A garage mounted basketball hoop is a classic addition to any basketball lover's home. They're affordable, easy to assemble, and are a ton of fun. However, not all garage mounted basketball hoops are created equal. Some rims and nets are superb, while others are weak and flimsy.

These hoops are becoming increasingly popular because you don't need to install a heavy-duty hoop to enjoy a good game of basketball. Instead of cementing in a beam or worrying about a portable hoop’s stability, it makes sense to find a high-quality wall mounted basketball hoop you can install in your garage.

There are many options on the market, so we've compiled this list to help you find the best wall mounted basketball hoop for your garage and home.
  • Best Overall Choice
  • Pro-style breakaway rim for dunkers
  • 54-inch acrylic backboard
  • Best Budget Rim
  • Durable and sturdy mounting brackets
  • No backboard; with slam-it rim
  • Best Value
  • For indoor garages, office, room etc
  • 18-inch polycarbonate backboard
  • Most Versatile
  • Complete height adjustment
  • 24-inch acrylic backboard
  • Best Brand
  • Sturdy breakaway rim
  • 44/48-inch polycarbonate backboard
  • Most Professional
  • Pro style design
  • 72-inch acrylic backboard
  • High End Choice
  • 20-inches of clearance between the hoop and wall
  • 48-inch acrylic backboard
  • Large, regulation-size
  • Heavy Duty Flex Breakaway Basketball Rim
  • 72-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Most Eco-Friendly Option
  • Uses 40% less plastic
  • 44-inch eco-composite backboard
  • Best for Dunks
  • Professional finish, high-quality materials
  • 54-inch tempered glass backboard
  • Best for Families
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • 48-inch tempered glass backboard

Best Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops for the Garage

Whether you are an NBA prospect or just want to have a good time with the family, the Silver NXT 54" mounted basketball hoop has all the essential features you need. It comes equipped with a durable steel breakaway rim that can withstand even the mightiest dunkers. The 54-inch backboard offers a realistic play experience and won't shatter, no matter how rough you play.

Users can easily adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet using the crank actuator, making it an excellent hoop for both children and adults. Even better, you'll find most of the same features on this hoop as you would with in-ground and portable basketball hoops.

If you have limited space, this is a suitable basketball hoop for your garage. Silverback has a 5-year warranty on this hoop in case you ever need a replacement. With its versatile design, you can install it indoors or outdoors. Most of the main parts come pre-assembled, so the rest of the hoop is simple to set up.

For those looking for a professional-grade hoop for an extremely reasonable price, you can't go wrong with the Silverback NXT.


Multi-functional and easy to use

Adjustable rim

5-year warranty

Large backboard


Packaging doesn't include mounting hardware

The Lifetime Basketball rim is quite minimalist but has everything you need for a wall mounted hoop. If you don't need a backboard and have a tight budget, this may be the right hoop. The set comes with a rim, net, and mounting bracket.

One great thing about this hoop is you don't need any fancy tools to get it all set up. It also comes with bolts, so you don't need to buy your own. The Lifetime Basketball rim has a 70g weather net, which can handle all weather conditions.

Though the design isn't anything fancy, it's still an excellent garage hoop you and the family can enjoy for years. The mounting brackets are sturdy, and it's incredibly easy to install. For those heavy dunkers, the rim is made from sturdy steel, so you don't need to worry about knocking this hoop out of place.

In case you aren't delighted with your new Lifetime Basketball Rim, the brand offers a 5-year warranty. For those players who need something a bit more professional, consider one of the other items on this list.


Durable and sturdy mounting brackets

Easy to assemble



Not compatible with other Lifetime products

No backboard

The SKLZ Pro Mini Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop is one of the most popular on the market today. The backboard materials and cost alone are enough to convince anyone looking to add indoor basketball to their home activities list.

This hoop is exclusively for indoor basketball, so you don't need any hefty hardware or extreme weather nets to start playing. It effortlessly attaches to most doors, so it's the perfect hoop for your office, college, or bedroom.

The polycarbonate backboard is sturdy enough for rough play, and the 9.5-inch steel spring-action rim can handle constant slam dunks. It's perfectly suitable for children and even comes with foam padding to protect players from injuries.

