Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

If you enjoy basketball and trampolines, you can have the best of both worlds in a trampoline with a basketball hoop. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for combining fun with exercise, and there are countless options for kids and adults.

Are you having trouble selecting the best trampoline with a basketball hoop for your home? Our experts have all the answers here, including how to pick the right product from the best options on the market.

  • Best Overall Choice
  • Padded poles and spring covers for optimal safety
  • 375-pound capacity
  • Best For 5 To 10-Year-Olds
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • 200-pound capacity
  • Best Value
  • ASTM- and GS-certified product
  • 375-pound capacity
  • Best for Little Kids
  • Impressive safety features for small children
  • 200-pound capacity
  • Best for Dunking
  • Breakaway safety rim for dunking
  • Compatible with most trampolines
  • Best Bounce
  • Soft, yet durable PVC jumping pad
  • 335-pound capacity
  • Best Square Option
  • Combined soccer and basketball trampoline
  • 200-pound capacity
  • Best for Safety
  • Spring-free design that prioritizes safety
  • 250-pound capacity

8 Best Trampolines with Basketball Hoops

If you’re going for style, the Merax 15-Foot Outdoor Trampoline is round and blue and looks good in any yard. It’s our top pick, not just for aesthetic appeal, but also for its safety features and impressive weight capacity.

The Merax model can support up to 375 pounds, which makes it entirely suitable for adults and children. The trampoline’s sturdiness comes from heavy-duty steel construction, which sits on six W-shaped legs. The bounce mat is also UV-protected to prevent damage from the elements, while the quality steel components are highly resistant to rust.

For optimal bounce, 108 tightly woven springs surround a durable frame pad. It covers each spring to prevent injuries or fall-through accidents. Other safety features include the soft padding on the support poles and a netted enclosure that keeps jumpers firmly on the mat area.

The basketball hoop is a solid choice, suitable for various games and sure to last years. There is also a backstop net that prevents the balls from bouncing out of reach every time you overshoot the rim.

Another impressive feature of the Merax model is the galvanized steel ladder for reaching the jump mat with ease. If you want a durable and safe trampoline with a basketball hoop, the Merax one is worth every cent.


  • 375-pound capacity
  • Padded poles and spring covers for optimal safety
  • Six W-legs for stability
  • Durable, high-quality components
  • Sturdy steel ladder


  • Pricey
  • Shipping is sometimes delayed

The 15-foot Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk is one of the best trampolines on sale with a basketball net. It features weather-resistant 16-gauge galvanized steel poles and a UV-resistant PVC jump pad.

The durable net surrounds the trampoline to protect the children against falling while having a blast. The nine-foot enclosure net also makes the trampoline more fun by being sturdy enough to bounce off.

For further safety, the Jump N’ Dunk trampoline sports poles and steel springs outside the enclosure net and is covered by a thick vinyl pad. The pad shields the spring system from the elements to make sure your Skywalker trampoline keeps its elasticity intact for years.

At 15-by-15-foot, this round trampoline is so large you could call it a trampoline basketball court. The basketball hoop is at a great height and consists of a hook and loop breakaway rim. It effectively reduces damage to the net and poles when you dunk.

You get one foam basketball with the trampoline so that the fun can begin as soon as you finish assembling it.

As a straightforward process, the Skywalker trampoline assembly won’t be too long if you follow the accompanying manual. You also receive a free screwdriver with your order to equip you for the job.

On the downside, the Skywalker 15-foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is ASTM-tested to carry only 200 pounds, which makes it suitable only for kids.


  • Meets ASTM standards
  • Three-year limited warranty for the frame
  • One-year limited warranty for other materials
  • Detailed manual for assembling the product
  • Free ball and screwdriver
  • Durable materials
  • Safe design


  • Tested to carry only 200 pounds
  • Pricey
  • No ladder included

The SONGMICS Outdoor Trampoline is our leading value product because it offers many of the same benefits of the Merax and Skywalker trampolines at a lower price. For instance, it is 15 feet in diameter and holds up to 375 pounds, making it fun for the whole family.

Every component is superb quality, including the anti-rust galvanized steel tubes and waterproof, UV-resistant jumping mat. Eight rows of stitching reinforce the mat’s edges to make it last even longer. Connecting the mat to the frame, the 108 robust galvanized springs keep the contraption taut and bouncy, even with excessive use.

