What is one of the most important things you need to play a game of basketball? Simple, you need a ball! It is hard to use a flat basketball though, and that’s why everybody needs to have a reliable air pump on hand.

While one might assume that an air pump is an air pump, and one is as good as the other—that’s not exactly true. Convenience, size, and many more aspects play an essential role in choosing the right basketball air pump for your needs.

If you’re in the market for a new ball pump, we have you covered. We’ve researched the best basketball air pumps on the market and put together a comprehensive buying guide. Let’s dive in.

  • Best Overall Air Pump
  • Automatic electric pumping
  • