Hoop enthusiasts and purists are always striving to replicate that arena experience whenever they play in their backyard, driveway, or the local playgrounds. Sure, there are plenty of portable and in-ground hoops that have the looks and stability of a professional hoop, but the defining characteristic of the arena experience is that shiny and smooth backboard.

Tempered glass is the material used for making backboards for professional hoops. It is heavy and requires a stable and robust frame to protect it from cracking. The durable, strong, and flexible material provides superior bounce for that sweet rebound effect that for which players are looking. Bank shots and layups become much smoother, and trying to replicate that experience in an outdoor, portable hoop is not easy.

Two materials frequently used in outdoor and portable hoops are Polycarbonate and Acrylic. Budget models tend to have a polycarbonate backboard, which is very affordable but unfortunately has weak rebound and fails to replicate the effects of tempered glass. Acrylic is somewhere in the middle; it’s much lighter and is more affordable than tempered glass while maintaining an average rebound.

Some manufacturers did manage to solve the puzzle of using tempered glass for outdoor hoops, and finally, we can enjoy that arena feel on the outdoor courts. We tested every tempered glass outdoor hoop we could get our hands on to come up with our list of the 5 Best Tempered Glass Basketball Hoops. We included the reviews for each choice and the specifications, pros, and cons of each hoop.

  • Best Overall Choice
  • Premium build quality and materials
  • 72-inch regulation-size tempered glass backboard
  • Best Budget Choice
  • Flex breakaway rim
  • 60-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Best Portable Choice
  • Arena-like experience on a portable hoop
  • 60-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Best Wall-Mounted Choice
  • Adjustable height for all ages and skill levels
  • 72-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Best Choice for Professionals
  • Regulation-size 72-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Premium quality, but overpriced

In-Ground vs. Portable vs. Wall-Mount

Before we get into the reviews, we believe that it is crucial to discuss the three most common types of outdoor hoops and the benefits and downfalls of each. Most of the outdoor hoops on the market are either in-ground, portable, or wall-mount hoops.

In-ground hoops are the most stable and durable options. They come very close to the experience of the professional arena hoops, as there is very little to no vibrations after a shot, and you can attack the rim without worrying it will crash on your head. The downside of in-ground hoops is that they are fixed and require professional installation, involving concrete or another stabilizing material to tether them to the ground.

Portable hoops go a different route: You can move them around, use shared spaces for playing, and then move them out of the way. The major challenge with portable hoops was their durability and stability. They wear down over time and often fail to match the performance of in-ground hoops.

Finally, wall-mount hoops are backboard and rim kits with a mounting mechanism on the back. You can easily attach them to the side of a building or even above your garage. They are convenient for use in spaces that have no room for a hoop base. On the other hand, they lack portability, and often their performance depends on the wall/material to which they are attached.

Best Tempered Glass Basketball Hoop Reviews


  • 72-inch regulation-size tempered glass backboard
  • 6-inch square steel pole construction
  • Flex breakaway rim
  • 4-foot backboard offset for improved post play
  • Weather-proof net
  • U-Turn Pro-Lift for adjustable hoop height, 7 to 10 feet
  • Detachable handle for height adjustment
  • Designed for outdoor play

We had a challenging time picking the Best Overall Choice among the hoops we tested. Each of them had unique advantages and features that left us in awe but managed to have a flaw or two that kept the playing field competitive. We thought about which tempered glass hoop offered fantastic value and checked the most boxes on our priority list and landed on the Spalding H-Frame In-Ground Basketball System.

Spalding used a 6-inch square steel pole construction to create one of the sturdiest and most durable outdoor hoop frames we have seen. Of course, the beautiful 72-inch regulation-size tempered glass backboard is what steals the show. The surface is perfect, with just the right amount of rebound. In addition, the backboard has a 4-foot offset from the pole, giving players plenty of room for extended post play, reminiscent of professional arenas.

Additionally, the hoop has a U-Turn lift for adjusting the height of the hoop, anywhere from 7 to 10 feet. The board has a steel frame with aluminum trim and a great flex breakaway rim attached to it. Spalding paid attention to all the details and even included high-quality generous padding on the steel pole for improved safety.