A PVC cover over each spring prevents accidents and protects the coils against weather damage in every season. The dense safety enclosure net is hardy and ensures that you and your kids don’t tumble off the trampoline while shooting hoops. A double-sided zipper keeps the net closed while you play and locks out pets or critters when the trampoline is not in use.

Climbing on and off the trampoline is easy for all ages, thanks to the ladder, and the trampoline relies on W-shaped legs for maximum stability on uneven surfaces.

The basketball hoop is at the ideal height for various games, and the backboard prevents shots from going over the net enclosure. While the hoop is steady, we do not recommend it for dunking.

While assembling this trampoline with basketball hoop isn’t the easiest process, the package comes with a manual, work gloves, and two T-wrenches to make sure you succeed.


  • Includes a ladder for quick access
  • ASTM- and GS-certified product
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable steel structure
  • Good bounce
  • Supports up to 375 pounds


  • Complicated assembly
  • Unsuitable for dunking

Of all the trampolines on the market, the Lovely Snail is our favorite trampoline-basketball combo for small children. It is not enormous at only five feet across, but it is strong enough to hold up to 220 pounds of bouncing, happy children, and basketballs.

The six poles holding the net enclosure have a thick foam padding to protect your little ones. A durable zipper on the net’s entry prevents falling through while playing.

For superb bounce, a well-coiled spring system keeps the jumping mat taut. A thick Oxford pad also covers each spring to prevent small children from slipping any hands or legs between the components.

The jump mat is standard, UV-resistant and weatherproof, with eight-thread sewing technology for durable performance. The galvanized steel frame is also rust-resistant, meaning you can use it outdoors or indoors.

Make sure you don’t place the structure on a wooden or tiled floor indoors. The legs lack rubber grips, and the trampoline is bound to slide on smooth surfaces. On the upside, the trampoline is light and small, so moving it won’t be a hassle.

Unlike other trampolines, the Lovely Snail has W-shaped legs supported by six galvanized parts for extra stability. The basketball hoop attachment makes the product more entertaining than similar contraptions.

You may want to warn your kids against dunking since the hoop isn’t sturdy compared to similar options on our list.

When it comes to assembling the Lovely Snail, it is the easiest to put together and the best trampoline with a basketball hoop to keep little ones safe at play. The entire package is affordable—a budget-friendly investment that will keep your kids happy for a long time.


  • Impressive safety features for small children
  • Durable components
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Slides on wood and other smooth floors
  • Flimsy basketball hoop

You can opt for the Deluxe Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer with a trampoline and basketball hoop. Or, you could just go for the Slammer basketball net for trampoline. Buying the basketball net is a cost-effective and convenient choice if your current trampoline has no hoop, or the present fixture is weak.

The Slammer is more robust than most other hoops that include trampolines, and we like it for dunking. If you doubt the hoop’s durability, it comes with a lifetime parts warranty, which ensures that if any parts break, a replacement comes at no extra cost.

Depending on how much fun you want to have, you may install two or more Slammer basketball hoops around your trampoline. The Slammer hoop is not compatible with all types of trampolines, especially Springfree and Exacme models. If your trampoline isn’t from these brands, and the enclosure poles are under 1.5 inches in diameter, the product should fit.

While the hoop’s safety flex rim ensures safe play and handles dunking well, hanging from the rim will wear it out quickly. Rough play could also bend the trampoline support pole carrying the hoop.

Attractive features of the Slammer are that it is easy to install and comes with a free foam ball.


  • Affordable price
  • Risk-free 30-day return policy
  • Lifetime parts warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Durable build


  • Compatible with only specific trampoline models

The Exacme is one of the bounciest trampolines you can buy, and it comes with a basketball hoop. The high bounce factor means that space is crucial, so this large trampoline (from 8 to 16 feet) is suitable only for outdoor use.

If you are worried about rain or sunshine damaging the equipment, breathe easy. The Exacme boasts heavy-gauged 7-inch springs that are resistant to rust and a jumping mat that is both water- and UV-resistant.

The frame holding it together is just as tough–built with rust-resistant galvanized steel that is incredibly durable.

Proof of the trampoline’s quality and durability is evident in its TUV and GST certifications. The manufacturer stands by its claims, providing a three-year warranty for the frame, and a one-year warranty for the jumping mat, net, spring cover, and other accessories.

If you are considering fun on the trampoline with your kids, you will be happy to know the Exacme has a 335 maximum weight capacity. It is not the highest capacity on our list, but it is more than enough to carry two teenagers, or one adult and a child.

