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There are plenty of differences between amateur players and professional ones, but the gap is about more than just player size and capability. The equipment you use can make an impact on not just the way you feel while you’re playing, but also how well you play based on your emotions (and confidence) on the court. 

Of course, equipment alone won't make you a good player, but it can give you the edge you might need to succeed more than you ever have in the past. Especially when it comes to protecting yourself so you can focus on the game.

One piece of smart equipment is basketball goggles. These, as their name implies, are simply goggles that sit on your face, offering you an edge in performance and visibility on the court while protecting your eyes. Here are some of the best basketball goggles out there.

  • Best Comfort
  • Impact Resistant Coating
  • Reduce strong light stimulation
  • Best Multi-Purpose
  • Windproof and fogproof
  • Anti-slip and anti-break
  • Best for Customization
  • Lens and strap alteration
  • Removable protective pad
  • Best Visibility
  • Constant level of ventilation
  • Designed to provide a lot of peripheral vision
  • Best for Dribbling
  • Lowers downward vision to improve court awareness
  • Forces you to learn to dribble by touch
  • Best Basic Coverage
  • Exceptionally light
  • Shatterproof lenses
  • Best High-Impact
  • Works great with prescription glasses
  • Anti-fog and anti-shock

Best Basketball Goggles 2021

What's so critically excellent about this pair of glasses is their impact-resistant coating. They're rated to survive a lot of wear and tear, meaning you won't have to worry about it breaking on the court. With a PC lens material and anti-fog coating, you'll have access to years of reliable use without needing to replace or fix any broken parts.

Another great plus is the ergonomic principles behind the design. It can be easily wrapped around the wearer's face to protect the front and side while offering a comfortable fit. The polycarbonate material provides for superb light transmission and heat resistance. 

At the same time, it'll diffuse strong, overly stimulating light. What does this mean in gameplay? You’ll be able to see better during those on the court sessions where the heat is pounding down on you.

The soft gel material around the nose pads and glasses side ensures that the goggles are comfortable to wear for a long time and are specifically designed to avoid shrinkage or other such issues.

The most important thing is that these goggles work great for their intended purpose. They will prevent impact particles and fog from getting in your eyes, all with a lightweight, durable design that will impress even the most cynical shoppers out there. 

This affordable multi-purpose pick is a great option in the goggle department. What you'll notice immediately is the all-around protection they offer. The nose pads of the glasses and the surrounding of the glasses frame all feature a wearable silicone pad that is easy to take apart and put back together again.

It's ideal for protecting the skin around your eyes where the goggles will rest, preventing injury during exercise while also protecting your eyes from the damage that might result as a consequence of your sports activity.

More importantly, the design is entirely windproof and fog proof. The side of the glasses is completely sealed off, and a temperature regulator design means that fogging from sweat and humidity won't occur. You will have clear and vivid views of the court no matter the conditions.

You'll also appreciate how stable it is. The strap is high-quality nylon that will adhere to your head, whatever the size, while providing a stable look that won't slip or fall off during intense exercise. As a result, you also won't have to worry about drops or breaks.

The best part is that this entire thing is backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning it's a completely risk-free experiment. Likely, though, based on its performance and pedigree, you won't want to return these goggles any time soon. 

Also, keep an eye out for the impact-resistant frame, with a super-shock absorbent buffer layer to absorb the forces of external impact - and a PC lens that's been strengthened multiple times. The anti-sweat pads won't yellow over time either.

What's impressive about this set of goggles is just how customizable it is. Unlike other pairs locked in at the factory setting, this set has a ton of things you can change on a whim.

For instance, the goggle strap is entirely removable, allowing you to get another one in different colors or even just to replace an older pair.

The lenses can be altered too. If you need a prescription and can't wear your normal glasses underneath the goggles, visit a professional optician and get them to install conventional lenses where the normal goggle-eye ports would be.

Even the protective pad that ensures you won't get hurt by the goggles' abrasive elements can be removed if you want more lightweight performance or desire to clean it or rub it down.

Basically, whatever you want to do with this pair of goggles, you can. It's the exact opposite of a set in stone model, perfect for those with a flair towards customization.

Even the sizes you order it in follow this principle. You can choose a kid's size for your children and an adult size for you so that everyone can be satisfied.

Moving to the less flexible elements, it still performs well. The nylon frame is durable and elastic, while the true glass lens allows for the maximum level of sight and performance. The goggles themselves are also entirely windproof and fog-proof, with anti-slip and anti-break features that just pile more whipping cream on top of the delicious ice cream cone that is this pair.

The Andux Goggles are another set with some customization available, albeit much less than the last model. The biggest choice you have to make with this pair is what color you want it in, with options ranging from a translucent white to a vibrant pastel blue.

The lens's actual frame is made of a polycarbonate material mixed with a durable and flexible silicone. The protective layer is nice and thick, too, coming in at 8 mm.

An advantage of these framing materials is that the lens is completely proofed against impact, even heavy explosions of force from a ball rapidly meeting your face. No debris will be able to get in. 

The lens is nicely designed to provide a lot of peripheral vision, allowing for a broad perspective to improve your vision and performance without generating any undue blind spots. You'll also appreciate the resistance to heat and cold, meaning you can play in any outdoor conditions.

