This is our review of the best basketball insoles for those who want to prevent strains and aches while increasing stability and comfort.

We at Iron City Showdown strive to help basketball players everywhere improve their skills while taking care of their bodies. Within this piece—along with our other works—we have put in blood and sweat while researching the most effective tools and methods to help you maximize your output.

All this to provide you with the most accurate information from passionate people like yourselves.

The best basketball insoles serve as an essential piece of gear for anyone who plays the game. It's a crucial component of your footwear, but it can prove challenging to find the right ones.

We went with the Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles as our overall basketball insole of choice to give you a sneak peek. The manufacturer’s design choice led to superior comfort while maintaining excellent performance.

Throughout this article, we will cover the best orthotic insoles for various scenarios you may encounter during your games. For example, if you might need support for shock absorption or stability to enhance your game’s performance.

Moreover, we put together basketball orthopedics for those with unique circumstances. For instance, those of you who may have flat feet will require a different insole than others who need insoles with arch support.

Keep reading to explore the thorough list we put together of our top eight picks for the best basketball insoles in 2021 ranked based on price, comfort, and durability.

  • Best Overall
  • Excellent arch support
  • Perfect foot comforter and performance enhancer
  • Best For Stability
  • Stabilizer cap supports rearfoot
  • Most support for wide feet
  • Best For Shock Absorption
  • Adaptive arch technology
  • Full-foot rebound padding
  • Best For Comfort
  • Designed for high arch users
  • Gel-padded inserts provide an advanced comfort level
  • Best Lightweight Insole
  • Made with warp knit polyester for comfort and pain relief
  • Reinforced to provide structure and support
  • Best For Plantar Fasciitis
  • Deep heel cup maintains correct foot positioning
  • Moisture-wicking fabric provides relief
  • Best For Flat Feet
  • High arch support to balance force feet structure
  • Ergonomic non-slip design
  • Best For Heel Pain
  • Reduce pressure on discomfort areas
  • American Podiatric Medical Association-approved

Best Basketball Insoles Review

We put together a list of the eight best basketball insoles in 2021. Keep reading to find the best insoles for your use case. Moreover, explore if these insoles will help you and some of their features.

The Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles act as the best overall insoles for basketball that we came across. These insoles fit both men and women. Moreover, they provide excellent arch support, ideal for basketball players who tend to force their weight onto the balls of their feet.

These high-quality insoles act as the perfect foot comforter and performance enhancer when you need to play basketball. The comfort and support they provide make them the ideal companion for people who work all day on their feet.

The Powerstep Original Full Length improves your game by protecting and supporting your foot with dual-layer Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) and EVA foam cushioning. Both of these implementations will protect your heel from plantar fasciitis or other arch and heel injuries.

Moreover, the Powerstep Original Full Length's added arch support also offers secondary improvements to your game, such as better footwork. You could use a perk like this to have the upper hand over your opposing team since you will be at the top of your game.

Basketball players and athletes of all kinds will experience the benefit of these high-quality insoles that enable them to have their feet in better, more supportive positions.

The antimicrobial polyester odor-combatant liner prevents bacteria growth, which will prevent your shoes from smelling bad. Moreover, the Powerstep Full Original Length's ultra-thin design fits most shoes.

Superfeet's GREEN Insoles provide natural shock absorption that also offers legendary support. They provide high volume and high profiles to give you the protection you need on the court.

The 100% polyester insoles use a stabilizer cap, which helps to support the rearfoot and stabilizes the insole’s foam layer. Superfeet built these inserts with a deep heel cup, which absorbs shocks and improves support for the foot.

Moreover, the Superfeet GREEN’s shape also helps to reduce stress on your foot muscles and joints while providing more stability when you play basketball.

An added layer of comfort for long games or high-intensity practices features a closed-cell foam Superfeet designed twice as thick as competing insoles. It is bound to give you long-lasting comfort.

Superfeet crafted their GREEN insoles from natural materials that retain their shape under pressure so you won’t feel any pain in your feet even after hours on the court.

