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Sitting for long hours increases our risk of chronic health problems, yet most of the work we do today involves a whole day of sitting. In our modern lifestyles, especially during the pandemic when many of the gyms and sports activities are closed or cancelled, we need to find ways to exercise in our home environments to keep our hearts healthy and our muscles toned.

One way we’ve found to have fun and get our hearts racing a bit is to play basketball, either indoors or out. It’s also a wonderful way to keep the family engaged with each other rather than having each of us off in our own corners with our heads in our computers or phones.

Basketball arcade games let you have fun and stay fit even while indoors. You and your family can beat boredom or loneliness while staying active, too. Kids and teens who have a smartphone or TV addiction can break their bad habits if they have an energetic game to play.

If you are looking for the best overall arcade basketball, check out the Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot.

For the most durable game, the Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System is an excellent choice.

If you want a hoop that is more compact for smaller space, the Pop-A-Shot Official Home Single Shot might be a good fit.

If you love basketball and want to prepare your children for a career in the sport, then there is no better way than bringing the entire court into your home! You can use your home basketball arcade indoors or outdoors. This sport is great for building camaraderie and connections with friends and neighbors. It also helps young people to develop significant social skills and learn teamwork.

Children who start playing basketball early in life learn to hone their shooting skills and build their mettle and persistence—not to mention their motor skills. Accurate shooting requires focus, which is a another competency your children can learn from the game.

Expecting a thunderstorm or a frigid day? Don’t worry about the weather getting in the way of enjoying a basketball game. An indoor basketball arcade game allows you and your children to play indoors when the weather outside is harsh.

We’ve been researching to discover the best indoor basketball games on the market. Please find some of recommended options, below.

  • Best Arcade Basketball Game
  • Unlimited fun with 16 game selection choices
  • Flexibility in terms of height adjustment - for children and adults 
  • Best Premium Game for Small Spaces
  • Maximum fun for single players
  • Near 100% scoring accuracy
  • Best Value for Your Money
  • Saves most space during storage as it folds into half
  • Arcade sounds like a normal cheering squad
  • Most Durable
  • Locking pins add increased safety during storage
  • Adjustable straps and buckle prevent sagging and fraying
  • Most Budget Friendly
  • Quick Connect frame construction is easier and faster to build
  • Eight (8) game options for unlimited fun

5 Best Indoor Basketball Games (Arcade)

If you want to recreate the NBA arena feel, this is the right arcade game for you. Pop-A-Shot Arcade Game comes in three versions: home single shot, home dual shot, and outdoor hoop. These games work in different ways, but the Home Dual Shot is one of the most popular indoor arcade systems.

This system gives you the feel of a real cager with three music selections, swishes, and announcements that sound exactly like a real field point score. You have six audio selections, the option to adjust the volume, and an audio jack that connects to external speakers.

The Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot is easy to assemble and will require only three minutes to two hours to set up. You can play around with the dimensions to achieve the number of games you want. Using tubes, you can extend the height of your hoop.

If you have younger children up to three years of age who want to practice their coordination skills, you can adjust the lower bar to 33” to accommodate them. Children, teens, and adults can play together. Pop-A-Shot is strong enough to handle long hours of aggressive play and has a scoring accuracy of 98 percent, which is higher than most arcade games.

Apart from the powder-covered coating on the frame that protects the system against chipping and rusting, the scoreboard is extra thick to handle all pressure from extended play time. You can get carried away while playing this game since it features 16 games and seven balls to keep you busy all day long. Also, the catch net is extra thick for durability, yet it’s easy to wash. This is the best basketball arcade game in every way.

While Pop-A-Shot Home Double Shot can extend in height, you can easily fold it for storage. It takes four AA batteries to power whenever you move it far from electrical plugs. And when it comes to maneuverability, it has caster wheels for easy transportation.