On the whole, the design is also very permeable, which is a good thing because it means a constant level of ventilation flowing throughout, preventing the formation of any fog while providing a light breeze. And it still filters things down, even fine grains of sand, so only air and not sweat will be making its way near your eyes.

Each strap is completely customizable, able to stretch, and adjustable for head shapes of all sizes. You'll find that once you've set the correct size, you'll be exceptionally comfortable, even during long play sessions.

These are basketball goggles but of a more specialized variety. Rather than focusing on providing eye protection, they work to lower your downward vision. While this seems like a bad thing, the plus side of using these goggles is that they force you to learn to dribble by touch and feel rather than by sight.

As a result, this is a great pair of goggles to use to work on your dribbling game. This is critical for improving basketball performance as it frees up your eyes and keeps your head up, allowing you to read defense and search for open players to pass to.

Increasing court awareness and better ball control is the main purpose of these goggles, but you'll also find them to be exceptionally comfortable. The strap equipped with it is adjustable for comfort, and it's all backed by a Spalding warranty. 

The most impressive part is that this training aid is the official one used by the NBA, so you know you're getting top-notch performance at a low cost.

This is another pair of goggles that jumps back to the protective function that others on this list share. Made out of plastic and polycarbonate, this protective eyewear is exceptionally light while simultaneously offering a clear, distortion-free view of the world around you.

The lenses are shatterproof and rated to the strict ASTM F803 standard, so you can rely on them to help protect you in a pinch.

The wide view is another plus. With a complete 180-degree wrap, interruption to your peripheral vision is minimized, and a flow-through design guarantees that fog is minimized as well. You'll also appreciate the coating that serves this purpose while simultaneously offering you anti-scratch protection.

It's comfortable, too, with a soft silicone nose piece and an adjustable strap that means just about anyone can use it and enjoy it.

90% of eye injuries are totally preventable, and these goggles serve that purpose perfectly. It doesn't inhibit your performance, but it prevents any stray balls or elbows from knocking you off your game, and with its high-quality grading, you have nothing to fear on the court or out.

These goggles are a bit chunkier than the other options you might find on this list, but that solid design should be extra reassurance that you'll be protected while playing.

It comes in at a slightly higher cost, given its thermoplastic polyurethane construction and polycarbonate lens. These eye ports are crystal clear and are spaciously designed. Aside from giving your eyes a lot of breathing room, they work great with prescription glasses, meaning you can keep them on while you play so you don't have to sacrifice eyesight or precision in your view and accuracy.

It's specifically designed to handle high impact sports, versatile enough for soccer, floor hockey, and most importantly for you, basketball.

The construction is a one-piece material built to be completely shatter-resistant, and supportive padding makes sure to absorb the shock you might feel from any stray impacts. All the while, the eye guard will stay firmly in place. 

Another plus is the vented design that enables maximum airflow and anti-fog support, along with scratch resistance. The comfortably snug straps are rated for any weather condition, meaning you can play indoor and outdoor without concern.

Best of all, the glasses meet or exceed all the strictest standards of USRA and ASTM F803, so you know for a fact that it will survive the most common conditions you're going to put them through.

Buyer's Guide - How To Choose the Best Basketball Goggles

There's a wide selection of goggles that you can choose from, making it a tough decision to decide on the ideal one for your purposes. Let's take a deeper look at some of the factors that make up a good eye guard.


Material is one of the biggest elements to consider as it defines the goggles' performance and feel entirely. It would be best if you had goggles built out of lightweight material like plastic so that you won't ever get worn out or tired while wearing them. 

They should also be durable. If you drop your goggles or get hit by a ball, it should withstand the impact with ease. A good choice here is to look for polycarbonate material, which is naturally shatter-resistant. 

Comfort and Fastening

You want to ensure that the goggles are comfortable and secure for long play times. This is as simple as checking that there's an adjustable strap and ensuring that there is padding for comfort.


This is a short category. There are certifications that certain goggles can get that qualify them as exceptionally durable or well suited to the rigors of an intense sport. These are USRA and ASTM F803 qualifications. If the goggles have either of these in their product advertising, then you know they're going to be perfect for the high-impact sport of basketball.

Basketball Goggles - FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about basketball goggles.

Why Should I Wear Basketball Goggles?

Goggles are critical for preventing injury during the game from stray balls or elbows.

They also keep dirt or trash particles out of your vision preventing impediments during the game. Preventing or reducing the severity of eye injuries is a great reason to get some protective eyewear.

Is It Safe to Wear Goggles When Playing Basketball?

It's completely safe provided you get specially designed sports glasses that wrap around like goggles. Anything that is secure and won't shatter is safe to wear. 

Do NBA Players Wear Goggles?

One notable player who did wear goggles during play was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. After a few eye injuries, he began to wear goggles for protection and safety.

Conclusion: On the Best Goggles for Basketball 

If you've gone through this entire buyer's guide and read some of the reviews of the goggles, you'll likely already have a good grasp on what you're looking for and what you'll buy.

Make sure to deliberate before making a final option and enjoy safely playing basketball.

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