Best Light Up Basketballs

This is our review of the best light-up basketball for nighttime fun in 2021.

If you are obsessed with basketball, you always want to practice and improve your game. Unfortunately, as the sun sets, it becomes difficult to continue playing or practicing. Luckily, modern technology has an answer. Light-up basketballs can take your game into the night.

Unfortunately, not all light-up basketballs are created equal. We’ve spent hours researching the most popular light-up basketballs on the market to find what each does best. 

We concluded that the GlowCity Light Up Basketball is the best overall product for most users. This basketball offers bright LEDs, is official NBA size, and has great grip. It is perfect for players of any skill level. This light-up basketball guide will provide the information you need to find the right product that meets your needs. 

Keep reading below to learn more about the best light-up basketballs available in 2021.

  • Best Overall
  • Impact activated LEDs turn off after 30-40 seconds of use
  • Ideal for trick shows and basketball performances
  • Best Style Basketball
  • 4 unique style patterns (black, marble, orange, and signature)
  • Waterproof ball is safe for pool use
  • Best for Youth and Teen Night Games
  • Official size 5 ball is perfect for teens and children
  • Perfect for performing basketball tricks, freestyles, or halftime shows
  • Best Battery-Free Basketball
  • Simply place it under sunlight
  • Polyurethane surface provides excellent grip and control
  • Best Durability in a LED Basketball
  • High-quality materials
  • Delicate touch, non-slip and wear resistant
  • Best Basketball for Social Media
  • Amazing glowing effects
  • Slip grip trains handling skills
  • Best Rim/Basketball Package
  • Perfect For Night Parties & Events
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Best Accessory Package
  • Ball + 12” air pump, LED light units, 6 additional batteries, and tools
  • Perfect for exterior and interior use

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

When researching light-up basketballs we found there are many different products available. How do you know which basketball is right for you? We found several key factors that can affect your purchase. Before buying any basketball, you should consider these factors.

  • Durability and build quality of the ball.
  • The brightness of included LED lights.
  • Is the ball an official size?
  • Does the ball have a good feel and grip?
  • Does the style and color of the basketball match your style?
  • Are batteries, ball pumps, and accessories included?
  • Is the ball for kids, teens, or adults?

If you are having trouble finding a product that meets your needs, we’re here to help. Our research teams have spent hours researching the best light-up basketballs on the market. We found a wide range of products, including LED, holographic, fluorescent options that will brighten up your basketball game.

Ready to learn more about light-up basketballs? Here is our roundup of the best light-up basketballs on the market in 2021.

Best Light Up Basketballs

Our pick for the best overall light-up basketball will meet the needs of any player. It features two Hi-Bright LED lamps that will illuminate your game. The ball is well-balanced and is an official size and weight number 7 basketball, making it ideal for official game use or fun games in your driveway.

  • Two LEDs produce a bright glow. 
  • Official Size and Weight Number 7 Basketball
  • Included batteries are easy to change
  • Impact activated LEDs turn off after 30-40 seconds of use.
  • Ideal for trick shows and basketball performances.

The LEDs are incredibly bright and will attract attention during use. This makes this ball great for trick performances, halftime shows, freestyle events, and talent shows. You can show off your skills while using this ball.

The lights are impact-activated and remain on while playing. The auto-shutoff feature activates after 30 seconds of use and will conserve battery power. The free included batteries should provide 30 playing hours of fun and excitement. 

Durable and well-made, the GlowCity Light Up Basketball ranks as our best overall choice. It can withstand the daily use of the most avid players and will provide years of enjoyment.

Our selection for best basketball with style, this official size basketball offers four unique styles that will up your game. This glow basketball comes in black, marble, orange, and signature. These styles will create interesting effects while in use.

The Nightmatch LED basketball comes with a 6” ball pump and extra batteries. You’ll be on the court in no time. As an official size 7 basketball, the ball will feel natural and comfortable in your hands. The ball is also incredibly durable and is made from three layers. 

  • 4 unique style patterns (black, marble, orange, and signature).
  • Free ball pump and extra sets of batteries included.
  • Two impact-activated LEDs provide maximum visibility at night.
  • This Waterproof ball is safe for pool use.

The Nightmatch LED basketball is ideal for any serious baller that wants to add style to their game or enjoy a few games late at night.

Do you have a child that loves playing basketball? GlowCity has the perfect gift for them. Their size 5 LED basketball is perfect for kids or teens. This ball is durable, water-resistant, and can provide hours of enjoyment.

This ball packs the same features as our top overall pick into a smaller package for younger basketball fans. Featuring two impact-activated LED lights, you and your friends can enjoy games late into the night.

  • Official size 5 ball is perfect for teens and children.
  • Included batteries will provide 30-40 hours of illumination. Extra batteries are also included.
  • The impact-activated ball is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Perfect for performing basketball tricks, freestyles, or halftime shows.

This ball makes the perfect unique gift for any child that loves basketball. Its durable build will provide countless days for fun and enjoyment.

The Adekale fluorescent basketball is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to waste or change batteries. Simply place the ball under sunlight for a few minutes or hours. The ball can provide a luminous, green light for 1-3 hours in the darkness.

  • Official Size 7 ball is perfect for any serious basketball fan.
  • The battery-free operation can provide endless fun and enjoyment.
  • Polyurethane surface provides excellent grip and control.
  • Pump, needles, and net are included.

This battery-free ball can provide 1-3 hours of continuous illumination. As an official size 7 ball, most players will feel comfortable using this ball. Its polyurethane construction offers a durable middle bladder and enhanced inner bladder pressure tightness. 

Our research shows that the Omotiya LED light-up basketball is built to last. Omotiya has focused on quality and durability. This ball features a rubber inner tank that provides stable pressure. The rubber midtier offers ample durability and toughness. A polyurethane exterior gives you an excellent grip during use.

