Are you in the market for a backyard basketball hoop but don’t know where to start?

A basketball hoop makes a nice addition to any back yard and allows families to enjoy sports in the safety of their own properties. But with all the choices out there on the market, it might seem overwhelming to find the one that meets your needs.

If you’re thinking about getting a backyard basketball hoop, you’ll need to take a lot of factors into consideration. These include the type of hoop, build quality, and price. We’ve simplified this process by breaking down every step toward finding the perfect basketball hoop for you.

  • Best Overall Choice
  • Great adjustability, durability, and portability
  • Board size: 54 inches x 32 inches
  • Best In-Ground Hoop
  • Anchor-mounting, weatherproof, ease of installation
  • Board size: 60 inches x 33 inches
  • Superior Portable Hoop
  • Beast-like durability
  • Board size: 54/60 inches
  • ErgoMove wheel-barrow design for an easy lift-and-roll action
  • Infinity Edge Backboard that folds backward for increased rigidity
  • Board size: 50/54 inches
  • Best For Kids
  • Less rebounding effect
  • Board size: 44 inches
  • Best In-Ground Hoop for Smaller Backyards
  • Shots feel consistent
  • Board size: 54/60 inches
  • High-performance gym-quality
  • Weatherproof and comes with complete Padding Set
  • Board size: 54 inches
  • Best Affordable Option
  • Long-lasting protection and 5 year warranty
  • Board size: 52 inches
  • Premium In-Ground Hoop
  • Dunkable, durable, adjustable, life-time warranty
  • Board size: 54 inches
  • Great but there are better options
  • Aesthetically designed for rugged use
  • Board size: 60/72 inches

10 Best Basketball Hoops for Backyard

Fans of the official NBA Spalding brand will love what’s on offer here. The combination of premium materials, adjustability, and portability mean this hoop is one of the best around. Spalding creates some of the most dependable basketball equipment in the industry, so you can’t go wrong buying from their lineup.

The acrylic backboard offers superior durability. It’s also larger than most, so you can shoot off the backboard without worrying about achieving a tight angle. The backboard responds to your shot as expected due to its overall stability. The heavy-duty backboard is also shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you smash the ball into the hoop.

The height-adjustable hoop is ideal if you have a family and want to provide a good experience for all. You can easily decrease the hoop height for your little ones and increase it for adults. The mechanism for adjusting the hoop height is simple to operate and doesn’t take much time, which means you can make adjustments daily without the annoyance of more complicated systems.

The steel rim is a good choice for buyers who want durability and a realistic feel. Poor-quality rims shake vigorously when the ball makes contact, in which case the ball might have a harder time going through the hoop. This is especially true when throwing from a distance.

The Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System is a great choice if you’re after a top product from a reputable brand. The mixture of adjustability, durability, and portability makes it a smart choice. Any basketball fans would be proud to have this in their back yard.

Are you looking for an in-ground basketball hoop that allows you to enjoy the game of basketball? Then you’ll love the Silverback 60-inch hoop that goes securely into the ground. This hoop is a solid choice if you have the space in your back yard to accommodate it.

The materials are weatherproof, which means you can leave the unit in the back yard throughout the year. It’s an important consideration when buying in-ground hoops since you’re unlikely to move them after installation.

The tempered glass backboard is solidly constructed to withstand plenty of tough physical impact. It’s the same kind of backboard used at indoor courts in fitness centers around the country. This allows you to dunk and throw the ball hard against the backboard without fear of shattering it.

Installation of the Silverback hoop is a straightforward process and is something you can do yourself without need of a professional. The only difficult part is getting it level and stabilized before you secure the hoop in place. The included instructions provide you with useful information to help install the unit correctly on your first attempt.

The Silverback 60″ In-ground Basketball Hoop offers durability and ease of installation. You’ll also love the attention to detail paid to every aspect of its design. All of this makes it one of the highest-rated basketball hoops on the market.

You can’t go wrong with a Spalding basketball hoop. This model by the industry-leading brand is one of the more expensive in the portable hoop marketplace, but with that price comes some of the best features around. Basketball fans looking for exceptional durability and flexibility will love what Spalding has to offer here.

Height adjustment is an important feature because it allows people of all ages to use the hoop. That said, the height adjustment mechanism of this model isn’t the most convenient since you need to use a screw-jack, though it does get easier once you familiarize yourself with it. What it lacks in convenience, however, it makes up for in durability.

A sturdy base ensures the hoop doesn’t move around when playing. You’ll need to get 55 gallons of sand or water and place it on the stand to hold it in place. It’s a simple way of adding weight to the base so that it remains stable. The base also has four wheels, which makes it easy to move around your back yard.

The glass backboard gives the hoop an authentic feel. There’s something special about having glass instead of other materials. Spalding’s thick shatterproof glass is sturdier than plastic, so you can play without worrying about damage.

This Spalding glass portable backyard hoop is a superior choice if you’re looking for a premium product. It’s one of the best portable hoops on the market and is comparable to many in-ground hoops. The durable materials mean the hoop will last for years to come.