  • Best basketball arcade game overall
  • Flexibility in terms of height adjustment
  • Seven (7) balls inside the package
  • Unlimited fun with 16 game selection choices
  • Six (6) different sound effects
  • Three (3) music selections with adjustable volume
  • Extra-large backboard for prolonged play
  • Near-accurate scoring system
  • Jack pin to connect the game to external speakers
  • Ideal for children as young as three years of age

Do you always fancy a good indoor game but have no one to play against? Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot will allow solo players to enjoy the warmth of a cheering crowd. You will find it handy if you work from home or spend most of your time alone. With this game, you can build your energy as you enjoy the sound of music and a cheering crowd whenever you score.

You will have the same three music selections, jack for external speakers, and easy-to-use volume control as the Home Dual Shot, for less money. Most people who want the Pop-A-Shot game but are short of cash go for the single-shot system. However, it does not have the same number of games, although six games is a good number for a single player. It also comes with four balls. You can still play it with a partner and break each other’s records.

This game looks almost exactly like the Home Dual Shot except that it has only a single hoop. Because it is smaller than the Home Dual Shot, it is ideal for smaller spaces. When assembled, it measures 30" x 88"x 82". While it is easy to fold it up when not in use to save up some space, you can also leave it set up and ready to play at any time.


  • Best premium game
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Quality materials for durability
  • Maximum fun for single players
  • More affordable than the Home Dual Shot
  • Has a three-digit scoreboard
  • The control panel is easily accessible
  • Netting has long arms to capture shots accurately

If you’re looking for an indoor basketball game that will give you value for your money, you won’t go wrong with the ESPN EZ. It’s made in the U.S., and you can always call the company for replacement of faulty, worn-out, or lost parts, or for any troubleshooting issues.

One thing you will love about this game is the LED Scoring system that records the score for each player in competitive play. If you live alone and need some background cheer, its built-in sound system will applaud you with every score. You’ll get that feeling of a crowd watching you, and that’s going to pump your adrenaline for better performance.

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players comes with four 7-inch basketballs. It has eight games to ensure that you don’t get bored. You can choose from Horse, Around the World, Beat the Time Clock, Battle Back, Three-Point Beat the Clock, Check Point, One to One, or Left and Right Shoot games.

ESPN designed the game to look like a real court. It’s suitable for players of all age groups. However, the frame could be a bit too high for 3-year-olds. When buying, you can choose either the black/white or black/red game. The specifications are the same, but the black/red game seems to have a thicker frame and ball-return fabric, perhaps increasing its longevity.

The ESPN EZ basketball game is quite large and requires you to have a good amount of gaming space for playing it. However, the equipment is very easy to transport and store since it folds in half, from 81” x 80.5” to 48” x 20” x 80.5”. This saves you more than 30 percent of the space in storage.

Foldable games sometimes have the habit of folding during play, but the ESPN EZ manufacturers have thought about that and added a lock at the bottom. When transporting it within the home, you do not need to fold it. The three lockable casters make it easy to roll on carpet, tile, and wood.


  • Best value for money arcade game
  • Easy to assemble
  • Different time countdowns for multiple players
  • Saves most space during storage as it folds into half
  • A strong frame resistant to impact and long playing times
  • Arcade sounds like a normal cheering squad

Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System is one of the most long-lasting systems. It comes with an extra-thick frame, made of 18-gauge steel, an extra-wide backboard, and durable ball-return material for longevity. It is the best basketball arcade game for the office or for many players since it can last well over three years.

What sets the Lifetime Double-Shot arcade game apart is that it comes with extra features. For instance, it has infrared optical sensors that ensure that the scores for each player are as accurate as possible, and lock pins to give it a secure fold during storage. After folding, the measurements reduce from 52.25” x 27.63” x 6” to 89” x 51” x 42”, saving you space when not in use.

Height issues will never arise. The adjustable height lets you play at a comfortable height whether a young child or a grown adult. People with lower ceilings can use the default 82 inches height, while those with vaulted ceilings can adjust it to stand 90 inches high. The system comes with electronic buzzers with volume control, as well as seven balls to help you maintain a side-by-side competition.