Playing basketball on a Spalding’s H-Frame 888 Series was a blast. It brings the arena experience to everyone’s backyard; the bounce is perfect, bank shots are smooth, and layups have never been sweeter. There is only one thing we did not enjoy, and that is the installation process. H-Frame is an in-ground basketball hoop and requires a concrete base to stabilize the massive frame and backboard.

It is an intimidating process for most beginners, and it can be overwhelming, especially after spending a hefty sum on a hoop. We thoroughly recommend using the assembly service when having your hoop delivered. Professionals will prepare the concrete mix and pour out the base for your hoop and help you install the pole into the ground, ensuring there’s no wobble and that your hoop stands straight.

Spalding’s H-Frame is not a budget-friendly product but rather a premium product for basketball enthusiasts who demand the very best. That does not mean that this hoop does not offer fantastic value regardless of its price. It is the closest we have come to playing in a professional game of hoops in our backyard.


  • The best hooping experience we had on an outdoor hoop
  • Premium build quality and materials
  • Fantastic regulation-size tempered glass backboard
  • Backboard offset provides more room under the basket
  • Heavy-duty, durable, sturdy construction
  • The padding provided additional safety


  • Expensive, but worth it for the right customer
  • Requires professional installation and setup


  • 4-inch 2-piece steel pole construction
  • 60-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Flex breakaway rim
  • 28-inch offset from the pole to the backboard
  • Weather-proof coating
  • Adjustable height lift from 7 to 10 feet

Spalding’s H-Frame left us in awe, but it came with a hefty price tag—a price that most families or individuals will find hard to agree with or be able to afford. That sent us on a mission for a more budget-friendly option that would still deliver excellent performance and durability. It was hard to find a product that would meet those requirements since most of the tempered glass hoops are premium products with matching price tags.

We ran into a tempered glass hoop with an affordable price tag that cut all the right corners and maintained the characteristics of a great hoop. Our best budget choice is Lifetime’s Crank Adjust In-Ground Basketball Tempered Glass Backboard Hoop. It comes at a fraction of the price of our beloved Spalding 888 Series, yet it manages to provide an enjoyable playing experience and a perfect bounce off the tempered glass.

The pole is a narrower 4-inch 2-piece steel pole that does an adequate job of holding the backboard, but it does provide a bit of wobble. We don’t think it ruined the playing experience. The height is adjustable with a rotating handle, and the hoop can be set anywhere from 7 to 10 feet high. The backboard is tempered glass, but it is not a regulation-size backboard (60 inches instead of 72 inches). Still, it provides excellent rebound, and it can handle all the shots you would take on a larger board. 

All in all, we were surprised that Lifetime managed to pull off this hoop at this price point. It is a perfect way to get into serious hoop action at home without spending a fortune. Like with all in-ground hoops, seeking professional help with installation and the concrete base is a good idea if you do not have the experience of doing this yourself.


  • Fantastic value. Budget-friendly hoop with a tempered glass backboard
  • Adjustable height for different ages and skill levels
  • Tempered glass backboard for a premium playing experience
  • Should withstand weather elements and last for years


  • Lightweight construction leaves the hoop with a bit of a wobble
  • Requires professional installation if the customer has no experience working with concrete


  • Massive frame and base with a 55-gallon tank
  • 60-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Adjustable height frame with screw jack lift, 7 to 10 feet
  • 4 wheels for easy mobility
  • 5-inch steel square pole construction
  • Pro Image breakaway rim

Our next choice is for those that lack a dedicated space for installing an in-ground hoop or just like the convenience of having a portable hoop they can move around. Portable hoops do not require professional installation or a complex concrete base. All that you need to do to get the hoop up and begin playing is in the box. You will need some basic tools to put everything together.

The main concern with portable hoops is their durability and performance. Spalding’s The Beast, our choice, obliterates this stereotype, as it provides incredible performance and stability while maintaining the mobility and portable aspect of the hoop. This is a fantastic hoop that does not skimp on premium materials, including the 60-inch tempered glass backboard. Although it is not a regulation-size backboard, this is the largest portable tempered glass backboard on the market.

