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Basketball is a high-contact sport with a tremendous risk for injury. When you combine competition, athletic people, and intense physical contact, someone’s bound to get hurt. Athletes’ faces are threatened continuously by swinging and moving body parts, especially in the congestion underneath the rim. 

Wearing a basketball mask can prevent black eyes, broken noses, facial cuts and scrapes, and other common basketball injuries. There are many different masks on the market today, but the best basketball face mask options can protect you and keep you in the game. 

  • Best Overall Choice
  • Uses an energy displacement design
  • Made of shatter and crack proof medical-grade polycarbonate
  • Best for Smaller Faces
  • Medically tested for more protection
  • Easily arrange for a proper compression and support
  • Best for Larger Faces
  • Lightweight and does not obstruct vision
  • Option to purchase silicone gel protective pads
  • Best for Your Budget
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Functional
  • Best Premium Option
  • Made of silica gel and carbon brazing to whisk away sweat
  • Design enhances your field of vision

Best Basketball Face Masks 2021

The Mueller Face Guard is a unique mask that uses an energy displacement design, which protects the facial region by dispersing the energy upon impact. It’s not made with rubber latex, making it a wonderful mask for people with latex allergies. 

This mask offers versatility and can be used in several sports other than basketball. Athletes can wear it to prevent a facial injury, avoid reinjury, or to support the nose and face throughout the game during recovery.  

It’s one size fits most, making it a perfect choice for any athlete, no matter their head size or sport. The mask is made of shatter and crack proof medical-grade polycarbonate, which gives the product incredible strength and durability during game time. 

It’s designed to contour your face for a comfortable and appropriate fit. The clear, contoured design is less obtrusive, which helps maintain vision on the court. The mask also features two sets of customizable foam pads that you can place yourself. As you can see, there are many reasons why this product is the best overall choice for a basketball face mask!   

The Aurafix basketball face mask is an excellent option for children, teenagers, and women, as it’s designed specifically for those with smaller faces. This mask protects players from a variety of trauma such as maxillary, nasal, zygomatic, and orbital injuries. It’s also medically tested for people who have broken their noses and need protection. 

Both central and peripheral vision remains intact while wearing this mask. The adjustable straps allow for increased stability and a comfortable fit, allowing athletes to focus on what’s most important - playing their sport! This product also features a towel pad support on the forehead and edges of the nose for maximized comfort and security. 

Multi-sport athletes can benefit from this mask. It can be worn to avoid facial injuries and reinjuries in many other sports such as soccer, wrestling, karate, baseball, and volleyball. 

If you’re a basketball, rugby, or football player looking for high-quality protection made for larger faces, consider the Quiancheng L5 Nose Guard and Face Shield. This super durable mask is designed specifically for adults to minimize impact and discomfort during rough play. 

The mask is lightweight and does not obstruct vision. This product offers adequate protection for healing injuries, allowing players to continue competing even during the recovery process. Adjustable straps secure the mask to your face during running and rebounding and allow for easy tightening or loosening on-the-go. 

Although no padding is included in the package, buyers with sensitive skin have the option to purchase silicone gel protective pads. There are also a few different options available in the same brand, including smaller sizes and a black colored mask. Those with higher nose bridges can also try out the High Nose Bridge mask.  

This one size fits all, scratch-free nose and face shield provides proper support, comfort, and functionality for athletes participating in a variety of sports and recreational activities. 

Whether you’re healing from a recent injury, recovering from a surgical procedure, or want to protect yourself from sustaining a maxillary, nasal, zygomatic, or orbital injury, the Ikido Nose Guard and Face Shield could be the right basketball mask for you.

This mask will fit most people and is also the most affordable option listed, making it the prime choice that won’t break your face or your budget! Its lightweight design and hard, transparent, plastic material allow for clear central and peripheral vision, sufficient bracing upon impact and increased comfort for long-term wear. 

The adjustable straps on each side prevent the mask from shifting during fast or sudden movements and allow players to tighten as necessary. The soft pads minimize discomfort on the skin and give athletes the right amount of nasal compression as they engage in strenuous physical activity. 

The YJSD Nose Guard Face Shield has the most unique appearance out of all the masks we’ve seen so far and offers the best value. Made out of silica gel and carbon brazing, this mask is suitable for basketball and offers exceptional strength and durability. It can also be used for many other high-impact contact sports such as rugby, football, martial arts, and wrestling. 

One of the best features is the silicone wicking box, which uses the internal silicone to collect and whisk away sweat during activity. It’s different from other masks in that it has less material on the sides of the forehead, which enhances your field of vision. 

Most athletes can adjust the elastic rubber strap to fit their face; however, the size is not universal. Be sure to measure your head and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing measurements before making a purchase. 

Your basketball mask needs to provide the most effective protection, and if it doesn’t, you should receive your money back and be able to try something else. This mask is the only product we’ve seen that offers a refund if the customer is not satisfied.  

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Basketball Face Mask

You need to know precisely what you’re looking for before purchasing your protective mask; don’t go in blind and waste money on a mask that isn’t right for you. Here are a few things to think about when you’re shopping for the best basketball face mask: 

Is it Comfortable? 

Comfort is key. When you’re not comfortable, you’re distracted. And when you’re distracted, you aren’t focusing on playing ball.

You, your coach, and your teammates will be much happier if you’re wearing a comfortable mask, as you won’t be messing with it throughout the game or thinking about how uncomfortable you are. 

Does It Block Your Vision?  

Your eyes play a critical role during a basketball game or practice. You can’t drain a three, block an opponent’s shot, or snag a rebound without clear sight!

Make sure the mask you choose leaves adequate space for your eyes and doesn’t have extra material that hinders your central and peripheral vision. 

Is It Durable?  

The purpose of your mask is to protect your face and prevent injury. It must be extremely durable to save your face from flying elbows, hands, basketballs, and other potential safety risks.

Consider the material used to make the mask. Is it flimsy or substantial? Make sure it can handle long-term wear and tear.  

Will It Stay on Your Face During Play? 

You need a basketball face mask that is stable and secure. Don’t settle for something that’s just going to fly off of your face as you’re running, jumping, or scrimmaging with your opponents.

Check the product’s straps to see if you can tighten them enough to keep the mask steady from quarter one to four. 

Conclusion: On the Best Face Masks for Basketball 

By now, you probably have a good idea which basketball face mask is best for your game play. When you’re looking for everyday protection or support for a broken nose, prioritizing comfort, clear vision, and durability is essential. 

We hope this guide helps you narrow down the options and find the best basketball face mask for your needs!

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