These insoles use an organic all-natural coating that destroys bacteria that would otherwise leave your shoes with a horrible odor.

With a high-profile design that provides comfort and stability, this insert is the best for players who suffer from leg problems but still want to play their favorite sport without restrictions.

The Superfeet GREEN Insoles come at a relatively low price and will last you a long time. According to the manufacturer, these insoles should maintain performance for around 500 miles or 12 months, whichever of the two scenarios comes first.

If you purchase the wideGREEN, they will match shoe sizes between 3 and 6E.

If you want the best protection when playing basketball, check out Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insoles. They come with adaptive arch technology made to give you the best fit regardless of your foot shape.

The Ultra Insole also has flex technology that allows flexibility horizontally and vertically, delivering high protection levels and stopping jarring shocks.

Shock Doctor gave their Active Ultra insoles a contoured design, which allows for better balancing during your games.

They provide good stability and comfort on the court, which allows you to jump higher. Moreover, they have full-foot rebound padding—this ensures your foot lands softly without damaging your joints.

The shock-absorbing foam helps reduce pain in your feet by allowing them to move more easily while you are running or jumping.

The Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insoles make an excellent orthopedic in every aspect when it comes down to it.

These Shock Doctor insoles mitigate joint fatigue and pain by offering more rebound than standard foam. The Active Ultras also decrease the risk of injury caused by improper movements by correcting this flaw at the forefoot to rearfoot points in foot strike.

Overall, the Shock Doctor designed the Active Ultra to absorb the impact of playing on a basketball court by adapting to various surfaces while not sacrificing comfort.

The Sof Sole ATHLETE Insert is an insert made for those who go through their insoles quickly.

These lightweight insoles provide excellent comfort and robust durability. They also come with a removable footbed that you can swap when needed.

Sof Sole inserts come in many sizes for men and women so that you may find one best suited for your feet type. Plus, the cushioning foam comes in four different levels—regular density, firm density, high profile, or low profile.

Many basketball players use bulky, rigid inserts that often prove uncomfortable. These gel-padded inserts provide an advanced comfort level while increasing performance with better control over curves and turns.

The Hydrologic treatment increases durability by repelling moisture, thereby protecting against cracking and shrinking.

The Sof Sole Insoles ATHLETE Inserts moisture-wicking ensures foot dryness throughout your gameplay. Moreover, they will keep your feet cool to improve your overall performance and reduce discomfort.

These inserts are an excellent fit for athletic or casual footwear and will simultaneously improve your performance while keeping your feet odor-free.

The Sof Sole Insoles ATHLETE Insert's design allows you to shave the sides to fit inside your shoes comfortably. Although, we recommend proceeding with caution if you choose to do this. The last thing you want to do is shave off too much and render your insoles unusable. 

The Superfeet Carbon insole is an excellent addition to any athlete's gear. These warp knit polyester inserts offer a combination of comfort and pain relief, which will give you an edge up over your competition.

Many people are turning to the Superfeet Carbon insoles for better footwork during intense basketball games. The Carbon insoles reduce fatigue and soreness, which will lead you to feel more energetic throughout your game.

The durable and lightweight foam Superfeet used in making the Carbon insole gives your feet a cushioned feel during long games.

The heel cap has perforated foam, ensuring breathability while also preventing odor-causing microbes from forming inside your shoes.

Moreover, the insoles’ built-in stabilizer cap will support your feet, preventing any unnecessary pain or discomfort to you and keep it firmly in place for optimum performance.

The Superfeet Carbon insoles act as the most lightweight yet well-constructed insoles on our list that offer an excellent comfort level.

The Walk Hero Arch Support insoles offer the best insoles in their class to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis—pain around your heel, the bottom of your foot, or arch.

These Walk Hero insoles are an excellent product for those who suffer from ankle, knee, and back pain. The prolonged use of this insole relieves the discomfort by providing cushioning to these areas.

The EVA foam in these insoles has shock-absorbing properties, making it a suitable material in cases where contact with hard ground or surfaces is likely, such as when jogging on rough terrain like rocky paths.