The advanced features of this hoop make it a shoo-in for our buying guide. It’s easy to install and provides excellent durability for a long-lasting experience. Silverback is a reputable basketball manufacturing company that you can trust to deliver a backyard experience worth investing in.

The portability of this hoop is one of its key selling points. Base-mounted wheels make moving the hoop around a straightforward process. You can move the hoop from the front to the back of the house in a matter of minutes. You don’t need special equipment or a lot of strength to complete the task. The hoop tilts backward until the wheels support the weight of the structure.

The glass backboard is a nice feature that adds an authentic feel to the hoop. Its shatterproof design ensures it won’t break unexpectedly from high impact. The hoop can remain in your back yard all year, as its components are designed to stand up to the elements.

The hoop comes with preassembled parts that make installation easy. You can complete the setup process in about 90 minutes, depending on your experience. Adjusting the height for your kids is also easy and takes just a few minutes. The only drawback is the lack of labeled parts, which may lead to a bit of confusion during the installation process.

The Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop is a worthy entry in this buying guide due to the value it provides for the price. You’re getting a basketball hoop that offers solid performance and adjustability. The sturdy construction means it won’t show signs of wear and tear anytime soon.

Are you looking for a basketball hoop for your kids? Then you’ll appreciate what Lifetime has to offer. The Lifetime portable hoop is designed to help children start learning this great game from a young age. It’s a safe and cheap design, which means you won’t need to break the bank over a premium hoop.

The polycarbonate backboard can’t take a huge amount of impact, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most children. The responsive backboard reduces the ball’s rebounding effect. It’s also small and therefore takes up less space and adds less weight to the hoop compared with other units on this list.

A telescoping pole makes adjusting the height a breeze. You can quickly change the height as your kid grows. It’s a good idea to constantly increase the height of the hoop so your kid can develop at a good rate.

The weather-resistant rim is designed to withstand low to medium impact. Unlike adult rims, this rim vibrates when a ball is shot from a distance. Most children will love playing on this rim as it allows the ball to fall inside the hoop easily.

For a child who loves basketball, the Lifetime Portable Basketball System might just be the perfect gift. The easy installation and solid construction make it money well spent. The materials are good enough for most children to enjoy a productive basketball learning experience.

Basketball fans who want a serious hoop for their backyard will appreciate the quality of this model from Spalding. In-ground systems are the most stable and can literally handle anything you throw at them. They offer impact resistance, which means long shots and dunks won’t affect the positioning of the hoop.

The adjustable mechanism is one of the highlights of this backyard hoop. It’s not the easiest to use but provides excellent stability. Adjust the hoop to the desired level and it will stay locked into place. Other hoops might drop in height on impact.

The lack of rattling and vibrations is another noteworthy feature. This makes three-point and backboard shots feel much more consistent. Heavy-duty hoops at the budget price point are known to lack stability. Spalding typically provides some of the best stability for in-ground hoops on the market.

The compact nature of the hoop means it’s a good choice for smaller back yards. It doesn’t take up much space since the distance between the pole and backboard is minimal. Also, there’s no large base like you might find on portable hoops.

This official NBA Spalding hoop is a competitive choice for the back yard. Its in-ground design is perfect for basketball fans who want stability for every game. You’ll love going out to the back yard to shoot a few hoops every time. The only drawback is that the pole may get rusty if not properly cared for.    

The Pro Dunk brand has a reputation for making reliable basketball equipment with long-lasting durability. Pro Dunk’s in-ground system offers performance that serious hoopers can appreciate. Below are the features it offers, which may or may not meet your requirements.

This high-performance hoop is suitable for advanced basketball players who demand quality. The hoop’s durability means you can dunk without bending the rim. Also, the shatterproof glass can withstand the toughest of impacts. The glass is of the same professional grade that you’ll find at indoor gyms.

The provided padding on the backboard and pole means less of a physical strain on players. Running into the pole can be dangerous if you’re not careful. The padding acts like armor, which is a good idea if you want to enjoy an intense game without worrying about getting injured.

Pro Dunk understands that the hoop must withstand weathering effects. And so, they’ve included a rustproof design that increases the lifetime of the hoop. The tough materials used to manufacture the hoop ensure wear and tear won’t take their toll for many years to come. The brand is so confident in its design that a lifetime warranty is available to cover all dunking and hanging activity.

Overall, the Pro Dunk Silver In-ground Adjustable Basketball System is a great choice from a top brand. This high-performance hoop allows players to train in their back yards. Tough materials allow you to play with confidence so you can enjoy each session worry-free.

Want a durable in-ground basketball hoop at a competitive price? Then the Lifetime 71281 is a top choice for a great hoop with durability to match. Lifetime offers a mixture of good prices and durable construction that won’t wear out shortly after purchase.

The shatterproof backboard provides a realistic bounce effect that basketball fans have come to expect from a quality hoop. The backboard is made from high-quality polycarbonate, giving strength where it’s most needed.

There’s a good amount of UV protection and other safeguards against the elements built right into the product. Expect the hoop to last for a good decade before you even need to think about a replacement. The warranty will last you for five years, which should give you confidence when buying.

