caps tend to be the most versatile hat for size adjustment. Straps and snap buckles let you adjust how tight you want the snapback hat to fit on your head. With this feature, people can share a single hat without worrying about its overall size.

Fitted hats don’t have adjustment features in the back since they’re made for specific head sizes. If you want a fitted hat in a specific size, you’ll need to measure your head before purchasing it to determine how well it will fit on your head.

Structure or Unstructured Profile

You may also want to pay attention to how your hat’s profile stands once it’s removed from your head.

Structured hats tend to have material under its front panel that keeps it in place. Due to this support, it’s typically used for uniform collections. Unstructured hats lack this material and makes the cap’s crown droop more easily once removed.

The Hat’s Material

With many hats to choose from, you should consider how they’re made. While most caps have a similar manufacturing process, a few features make the material different from others. They’re all stylish in their ways, but each one has quality and texture that makes them stand out from each other.

If you’re interested in one material over another, it would be best to know the material’s properties.


Cotton is a common material for collectors’ hats. These hats are soft and comfortable, but also have a durable build. It’s also an absorbent material, which might be useful for keeping heat from escaping it. This fabric is favorable for anybody looking for a cap that keeps them warm.

Cotton also shrinks quickly, so it’s not an ideal pick for everybody who has a hat that fits them. If you want to make your hat smaller, you should take caution with how long you wash and dry it.


Acrylic hats tend to be synthetic and retain their shape due to their durability. It also has excellent insulation for colder weather. Acrylic hats are also easy to clean since most of them are machine washable.

With this type of convenience, it’s a hat that you can put on without worrying about breaking a rim or distorting its shape.


Polyester is one of the most durable materials for your apparel. This fabric is excellent for clothing made with blended material. Some polyester hats might be blended cotton or wool to make a durable hat that remains warm or soft. 

It also holds its shape after washing and has resistance to most mold or bacteria. Its color also won’t fade out quickly and has an enhanced moisture performance.


As a natural fabric material, wool provides its wearers an excellent warm and soft feel with most clothing types, making an excellent material for headgear.

Wool also stretches to form around your head after prolonged use and automatically stays in place for adjustable hats more than most fitted hats. 

Hat’s Bill Brim Style

If you choose between a snapback or a fitted cap, you may notice that both types of caps have different types of bill brims. They both provide shade against the sun, so it’s up to you to decide which one looks the best for you.

Curved brims tend to bend into place easier than flat brims, but in the end, it’s all about style preference.

Why Do They Make Champions Hats for Teams That Don’t Win the Finals?

If you’re looking for an NBA Champions hat representing your favorite team, you might wonder why some team caps have a championship logo despite not winning the finals. Companies tend to create merchandise for the competing teams simultaneously before the games begin, and we know who wins or loses the finals.

In hindsight, it’s an effective way to let fans have merchandise representing their teams equally and act as a reminder of how invested they are as each NBA season passes. Its authenticity when it was on the market also gives it sentimental value.

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Avoiding Counterfeit Merchandise

While most fans get excited about purchasing collectible gear to show support for their favorite teams, they still need to be vigilant about what merchandise they purchase. During this time, knockoffs get put on the market, and people might unknowingly purchase that instead of the legitimately licensed gear.

One way to determine a counterfeit cap from an official cap is the seal. If it has an NBA holographic tag or sticker, it’s an official piece of merchandise. If a cap on the market lacks the NBA decal, it’s most likely a counterfeit item. Most people believe that keeping the hat's seal increases its overall value as a collector’s item.

Another characteristic you should look for when picking official merchandise over a fake one is the NBA licensees' brand names. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and NewEra are more likely to be legitimate merchandise than ones that aren’t.

It’s also worth noting that most knockoff merchandise tends to cost much less on the market than officially licensed merchandise. If you see a hat’s price that’s exponentially lower than other big-name brands, it’s most likely a counterfeit product.

Final Thoughts: NBA Champions Hats

People who want valuable NBA Champions Hats should be aware of the choices that are available for them. Whether you’re picking an NBA Champions hat with a secure fitting or an adjustable snapback, all of them make excellent pieces to fans’ collections.

Depending on your preferences, these hats can meet all your fashion needs and endorse your favorite teams.

We believe that the best NBA Champions hats should be durable, easy to clean, securely fit on wearers’ heads, and keep their shape after continuous use over the years. Polyester and acrylic hats might be ideal picks for you due to their general durability and shaping memory.

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