While you bounce around, ground-contact net poles on the trampoline’s stand keep the contraption steady. Two quick clamps attach each pole to a different leg, and each one has a soft foam covering that prevents injuries when you bump into it.

Assembly on the Exacme is a little tricky, and it likely requires two or more people. The manufacturers simplify the process by providing easy-to-understand tutorial videos and all the assembly tools you need.

The attached basketball hoop is sturdy enough to withstand all types of games. The hoop is so durable that it will stay firmly in place under high winds when it might bend the enclosure poles. You can avoid such issues by taking the hoop down when it is not in use.


  • High, dense enclosing net for safety
  • Soft, yet durable PVC jumping pad
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • 30-day return policy
  • Robust cover to hide the spring connections
  • Impressive maximum weight
  • High bounce
  • Durable components


  • The enclosure pole holding the hoop may bend in strong winds

If you want versatile playground equipment, consider the Skywalker Square trampoline. It is the only square option on our list, and it is featured for more than its shape.

Unlike the other products mentioned, this Skywalker model is a combined soccer and basketball trampoline. It comes with two basketball hoops and a kickback net attached to the legs. These options mean your children can play their preferred sport or try a different game without modifying the trampoline.

Aside from fun, this large outdoor trampoline is safe. Its features include a soft yet durable enclosure net that keeps your children away from the spring connections and support poles while playing.

The trampoline uses reinforced T-sockets for optimal stability, which also prevents the frame from twisting. You can count on the Skywalker Square for bouncing pleasure for years to come, thanks to 80 tightly coiled and rust-resistant springs. The jumping pad is just as impressive with an extra thick vinyl coat and fade-resistant surface.

Every aspect of the trampoline meets ASTM standards. The structure also comes with a three-year limited warranty for the frame, and a one-year warranty for the other components.

On the downside, the basketball hoops are not that strong. The weight capacity is 200 pounds, which makes the trampoline suitable for only two to three small children at a time.


  • Secured enclosure net
  • Durable components
  • A wide square shape that offers more playing space
  • Two hoops, two foam basketballs, and a kickback net
  • Impressive warranty on the frame and components


  • Low 200-pound weight capacity
  • Fragile basketball hoop

Several injuries occur from people falling through trampoline springs each year. Manufacturers reduce the risk of such accidents by covering the spring connections. The Springfree Trampoline takes a different approach to safety by not using any springs in its design at all.

Instead of a spring system, the trampoline uses composite rods placed underneath it and out of harm’s way. The frame is under the jump mat, while the net rods are outside the FlexiNet enclosure. On the jumping surface, there are no hard edges since a shock-absorbent SoftEdge mat covers it all.

The design makes the Springfree model the safest trampoline with a basketball hoop on the market. Kids of all ages use it, but only a few at a time since it has a 220-pound maximum weight capacity.

Despite being a free-spring trampoline, it has impressive bounce, making it suitable for all sorts of outside games. The well-positioned basketball hoop also adds to the fun.

The trampoline lasts with minimal maintenance, thanks to its exceptional components and impressive safety features. For example, each trampoline features double powder-coated galvanized steel frames, UV-resistant polypropylene mats and nets, and composite fiberglass rods.

As proof that the trampoline is as safe, durable, and fun as they say, Springfree offers a ten-year warranty on every component. Ten years is a long time, and if anything spoils within that period, you can ask for a hassle-free replacement.

Depending on your preference, or your yard’s size, you can get the product size of 8 feet, 10 feet, or 13 feet. You can also choose whether to bring the kids an oval or round trampoline.


  • Spring-free design that prioritizes safety
  • Different sizes for kids and adults
  • Durable components
  • Includes a ladder
  • Impressive ten-year warranty


  • Assembly takes time
  • Flimsy basketball hoop

How to Pick A Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Selecting the best trampoline with basketball net requires finding a product with the features you need. If you have no idea where to start, look out for the following features:



When checking trampolines, watch out for size. If a trampoline is too big, it won’t fit in your backyard, and you might have trouble storing it indoors during winter.

If it’s small, it might not be big enough to contain you and the kids at the same time.

You will also need to consider that large trampolines offer more fun and freedom for adults and kids, while smaller structures are safer, allowing limited movements.

If you intend to use your trampoline indoors, a smaller model requires less floor space. It is also safer since it can’t bounce you high enough to hit the ceiling.


Most trampolines are round, but square options are also available. If you want a trampoline with enough space for multiple people to shoot hoops, go for a large, rectangular or oval-shaped option.

The shape offers enough room to make long shots and minimizes the risk of users bumping into one another.