WalkHero's high-quality moisture-wicking fabric also provides relief because it soaks up sweat, keeping your feet cool at all times while you are working out.

These insoles use a deep heel cup, which maintains correct foot positioning, stabilizes your feet, and protects your heels from heavy-impact landings you will usually encounter during games.

Also, Walk Hero designed their Plantar Fasciitis Insoles to support and provide premium comfort for casual, hiking, and athletic shoes throughout use.

These affordably priced shoe insoles will keep friction from locking up your feet when walking or running and are available in thirteen different sizes.

They are guaranteed not to disappoint either. The quality ranks high among all other similar products, meaning less time having problems with slipping footwear and an easier life overall.

The Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Insoles act as a perfect pair of insoles to relieve stress, improve your foot comfort, and provide arch support.

The Physix Gear Sport Full-length Orthotic inserts offer relief from lower extremity injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, Shin Splint Syndrome, and Runner’s Knee.

Physix crafted these insoles with PU and medical-grade EVA foam. Due to the material, they offer enhanced durability and stellar performance.

Physix Gear designed their Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts to give your feet the comfort they deserve while also giving you stability. The deep heel cradle and ultra-thin design make these inserts a must-have for any athlete.

The insole is ergonomic and lightweight, which absorbs the shock. It also reduces muscle fatigue for both your feet and legs, so you feel energized for longer than before.

Physix Gear designed their Gear Sport insoles to provide great comfort for prolonged periods. Moreover, when it comes to support, these inserts offer exceptional results.

They provide a supportive arch that is durable enough to last all day. They work well for high arches or flat feet and reduce any discomfort from standing for long periods.

The insole features an innovative design that reduces the strain on your foot as you stand throughout a busy day. The material itself also provides additional cushioning, so your heel doesn't ache after hours at work or on the court.

The toe area has plenty of room, and you can adjust the insoles to any shoe to get a precise fit. The Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts serve as an excellent pair of insoles.

Many know ProFoot for its high-quality insoles. The ProFoot Orthotic insoles are one of the best insoles for both men and women.

These insoles work best for anyone who loves to play vigorous sports like basketball, cricket, running, etc.

The ProFoot Orthotic Insoles will provide you with a natural, comfortable feeling as well as optimal pain relief. ProFoot designed their Orthotics Insoles to improve your performance and reduce pressure on areas of the foot which cause discomfort.

The American Podiatric Medical Association approved these insoles, and they also secured an exemplary rate of customer satisfaction.

The insoles’ orthotic design provides long-lasting pain relief and comfort. The ProFoot Orthotic insoles fit in all kinds of shoes, so you do not have to worry whether or not they will fit.

How Do I Clean My Basketball Insoles?

You clean your basketball insoles by taking the following steps:

  1. After use, remove your insoles and let them air dry, especially if they smell bad.
  2. Use a lint roller, shaving razor, or soft brush to remove debris or lint.
  3. Fill a container with warm water and mix in a few drops of mild detergent.
  4. Dip your insoles in the container to let the detergent and water seep into your insoles, but do not let them soak for long.
  5. Soak your scrubbing brush in the water and use a circular motion to scrub stained areas of your insoles.
  6. Once you clean the top, repeat the scrubbing on the underside.
  7. Use a clean cloth to remove the soap residue.
  8. Air dry your insoles in the sun to kill any remaining bacteria.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Basketball Insoles

Several qualities make up an excellent shoe insole if you need a better bounce off the court and improved performance on-court. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Odor Protection and Moisture Wicking

When shopping, consider an insole made with a moisture-wicking material. Because with constant movement, your feet can sweat a lot and collect bacteria, resulting in foul-smelling feet.

When shopping, ensure you search for insoles that advertise moisture-wicking materials that allow for breathability.

Insole Footbed Types

Insoles will have one of several different footbed types: 

  • Flat cushion or zero arch support 
  • Cushioned arch support 
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Rigid arch support

You should pick your insole footbed type based on your needs.


