Best Basketball Weight Vests

Are you getting bored with your current training regimen? Sometimes a new workout routine can be the difference between average and excellent performance on the basketball court. When your muscles move in new ways, it can add to your skillset in the game.

A basketball weight vest could be the answer to taking your game to the next level. Not only does this training tool enhance your endurance, but it can build critical muscle and bone tissue to prevent future injuries. 

We examine the best basketball weight vest options on the market, the essential things to consider before buying, and dive deeper into the benefits of this valuable training product.

  • Best Overall
  • Sweat-resistant neoprene material
  • Includes 6x weight packs
  • Best for Budget
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Shoulder pads included
  • Best for Versatility
  • Weight options between 20lbs-140lbs
  • Unique design
  • Best for Women
  • Special design for female users
  • Pockets for mobile/music device
  • Best Materials
  • Comfortable neoprene material
  • Reflective strips for visibility

Best Basketball Weight Vests

Below we have put together a list of our top picks for the best basketball weight vests on the market today. 

The Aduro sport weighted vest not only provides versatile resistance to your basketball training but also comes in a sleek design. Its durable construction reinforces a sweat-resistant neoprene material that resists slipping and sliding when shooting hoops.

Not only does the vest keep your technique and form consistent, but it delivers even weight distribution throughout the basketball workout, and you can adjust it from 11 to 20 lbs or 20 to 32 lbs.

The Aduro Sport vest conveniently comes with two mesh stretch pockets, one on the back and one enclosed in the front to provide you with safe storage for any belongings. It comes equipped with adjustable straps to fit men, women, and children.

Aside from all of these benefits, Aduro Sport backs their products with a lifetime limited warranty so that you can shop with confidence.

The RunFast MaxPro made our list of best basketball weight vests because of its comfortable feel and fit. Available in 60-, 50-, 40-, 20-, and 12-pound options, you can also incorporate separate weights to enhance your basketball workout. Even when you use this vest at its highest weight, it will not affect your breathing or hold you back.

Not only does the RunFast MaxPro provide the ideal resistance levels to your basketball workouts, but it is also long-lasting. Users of this product remark on how strong the build quality is. The high-quality seams and stitching make this an excellent long-term investment. Coupled with its convenient on-and-off process, it is a suitable option for the ultimate athlete.

The Cross 101 adjustable weighted vest offers a unique design with various features you would expect from a superior weight training vest. Its maximum weight limit is 80 pounds, but you can start with low weight and work your way up in 4-pound increments. This weight vest is a reliable option for weight resistance during the workout, and it is one size fits all for all types of athletes.

This weight vest is a top contender because it offers versatility when it comes to increasing the weight. The velcro straps are straightforward to adjust, and there is ample shoulder room for those with broad shoulders. It measures 15 inches in length from top to bottom, and it is 13 inches in width. Apart from its robust construction and design, many customers love how easy it is to put on and remove.

While the Cross 101 is ideal for basketball, it’s also a great addition to other activities like CrossFit, pullups, pushups, and other dynamic workouts. This is a reliable vest for both men and women who want to take their game to the next level.

The ZFOsports not only has high-quality, comfortable materials, but it is also easy to adjust for both men and women. They designed the 40-pound vest to easily remove and add weights. Its durable straps also ensure that it will not shift during those tough basketball workouts.

Many athletes highlight how well the vest provides resistance for enhanced strength. The ZFOsports vest is comfortable to wear, but you do not need to worry about the vest getting in the way. Breathable materials help keep you cool while running back and forth across the court. The ZFOsports vest offers a snug and comfortable fit with a sleek design. When you invest in this vest, you receive a product with a sleek design, but also a snug fit.

Tone Fitness' vest makes our best basketball weight vest collection because of its quality materials. Much like the other alternatives, it is a one size fits all option. It separates itself from its ability to support a wide range of basketball workouts like lifting, running, speed drills, agility, and power exercises.

The design is another plus for the Tone Fitness vest. It is temperature-controlled to make the most strenuous workouts comfortable. For those who like to work out to music (which is almost everyone!), the vest comes with storage space for a phone or other device. If you are going for a late-night jog, you can feel extra safe because of the reflective strips included in the design.

Those who used the Tone Fitness vest were impressed with how the vest makes the workouts more challenging. Users also look at how well the weights remain in place during dynamic movements. Athletes will receive a strong return on investment with this product because of its unique design and versatility.

Buying Guide for the Best Basketball Weight Vest

A new basketball weight vest is a significant investment. There are a few things to consider before making your big purchase.

Adjustable Weight Capacity

Look for products with adjustable weight features so that you can set your ideal weight. Most products will range between 2-40 pounds, while others will go up to 60 pounds.

Durable Design 

You should focus your search on products made from quality materials, such as nylon or mesh. These types of materials will allow the vest to last longer, but the breathable components will keep you comfortable during longer basketball workouts.

Weight Distribution

If the vest distributes the weight consistently, it will prevent back injuries in the long run.

Start Light 

If you will use the vest for running, start with lower weight and work your way up.

When you decide between products, always go with the lighter choice – you can always buy a heavier one later.


You'll want to find a weighted vest that is comfortable and breathable. You don't want it to slip around while you're playing due to sweat building up underneath it.

Materials such as mesh or neoprene are excellent due to their sweat-resistant properties.

Advantages of a Basketball Weight Vest

There are many reasons why a new basketball weight vest can take your game to the next level. Apart from gaining a new training tool, here are some key advantages:

  • Endurance and strength – because a weight vest requires more oxygen and exertion during the workout, it will boost your endurance and provide more sustained energy for games.
  • More muscle workouts – weighted vests are designed to work out different muscles and parts of your body.
  • Elevated overall wellness – your body may be accustomed to mundane weight training, so a weighted vest will be a good wake-up call for your cardio, strength, resistance, and overall health.
  • Bone benefits – in addition to stronger muscles, your bones also get stronger because of the weight vest's increased load. Your new training regimen will create osteoblast cells and build more bone material, which will help support your muscles.

Conclusion: Weight Vest for Basketball

Though a weighted vest is not necessary for the game, it is an extremely beneficial piece of equipment to incorporate into your basketball regimen. 

By choosing the best basketball weight vest that suits your needs, you can be enjoying the sport and building muscle, improving health, and partaking in the overall benefits of the game. 

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