  • Most durable indoor basketball arcade game
  • Creates an arcade atmosphere
  • A 48-inch wide backboard resists pressure
  • An infrared eye ensures an accurate scoring count
  • Locking pins add increased safety during storage
  • Adjustable straps and buckle prevent sagging and fraying
  • Durable, heavy-duty steel frames
  • Easy-to adjust height spans from 90 inches to 82 inches
  • Suitable for six-year-olds and above

Triumph Playmaker Double Shootout’s arcade game is one of the top basketball games you can ever buy. Your children will enjoy training and playing with their friends. If you set up this arcade game in your basement or game room, your neighbors’ children will definitely come knocking. It is the best basketball arcade game to break smartphone addiction in your kids and teens.

The Triumph Playmaker is easy to assemble. Its package includes pre-assembled pipes. Anyone in your family can assemble it by following the manufacturer’s guide. Best of all, you won’t need any tools. Three minutes is all it takes to get ready for your arcade game.

When fully set up, the Triumph Playmaker measures 45” long, 21.8” wide, and 4.25” high. We encourage you to assemble it at the gaming area, because moving it after assembly can be difficult. However, it folds easily after a game, making it easy to store.

You can change the settings of games, control the volume of the arcade sounds, as well as use the control panel to easily navigate between games or to stop or start a game. In addition, the LED scorer comes equipped with a controllable timer for each game in the box.

The wooden board is quite strong and resistant to heat, humidity, termites, and warping. Coupled with the strong frames, the Triumph Playmaker is super-durable. You can use it for over three years without problems.

This game comes with four balls that are game-ready. A pump and a needle are part of the package, so you can inflate them to the right size. If you need extra or replacement balls, you can easily order online.


Buying Guide for Basketball Arcade Games

When shopping for the best basketball arcade game, keep these nine things in mind.

Dunking accuracy

Every gamer wants to get a reward for their shooting ability. Whether you are playing alone or with a competitor, the accuracy of your scores is important. Some systems have two-digit scores, while others have three-digit scores. Two-digit scores will only count up to 99.

If you want a higher score count, go for a three-digit counter. In addition to the counter, ensure that your game system has good optical sensors for accuracy.


Are you buying the arcade game for your entire family, office staff, children, or just yourself?

The number of users and playing hours affects durability. Get a gaming system with a strong frame and a durable scoreboard and net. The best basketball arcade games should contain materials that do not rust, chip, fray, or crumble under pressure.


From time to time, you may need to move your arcade game system for cleaning or storage. Maybe you want to move it to the garage from the game room, or from the game room to the garage. Wheel casters can make it easy to transport the game from one room to another.

Height adjustment

A game with an adjustable height gives you the freedom to store your game in various places. If the ceiling is lower, you can adjust it to the lowest height. If there is plenty of space, you can use the highest height.

Also, children may need to adjust the game height as they grow for a better game experience.

Power options

Indoor basketball arcade systems can run on electricity or dry cell batteries. Most electronic basketball game systems will only work with a plug, but some games have an allowance for four AA batteries for flexibility.

Consider an electronic game with an AA battery slot so you can play anywhere at home.

Sound system

Sound is a key factor in sport. The louder the cheer, the more captivating the game can be for the player. Cheers also motivate kids to beat their previous game.

Ensure that the sound system is working properly, especially for children’s and single-player games.

Game options

Different games come with different game selection options. Some arcade games have four, others six, and yet others 16.

Check to see if the games in the selection you’re examining are entertaining and that the selection of  games is easy.

Manufacturer’s warranty

When you buy an arcade game online, the seller usually checks to make sure all parts are working well.

However, there’s no guarantee that you will not find a defective, rusty, missing, or non-fitting part. You also face the risk that some parts could snap as you assemble them. This is why you need a manufacturer’s warranty to cover such problems. 

Some game manufacturers are U.S.-based, while others are overseas. Before you buy, make sure the manufacturer can send replacements for defective parts and that the process is seamless.

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