Spalding also included an adjustable height frame with a screw jack system for height adjustments from 7 to 10 feet. A Pro Image breakaway rim is there as well, for realistic bounce and rim action. A massive base with a 55-gallon tank for water or sand provides the needed stability for The Beast. Do not let the portable nature fool you; this is a premium hoop for experienced players and is our choice for the best tempered glass portable basketball hoop.


  • Premium build quality and stability
  • Great tempered glass backboard
  • Arena-like experience on a portable hoop
  • Adjustable height frame for all ages and skill levels
  • Weather-proof materials and coating


  • The installation can be tricky and takes time


  • Adjustable height wall-mount frame, 7.5 to 10 feet
  • 72-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Double-spring breakaway rim
  • Removable crank for adjusting the height
  • 3-Step Installation Process
  • Sturdy mounting bracket

The next unit is by far the best wall-mounted basketball hoop featuring a tempered glass backboard we tested. Wall-mounted hoops are ideal for limited spaces where a concrete or portable hoop base would get in the way and obstruct play. Mounting a hoop on the sidewall or above the garage door is a decades-old tradition, and ProGoal managed to bring it into the 21st century with a hoop that meets all the requirements for excellent playing experience.

The first thing you will see is that the ProGoal Wall-Mounted Hoop is near-regulation-size at 72 inches wide and 42 inches tall. Professional hoops in sports arenas are 48 inches tall, but that in no way compromises the playing experience of this wall-mounted unit. Thanks to the compression height adjustment mechanisms, the hoop has an adjustable height, with settings ranging from 7.5 to 10 feet. A dual-spring breakaway rim completes the specs for those who like to soar high and dunk.

The hoop has weather-proof coating from Dupont to prevent any rust or deterioration from the weather elements. The installation was relatively straightforward, and anybody with some basic power tools should complete it easily. It is a quality product from a reputable manufacturer that should last you for decades.


  • Excellent performance, especially for a wall-mounted hoop
  • Adjustable height for all ages and skill levels
  • Tempered glass backboard provides an arena-like playing experience
  • Durable construction and premium materials
  • The weather-proof coating ensures long-lasting use


  • Pricey compared to standard wall-mounted hoops
  • No mobility


  • Massive 6-in x 8-in steel pole construction
  • Corrosion-proof materials and hardware
  • High-quality regulation-size 72-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Spring breakaway rim
  • Heavy-duty padding
  • Adjustable height from 5.5 to 10 feet

The final entry on our list is a hoop intended for professionals and those who want the absolute best. Pro Dunk designed their Platinum series of products with professionals, basketball clubs, high schools, and colleges in mind. It is a heavy-duty, professional, in-ground hoop for outdoor use. It meets all the requirements and standards for tournament play and professional basketball training, making it our best tempered glass backboard basketball hoop for pro players, coaches, and budding superstars.

Let’s make something clear: Pro Dunk Platinum is not a hoop for everyone. It is expensive, and the value proposition is not great. But it is a fantastic product for those that are on a basketball career path. Whether you are a player that needs a pro hoop for training at home or someone running a camp or coaching at a school, this is the hoop for you.

It comes with a regulation-size 72-inch high-performance gym-quality ½-inch tempered glass backboard with a flex breakaway rim. Construction includes a massive 8-inch by 6-inch single-piece steel pole that provides ultimate stability and durability. All the hardware and connections have a rust-proof coating or consist of galvanized materials for durability and safety from weather elements.

It is hard to find any real downsides to this hoop in terms of performance or features, but staring at its price tag is a whole different story. It is a product that many will desire but few need or can afford.


  • Professional-grade hoop for outdoor use
  • Fantastic performance
  • The best tempered glass backboard we tested
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction
  • Adjustable height for all ages and skill levels
  • Weather-proof materials and coating


  • Price, price, price
  • It requires professional installation for a perfect setup

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