For this price, don't expect a professional level basketball hoop. However, you will get an extremely reliable hoop you can enjoy with friends and family for years.

If you're after something with a bit more style, check out some of the hoops below.


  • Great for home and office
  • Easy to assemble and move around
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy backboard


  • Only suitable for indoor basketball

Many inexpensive wall mounted basketball hoops will break after a few games. Cheap materials provide lackluster results, and it seems that's just the way it is. However, the RAMgoal Durable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop defies this logic because it's both long-lasting and inexpensive.

RAMgoal makes the backboard for this hoop out of acrylic, which offers exceptional bounce. The 16-inch steel frame is reliable and sturdy enough to handle those intense on-on-one matches with your buddy. It's a perfect hoop for kids looking to master the fundamentals or teens who need to keep their shooting game sharp during the offseason.

You can change the height of the backboard up to 13-inches, which makes it a great basketball hoop for families with small children. It's easy to assemble and includes a basketball so you can be game-ready in minutes.

If you want a reliable indoor garage basketball hoop that will last a long time and is a ton fun, the RAMgoal Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop might be the best option. It's an affordable choice to use in the garage, bedroom, office, and anywhere with a sturdy door.


Shatterproof acrylic backboard

Complete height adjustment

Easy to set up

Includes basketball


Not strong enough for heavy-duty gameplay

Spalding is a reputable brand in the sporting goods market and has been putting out winning products for decades.

The Spalding Polycarbonate Goal set comes with a strong backboard, steel frame, and Slam Jam breakaway rim. This pro style wall mounted basketball hoop is optimal for heave slam dunkers. The flexible breakaway rim reduces noise and vibration, so feel free to dunk all you want without disturbing the peace. Its polycarbonate backboard is shatterproof that can withstand endless rough play.

Serious players may not prefer this hoop since the backboard is only 44-inches wide. Nevertheless, those looking for some fun pickup games in the garage can't go wrong with the Spalding Polycarbonate Goal.

The only thing that prevents this pick from being the best garage mounted basketball hoop on the list is that you need to purchase the wall mounting hardware separately. With that in mind, this gives you the option of getting a fixed height-adjustable mounting bracket.

Though you can install this hoop indoors, the design is most suitable for outdoor recreational basketball. In case anything goes wrong with your Spalding Polycarbonate Goal, you can rest easy thanks to the company’s 5-year warranty.



Sturdy breakaway rim

5-year warranty


Brackets sold separately

Small backboard

The Goalsetter GS72 is by far one of the most premium hoop systems on this list, and the brand has an extensive line of high-quality portable and wall mounted basketball hoops. This adjustable hoop comes with an acrylic backboard, steel frame, and compression adjustment system.

You can adjust the height of the Goalsetter GS72 between 6 to 10 feet, so it's perfect for both children and adults. The acrylic material is much more favorable than polycarbonate and produces a fantastic bounce for rebounds.

This pro style hoop is perfect for serious players. Its 72-inch size is everything you'll need, considering it's the same width as an NBA official basketball hoop. Despite it’s size, you can mount it indoors or outdoors.

The Goalsetter is a bit on the pricey side, but if you have a large budget, it might be the only basketball hoop you will ever need. Its durability, professional design, high-quality backboard, and outstanding overhang is unmatched by any other garage wall mounted hoop on the market.

This hoop is heavy-duty, so it will require at least two people to get it set up. However, after you assemble your new Goalsetter, it will stand firm for years.


Suitable for all ages and skill levels

Pro style design

Sturdy acrylic backboard

Weather net


Extremely costly

There's something about the First Team Uni-Champ II design that makes this hoop stand out from the rest. For starters, it has a much smaller backboard (48-inch), but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The First Team Uni-Champ II mounts using a Uni-Strut brace that extends outward when it's game time. This gives you more space when you're not using your hoop and helps protect you from running into the wall when going for a layup. You get roughly 20-inches of clearance between the hoop and the wall, and the rim stands 10 feet high. The acrylic backboard is both bouncy and suitable for rough play.

