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One of the most popular basketball accessories on the market is the hoop light, and this is our basketball hoop lights review for your home and player in 2021.

Encouraging their love of the game is imperative, and when that drive takes them into the realm of sunset, it is hard to see exactly where the net lies due to low light conditions. Having hoop lights not only adds an ambiance and flair to the game but allows players to see better when the game goes into the night.

At Iron City Showdown, we take the initiative to research all things basketball in great detail. This process allows us to bring the best, most factual information to our readers. For this review guide, we have analyzed different options on the market and compiled the data to showcase the best basketball hoop lights review for you.

Criteria For The Best

In our research for finding the best hoop lights, we put our focus on the following factors commonly associated with basketball hoop lights:

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Ease of Use

However, additional information we acquired during our research led us to other viable suggestions based on price point, appearance, and power source. 

Because of the enlightenment we came across when reviewing hoop light data, we incorporated some other categories that we felt would be informative to our readers.

Product Reviews

Our extensive research falls into five categories that we have determined to benefit those in the basketball hoop lights market. These categories include:

  • Best Overall Basketball Hoop Light
  • Best Cost Effective Hoop Light
  • Best for Score Keeping
  • Best for Long Lasting Light
  • Best Overall Appearance

See below for selections within the different categories and to learn more about each product. 

  • Best Overall Basketball Hoop Light
  • Able to change lights with remote control
  • Zip-tie LED strips
  • Best Cost Effective Hoop Light
  • Impact-resistant LEDs
  • Easy fit with ultra-strong tape
  • Best for Score Keeping
  • Able to change lights with remote control
  • Zip-tie LED strips
  • Best for Long Lasting Light
  • No need to swap out batteries
  • Remote Control & Timing Function
  • Best Overall Appearance
  • Flashes GREEN & RED for hits & misses
  • 1 Year Repair/Replace Guarantee

Basketball Hoop Lights Review

This set of lights made it to the top of the list for several reasons. Not only do they provide illumination at night, but they have several color choices and settings to choose from when playing a fun game in dark conditions. 

Three AA batteries control these LED lights while you play. The run time on a set of batteries is an average of 75 hours, and the rubber casing allows the lights and batteries to have protection from the elements. 

If you desire to change the settings and colors while playing, there is a remote provided. Additionally, the lights are easily malleable and can twist and bend to conform to the hoop shape. Installation is a snap with the included zip ties. 

We found it beneficial to bring this product into the review guide due to the high reviews and the low price point associated with the product. Although this hoop light set only comes with one color (you can choose from various color options when ordering), it provides enough light to illuminate both the rim and the backboard.

This option is excellent for playing in low-light areas, as it allows you to see where to aim. These lights are battery operated, with a battery box extending down the basketball pole for easy access and battery change. 

Installation is a breeze with the inclusion of a universal set-up kit. Additionally, there are many accessories the company offers as an add-on to the hoop light set, including glow-in-the-dark basketballs. 

Not only is it great to have a hoop light set that can provide an appropriate glow during night gaming, but having a set that can also keep score is even more valuable.

The Wenosda LED Basketball Hoop Light can change colors using a remote, operates by battery, contains a weather-proof casing, and can also keep the game’s score by detecting successful shots. 

These functions allow for a fun experience with the lighting and effects while still having the structure of an actual match with scorekeeping and rim illumination. Any member of the family, ball player or not, will enjoy this experience.

Most basketball hoop lights require batteries to run, which need replacing as they run out. Although this is often a simple task, extreme weather can cause the batteries to run out quicker. Therefore, the replacement has to happen at a more frequent rate. 

This process is a cost that can add up over time. However, solar power technology allows the lights to continue working without the use of batteries. This set by Gr8ware comes with a small solar panel that funnels energy to the LED lights. While the sun is out, the panels will charge, and as the sun goes down, the lights have enough power to function. 

If you are looking for an option that requires less maintenance, this is the one to turn to in order to fulfill that purpose. You are guaranteed to have enough lighting for a nightly game whenever you desire with this model.

The coolest part about the Light Up Action Super Hoop Light is that it has a shot sensor. Therefore, each time you make a basket, the lights will flash to signify a successful shot. The product also has specific lighting for missed shots, and you can change the colors via remote. Anyone can change the sensitivity level via the remote device as well. 

Although the price is relatively high for this light set, the reviews and features associated with it make it a reasonable cost. Installation is simple with the included materials, and the company’s customer service has an excellent track record for helping with defective or misplaced items.

Buying Guide for Basketball Hoop Lights

If you are on the search for a basketball hoop light that will best serve your needs, it is essential to consider the following to have the best experience:


When purchasing an outdoor light set for basketball playing, it is vital to make sure it is weather-resistant. With the different precipitation and extreme temperatures that regions can experience, the lights must have a rubber or plastic coating to protect them from external sources. 

If you choose a set that does not have a coating, you risk having a short life with your light set. Protecting the illumination strips is vital to ensuring longevity and quality usage.


Not all basketball hoop light kits have the same features. Many will illuminate in several colors, but others on the market will only provide a singular color that has to be selected at the time of purchase. 

In addition, some sets are battery-powered, while others have solar panel technology included. At the same time, some light sets allow for different light patterns instead of solid color or for special effects to happen with the use of a remote. However, other models will have a simple switch on the light strip to power on and off instead of remote control.

Lastly, many users appreciate the ability to keep score with the lights or to signify a successful basket. Although this is a popular option, it is not available on each model. 

Ease of Use

Most basketball hoop light sets can easily bend and twist to get the necessary circular shape. This advantage is a perk that comes with LED light strands. 

However, not all sets have easy access to power sources or battery packs. It is essential to check how easily accessible it is to power the device on and off and have ready access to the battery pack for easy changes. If sources are difficult to access, it is unlikely that a user will engage with the product as frequently due to the struggle of operating the lights. 

Often the manufacturers will have these functions on a remote (for on/off control) or a dangling box that can be affixed to the basketball pole (for battery installation). These options are ones that you want to look for when finding a hoop light set.

Conclusion: Best Basketball Hoop Lights

After extensive research and data compilation, we have determined which product is the best overall option for purchasing a basketball hoop light set. The option selected checks all the necessary boxes to ensure a pleasant and fun experience while playing basketball. 

The Waybelive LED Basketball Hoop Lights are simple to install, allow for copious features - including light changes and various settings and are protected for all types of weather with a thick casing over the LED lights.

Families and basketball players will love this light set due to its appearance and the fun atmosphere it portrays while in use. For those with a driven basketball player that can’t get enough of the game even as the lights are going out, this addition to their basketball rim is an excellent opportunity to encourage their love of the sport further. 

To purchase the Waybelive LED Basketball Hoop Light set, you can go through this Amazon link. 

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