The outline of your yard will also determine what trampoline shape will be a better fit.

Weight Capacity

The higher the weight capacity of a trampoline, the more people it can take at once. Many trampolines with a basketball hoop have a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

If the combined weight of the people on the trampoline exceeds that figure, the jump mat or frame could easily break.

If your kids are big and you intend on using the trampoline alongside them, get a model with at least a 300-pound weight limit.

The higher the limit, the longer the trampoline will last as your kids get older. You can also extend the life of the trampoline by restricting use to one or two people at a time.


More legs equal a more stable trampoline, and larger trampolines need more support. While regular legs are sufficient, W-shaped legs offer greater stability, and these are a better choice if you are installing your trampoline on uneven ground.

If installing your trampoline indoors, make sure the legs have rubber endings. Otherwise, the structure will slide all over the floor during use, which will affect the user’s balance.

Safety Enclosure

Quality trampolines with a basketball net have an enclosure net that prevents users from falling off the jump mat. It’s essential for safety, regardless of whether the trampoline is for little ones or adults.

Some trampolines have the netting attached directly to the jump mat, while others have springs between the mat and net. The safest design is one that keeps users on the mat and away from all parts of the trampoline that may cause injury.


The safest enclosure nettings do not tear under pressure. It also features a latching system that stays closed while the jumping mat is in use.

The latch may be a zipper, straps, or some other design that prevents users from tumbling off the mat when they accidentally fall against the trampoline’s entryway.


Most trampolines use a spring system to achieve the highest bounce possible.

Springs also cause injuries to users when hands and legs slip through the connections. Many manufacturers reduce such risks by covering the springs with thick padding, but there are other innovations emerging.

Only buy trampolines that have a secure spring cover.

Alternatively, eliminate the risk of a spring-related accident by buying only trampolines with a spring-free design. These are still uncommon and usually cost more, and spring-free trampolines tend to have lower maximum weight capacities.


Well-maintained trampolines tend to last longer, but you don’t want one that needs frequent maintenance. For a quality product, maintenance generally involves cleaning and storing it indoors during winter.

When moving trampolines, you will need two to four people for the job. Otherwise, you might pull it the wrong way and cause injury to yourself or damage a component.


A quality product will have a ladder for getting on and off the jump mat with ease. It’s an important safety feature for trampolines that are far off the ground.

Choose a trampoline that has a sturdy ladder and make sure the material is durable and fits securely.

Basketball Hoop

The best trampoline with basketball hoop will have a durable rim. Do you intend on dunking? If so, you need a hoop that can bear the weight and continual pressure.

You should also consider the size of the basketball hoop. If you intend on playing with regular size basketballs, a trampoline hoop other than regulation size (or larger) will not be adequate.

If you are dissatisfied with the basketball hoop that arrives with your trampoline, you could always upgrade it with a separate fixture. The Pro Jump Slammer basketball hoop is a great choice.

It is also a good idea to look at the hoop’s adjustability features—you should be able to raise or lower the basketball hoop to suit your child’s height or preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Warranty or Money-Back Guarantee?

Some products include lifetime warranties on the frame and parts, but others have limited agreements.

Make sure you pick a trampoline with a warranty that protects you against being stuck with an unsatisfactory product.

What Are Useful Added Features For Trampolines?

Quality trampolines have features like water-resistance, UV-resistant jump mats, and durable, rust-resistant steel components.

You can also find options that offer freebies, such as trampolines that come with free tools or balls.

How Important Is The Assembly For Trampolines?

A trampoline that is easy to set up has several advantages. It takes less time and effort, and when you need to take one apart for storage, you will spend far less time disassembling it.

Being easy to assemble also has the advantage of safety. You are more likely to collect injuries when putting together complicated trampoline contraptions. If you don’t put it together correctly, it can also fall apart during use and hurt whoever happens to be jumping on it.

Do Trampolines Need Anchors?

In windy areas, unanchored trampolines quickly become safety hazards. Heavy winds easily pick up the entire contraption, damaging property and causing injury wherever the trampoline lands.

If you live in an area where gales are frequent, prevent your purchase from hurting others by anchoring it well.

The Best Trampoline With Basketball Hoop: Which One Wins?

That concludes our list of the best trampoline with a basketball hoop options. While we prefer the Merax 15-foot Trampoline as the overall winner, the right product for you or your kids will depend on several needs and preferences. 

The one you choose should be safe, durable, easy to manage, and capable of delivering all the fun you could imagine.

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