If your space is limited, the First Team Uni-Champ II is a perfect solution to bring indoor basketball to your garage. You can easily install this hoop anywhere in the house, and its durable materials make it one of the most high-end mounted basketball hoops on the market.

First Team offers a lifetime limited warranty on this hoop, but we don’t think this system will ever let you down. The main turn off for this hoops is the tacky design of the Uni-Strut brace. Other than that, it's a reliable hoop all players can enjoy.


Compact design

Height adjustment system

20-inches of clearance between the hoop and wall

High-quality acrylic backboard


Uni-Strut brace looks unprofessional

First Team has a knack for creating high-quality compact hoops, but the Wallmonster is an exception to the compact trend. It boasts a sizeable 72-inch backboard and is made with tempered glass, which the NBA uses for their backboards.

The flex breakaway backboard rim and tempered glass backboard allow you to slam dunk like there's no tomorrow. You can also adjust the Wallmonster between heights of 6-10 feet.

Depending on your preference, you can also adjust the clearance between the wall and backboard between 36-48 inches to maximize playing space. As a result, you and other players can retrieve shots from under the hoop without crashing into the wall.

Since First Team offers a lifetime warranty on this hoop, you can bet it's built to last. It's not as cost-effective as other items on the list, but if you got the cash to spend, it might be worth the investment. You'll be able to mount an NBA style hoop directly on the wall of your garage, what more can you ask for?


Professional design

Sturdy materials and lifetime warranty

Easy height adjustment system


A bit on the pricey side

Those who want an affordable and reliable wall mounted basketball hoop should consider the Spalding 44" Backboard and Rim Combo. The design is quite similar to the Lifetime Rim above, although the breakaway rim is slightly more durable and better for dunking.

This hoop is the perfect fit for small walls. The steel frame backboard can handle rough play, but skyrocketing a basketball at full speed may cause minor cracks. Spalding did a great job with eco-composite material of the backboard, which uses 40% less plastic than normal backboard but still gives superior rebound.

If you're a serious player, you may not enjoy the size of this hoop. However, anyone looking for a fun pickup game will likely get a kick out of the Spalding Backboard and Rim Combo. It's incredibly easy to assemble and can on almost any wall in the house.

Spalding is a reputable brand, and they offer a 5-year warranty on this hoop. They also do an excellent job providing detailed installation instructions in the manual so that you can get your new hoop game-ready in no time.


40% less plastic than traditional boards

Sturdy breakaway rim

Reputable brand


Backboard size not suitable for serious players

Cannot withstand rough adult play

If you're a serious ballplayer looking for a multi-functional garage mounted hoop, you've found it. The First Team Roofmaster Turbo is a slam-dunking powerhouse suitable for any skill level. It's a high-quality basketball system that looks professional and is fully adjustable between 6-10 feet.

There's no doubt you'll impress people if you install the First Team Roofmaster to your garage. The professional finish and astonishing backboard design will make anyone want to shoot a basket.

The intricate adjusting mechanism makes this a highly-versatile garage basketball hoop that is great for both children and adults.

The only major downside is that the backboard isn't shatterproof. Considering the high price tag, we were expecting a much more durable system. However, the breakaway rim can handle almost any dunk you throw at it, and we have not seen reports of people shattering this hoop.

If you're someone who doesn't mind paying a little extra for high-quality materials and aesthetics, then perhaps the First Team Roofmaster Turbo is a great basketball hoop. If you're not a serious player, you'll likely fare better with one of the cheaper options.


Beautiful finish and professional design

Height adjustment is easy

Impressive rim strength


No shatterproof backboard

High price tag

This basketball system by Goalsetter boasts a professional-grade 48-inch backboard made from tempered glass. Though this is the kind of wall mounted basketball system you'd find in a commercial gym, you can also install it to your garage for an authentic NBA playing experience.

From its beautiful design to the sturdy materials, this hoop has everything you'll ever need for a basketball system. You can adjust the height between 6-10 feet, so it's suitable for all ages and skill levels. Goalsetter manufactures this hoop in the United States and uses protective paint to maintain its high-quality.