While there is a black, minimalist style to this ball, the impact-activated LEDs will light up your shots and performances. This LED basketball will be an ideal gift for beginners and pros. Improve your skills on the court by practicing all day and night with the Omotiya LED light-up basketball.

  • The minimalist black design offers a unique style compared to other LED basketballs.
  • High-quality materials provide ample durability while maintaining a comfortable feel
  • Official Size 7 basketball is perfect for beginners and advanced players.
  • Included pump, additional batteries, and tools make setup quick and easy.
  • 30 playing hours of use.

While not as flashy as other LED basketballs, the Omotiya LED light-up basketball offers exceptional durability and quality. This ball will provide years of fun and enjoyment and can help you improve your game.

If you love creating videos or photos of your basketball tricks and performances, this is the ideal basketball. The Holowin reflective glowing holographic basketball offers a unique and colorful design. Its reflective properties make it easy to capture under video or photography lighting. It can create sparkling and dynamic effects for your Instagram or TikTok social media posts.

  • The holographic exterior reflects light to create amazing glowing effects.
  • Exterior lighting will make the ball glow in your photos and videos.
  • Official NBA size 7 basketball is ideal for novice to expert players.
  • Slip grip can challenge your skills and improve your ball-handling skills.
  • Perfect for indoor and night training.

Whether you are a social media influencer or just reviewing your workout video, this ball makes an ideal purchase. This ball has a unique holographic covering that reflects exterior lighting. You will get artistic and cool effects when filming any performance with this basketball. 

Upgrade your basketball skills and show the world on your favorite social media platform with the Holowin holographic basketball.

This package will keep you playing late into the night. It features a battery-powered LED rim kit and basketball. The rim kit comes in a variety of colors, including aqua teal, blue, pink, red, white, and yellow. The ball is of excellent quality and comes in three different sizes.  

Keep your basketball party going throughout the night. The bright LED rim kit will help you make those tough shots no matter how dark it is out. 

  • LED light strand lights up your basketball rim in 8 different colors. 
  • Illuminated Basketball will provide hours of light and fun.
  • Available in 3 sizes, the basketball will feel comfortable for youth, teens, and adults.
  • Included batteries, clear tape, and light changing tools make setup easy.

The GlowCity LED rim and light-up basketball will illuminate your basketball court for hours.

The And1 LED basketball comes with everything you need to get your nighttime game started quickly. This basketball is incredibly durable and has a comfortable grip. As a regulation size 7 ball, it is perfect for players of any skill level. Included with the basketball, you’ll receive a 12” air pump, LED light units, 6 additional batteries, and tools. 

  • AND1 LED basketball comes in two distinct styles. Choose from black or orange models.
  • Two high-quality LED lights provide hours of brightness.
  • Basketball activates on impact and turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Official NBA size 7 ball feels great in any player’s hands.
  • 12” air pump makes inflating the basketball fast and easy.

Including the 12” pump means you can start shooting hoops as soon as your ball is delivered. The durable exterior is perfect for exterior and interior use. You’ll enjoy hours of fun on the court with the included high-quality lights.

How to find the Best LED Basketball for you?

Choosing the right basketball comes down to a few factors. If you’re in the market for a light-up basketball there are several options. 

From LEDs to reflective surfaces, there are several different types of light-up basketballs to choose from. During our research, we found a few key factors that can affect what light-up basketball is right for you.


LED basketballs will be the brightest. They require batteries but can illuminate for hours of fun.

Fluorescent balls require charging. You leave the ball in the sun, and it will charge through UV rays. The ball will illuminate for a few hours on a charge.

Holographic balls are reflective. They are extremely effective under camera lights and are often used to spice up social media posts.


Size is another factor you should consider when purchasing a light-up product. Most of the basketballs we reviewed come in official sizes and will feel like any other NBA official ball. Smaller basketballs are also available for youth and teen players. 

Grip and Handling

The grip on the ball is extremely important. Most balls will provide an NBA-style grip that makes playing the game easy.

We also noticed several light-up basketballs that featured smooth grips. These balls are difficult to use but can help you improve your handling skills.


Light-up basketballs come in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles. From standard orange to holographic colors, there is a ball that can match your unique style.

 You can also choose from fluorescent, reflective or LED light-up options. Each option can upgrade the style of your trick shots or halftime performances.


All the light-up basketballs we researched we built to last. Leather, polyurethane, and rubber exteriors were the most common. Many of the basketballs had water-resistant bladders and were safe for pool use. 

Included Accessories

Many basketballs will come deflated. If you don’t own a pump, this could make it extremely difficult to use your ball when you receive it. Look for a ball that includes all needed accessories.

A ball that includes an air pump, batteries, and replacement LEDs will be game-ready in no time. Other accessories include nets and carrying cases.

Our Pick for Best Overall Light Up Basketball - GlowCity Light Up Basketball

After extensive research, we’ve concluded the GlowCity light-up basketball is the best of 2021. From high-quality LEDs to a comfortable grip, this basketball has all the features required to upgrade your nighttime skills. As an official size 7 basketball, it will feel comfortable in any player’s hands, from novice to an NBA star. 

The LEDs are bright and will look amazing while performing tricks, performances, or halftime shows. Included batteries ensure you get plenty of game time. 

Ready to Play Basketball at Night?

It's amazing how many innovations are out there to make playing basketball in the dark a reality. Whether you are playing late nights at your local park or want to practice all night in your driveway, there is a light-up basketball out there that will meet your needs. 

Our research found a variety of options out there that can meet any player’s needs. From LEDs to holographic basketballs, we hope this information can help you choose the best light-up basketball for your needs. 

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