Cushioning proves to be an essential characteristic when you spend a lot of time on the court. With the right materials, you can play for longer sessions. Moreover, you will not feel as much pain when you jump.

You should keep the insole’s cushioning level in mind when shopping. For example, memory foam offers an excellent solution. It provides shock support for your heels, protects your joints, and will give you comfort while you play.

Arch Support

If you have plantar fasciitis, arch support should top your list of what to consider when shopping. 

Your feet are prone to injury without arch support, so you should get a high or medium-support model if possible. The right choice can significantly reduce your risk of severe injuries.

Insole Sizing

Brands design them to function in a range of shoe sizes, so you need to trim them (trim-to-fit) before use by cutting away any extra length from the end of the insole.

The size range on the product for any type of insole lets you know the footwear sizes you can comfortably wear the insoles with.

Moreover, you can not trim 3/4-length insoles. If you fall between sizes (e.g., size 9.5), you should buy the next full size up.

Shock Absorption

When you are constantly jumping, landing, or making sudden movements, you should do what you can to mitigate injuries.

Investing in inserts with shock absorption characteristics will make it so that you can play without pain and the risk of damaging your body.

If you have faced injuries and want to avoid future pain, your feet will need support that only insoles can offer comfort, foot protection, and shock absorption.

Your Foot Arch Type

When researching the insole you want to purchase, you should first figure out your foot arch type. All of us have one of three arch types:

  • High arches
  • Medium or neutral arches
  • Fallen or Low arches, a.k.a. flat feet

Usually, insoles will work with one or more of the mentioned foot arch types. However, it would be best to read the packaging first to see which arch types the insole works best with; otherwise, you will not feel the benefits of insoles.

Material Used

The four materials manufacturers commonly use to craft their insoles are gel, leather, cork, and foam. Each has its advantages. However, for the most part, the choice of materials comes down to your preference.

Leather fares well when it comes to delivering a real sense of luxury due to its softness. Because you can wear them with thin socks, your feet will feel nice and comfortable.

Foam provides the best shock protection, while gel is ideal for cushioning and providing relief from pressure.

Cork, on the other hand, works great to provide support without sacrificing comfort in any way.

Insole Placement

If you want to get a full-length insole, then be prepared for some work. You will have to remove your shoe's existing insole to replace it. Only thin and flat full-length insoles can stack with your existing insoles.

If you purchase a 3/4-length insert, you will place this on top of the existing shoe insole. You should wear these together with your current insoles if necessary.

If, instead, you buy an insert piece, then decide whether it is better placed under or over the actual sole depending on which type of piece was purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now answer some frequently asked questions that other buyers have had when searching for the best basketball insoles.

Do NBA Players Usually Wear Insoles? 

NBA players have to wear insoles during games because basketball is a highly demanding and fast-paced sport. All the sudden movements can lead to severe injuries. However, insoles can help prevent them.

Should You Put Insoles in Basketball Shoes?

Adding basketball insoles to your sneakers will provide the heel cushioning you need to help reduce the game's impact on your feet and body. Insoles will also give the arch support you need to prevent overpronation when you run.

Is It Okay To Wear Two Insoles?

It is okay to wear two insoles if your shoes have enough room to fit them. When using more than one insole, ensure they offer breathability to your shoes and leave you with plenty of wiggle room.

Should New Insoles Hurt at First?

New insoles will feel uncomfortable for a while. You will likely feel most of the pain when applying a lot of pressure to the arch of your foot. Otherwise, if you have worn insoles in the past and are just buying a new pair, they should not hurt.

What Happens if I Stop Wearing Specialized Insoles?

If you stop wearing specialized insoles, the same issues that made you start wearing them will return in full force.

How Long Do Insoles Last?

Insoles last between 6–12 months. From there, you should replace your insoles. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you may get a longer life out of your insoles.

Which Basketball Insole Is Best For You?

By following these tips and buying the best basketball insoles for your needs, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience that leads to fewer aches and pains.

Whether you want to take better care of your feet now so they stay healthy, or if you need better insoles than what came with your shoes, you might want to invest in a pair of top-rated inserts.

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