With this basketball system, you have two backboard rim options: a single ring static rim or a breakaway rim. The single ring static rims are more suitable for commercial settings, so if you're going to be installing this basketball system to your garage, you're better off going with the breakaway.

If you're tired of investing in cheap mountable basketball hoops that break after a few games, the Goalsetter GS48 Wall Mounted Adjustable Basketball System with tempered glass backboard is worth checking out. It's the best mounted basketball hoop for families that comes equipped with all the essential features you need to enjoy a game at home.


Suitable for children and adults

Professional size & materials

Completely adjustable

Weather net


More expensive than other garage mount basketball hoops

Different Types of Basketball Hoops

This post focuses on garage mounted hoops, but it's essential to get familiar with some of the terminology you will see on product listings.

Before you choose which basketball hoop you want, consider where you will be installing it. Naturally, you want to find an area with enough space to play.

If you plan on playing indoor basketball, make sure the room is high enough. Also, be sure not to have fragile items around your play area as games can get rough.

Here are the different kinds of basketball hoops available.

Portable Basketball Hoops

Portable hoops can be pricey, but they're worth it if you have the budget. They are free-standing, so you don't need to worry about attaching them to a door or wall.

Typically, there is a box attached to the base of the hoop that you fill with sand or water. This box is what stops the hoop from tipping over.

Many high-quality portable hoops have wheels and height adjustment to give you full control over how you play.

If you are hesitant to install a backboard and rim to your doors or walls, a portable basketball hoop might be the best solution.

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In-Ground Basketball Hoops

These hoops are incredibly sturdy but are immovable. They often have strong rims and tempered glass.

With that in mind, as long as you place them correctly and don’t need to move the hoop, in-ground systems are an excellent addition to any home.

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Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops

These are by far the most common basketball hoops found in homes.

You can attach a wall mounted hoop to any flat surface, but you'll typically find them above garage doors on most homes. Some are connected directly to the wall or are pinned to a backboard to enhance the playing experience.


When you have a basketball hoop attached to garage walls, it gives you the stability of an in-ground hoop with a little portability. You can somewhat easily move the wall mount for basketball hoop to other areas of the house.

With the types of basketball hoops fresh in your head, it should be easier to know which is the best basketball system for your garage.

Does a Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop Need a Backboard?

While having a backboard for your wall mounted garage basketball hoop does help, it's optional.

If you're using your hoop to improve your game, it is better to practice with a backboard to get a more realistic playing experience.

Hoops mounted on a brick wall will have a different bounce than a traditional backboard. Most companies make their backboards out of the following materials:

Polycarbonate - Polycarbonate is a sturdy material typically found in shatterproof windows and protective lenses. Though they offer a good bounce, polycarbonate backboards aren't as high-quality as plexiglass or tempered glass backboards

Plexiglass - Plexiglass backboards offer an amazing bounce effect. They aren't as elite as a tempered glass backboard, but they should be sufficient for most casual players

Tempered Glass - A tempered glass backboard is heavy duty and offers the best bounce for rebounds. This is the material the NBA and most high school gyms use for their backboards, so top athletes should choose this option


Choosing the Right Brand

If you have started looking for a basketball hoop to mount on walls, you will have certainly seen the host of brands on the market. While having a ton of options may seem like a good thing, choosing the right brand can be overwhelming.

When choosing a brand, you need to consider the following:

Does the brand have a good reputation? Some brands, like Spalding and Franklin, have been around for decades. These industry leaders have a proven track record of continuously putting out high-quality sporting goods.

Do they offer a warranty? Most reputable brands will offer a warranty for their products. This is a high selling point because accidents happen and parts break.

While these items may come at a higher price, it helps to know the brand will cover you when you need a replacement

How is their customer service? Usually, excellent customer service is a by-product of a high-quality brand.

Any respectable company should have a friendly and efficient customer service team ready to support you

Final Verdict: Best Garge Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal

We hope this post helps you when making your next decision.

Remember, it's essential to consider the height, type of hoop, and backboard material when choosing your next garage mount basketball hoop.

Now go out there and enjoy a quick game!

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