The durable height adjustment mechanism allows you to move the hoop between 7.5 to 10 feet, allowing plenty of leeway for players of all ages. Adjusting the height takes only a few minutes, making it comfortable enough to do daily.

The Lifetime 71281 In-ground Power Lift Basketball System is a great choice for most back yards. The only drawback is the thickness of the rim, which isn’t ideal for dunking. Overall the hoop is a reliable choice if you’re on a tight budget and want a long-lasting product.

This highly rated hoop from Goalrilla has a premium feel that’s packed with some of the best features on the market. Add this trusted basketball hoop to your back yard and you’ll love shooting hoops every day. Take a closer look at the features to find out if what’s on offer meets your needs.

The backboard is wide, which is great for hitting shots from tough angles. Narrow backboards are not ideal as they make off-the-backboard shots difficult. In addition, the backboard is made of an authentic shatterproof glass material. Its overall professional appearance will look great in your back yard.

The adjustable height gives you a range of 7.5 to 10 feet, as is common with good-quality hoops and what you’ll find in fitness gyms around the country. The arena-style hoop looks to be of professional grade from a distance. All of this makes it a good choice for buyers who have already spent a lot of money building a backyard basketball court.

Not sure if the hoop will last? Then you can have confidence in the lifetime warranty guarantee. Given the confidence Goalrilla puts in its products, the frustration of having to replace the hoop isn’t something you’ll need to worry about for a long time.

The Goalrilla GS54 is one of the finest backyard basketball hoops you can buy and comes from a reputable brand known for releasing highly rated products of consistent quality. Its mixture of durability, adjustability, and long warranty means you’ll love hooping it up with this “goal” in your back yard for many years to come.

Dominator is a top hoop brand offering solid construction at competitive prices. You’ll love its mixture of easy height adjustability, impressive rim, and impact protection. It’s perfect for casual and serious basketball players alike looking to take their game to the next level.

Engineers created a design that blows the competition away. The pole, rim, and backboard will last for over a decade. You can throw the ball hard against the backboard and dunk with plenty of force. The advanced durability allows you to play basketball without worrying about damaging the hoop.

The height is adjustable from 7 to 10 feet. This hoop is therefore a good choice for the entire family. You can easily reduce the height when children want to play and increase the height for more serious basketball games. Also, the backboard is sizably proportioned and sits on a wide base, allowing you to shoot off the backboard without worrying about hitting the side.

Attention to detail makes this hoop stand out from the competition. For example, a soft cushioning layer protects you when colliding with the pole. Such features could prevent you from seriously injuring yourself and help you avoid an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

The Dominator Aluminum In-ground Hoop is the logical choice for buyers who seek nothing but the best in durability and premium performance. This hoop can be a lifelong friend for a basketball enthusiast who wants to learn the game. It’s hard to find faults in this product as the engineers have thought about every aspect of the design.

A Buying Guide for the Getting a Basketball Hoop in Backyard

Type of Basketball Hoop

The first thing you’ll need to decide on is the best type of hoop for your back yard. Here are the common types, along with their pros and cons:

  • Wall-mounted hoops: These hoops are secured to a wall, meaning they have no stand. You should consider wall-mounted hoops only when you have a sturdy enough wall at the correct height. Make sure there are no windows on the wall as well. Otherwise, you can be sure some broken glass will be in your future. A wall-mounted hoop is installed using a special bracket. It’s important to get the hoop level during the installation process.
  • In-ground hoops: Because these hoops go directly into the ground, they offer great stability. In-ground hoops are the logical choice if you plan on having more serious games in your back yard. They’re likely to last longer and are best equipped to withstand a few dunks. The drawback of in-ground hoops is that installing them requires more effort. You’ll need to dig up your property and make sure the hoop is level.
  • Portable basketball hoops: Portable hoops are the easiest to install: simply place them in the desired location and you’re ready to go. The base of a portable hoop is weighted enough to provide moderate stability but is nowhere near comparable to an in-ground hoop. Portable hoops are the optimal choice for casual play.

Build Quality

Before you even think of buying a particular basketball hoop, be sure to inspect the build quality. Check the product description to see how, where, and from what materials the hoop was manufactured.

Tougher materials are a better choice if you want long-lasting durability. For example, if you want your hoop to withstand a physical beating, plastic just isn’t going to cut it—go for something metal instead.

Even with all the right materials in place, it’s wise to check reviews to see what other customers think about any backyard hoop you might be considering. Buyers usually mention build quality issues if they had any.

On a related note, always check the warranty. Warranty deals that last for many years are a good indicator of manufacturer confidence in the product’s durability.


It’s important to buy a backyard basketball hoop that’s within your budget. That said, keep in mind that you’ll need to spend money on extras to ensure you can play basketball safely in your backyard.

For instance, in the case of an in-ground hoop, you may need to lay tarmac or another suitable surface. Investing in comfortable shoes and a good basketball is also recommended. Consider these extra costs so that you don’t end up spending your entire budget on the hoop alone.

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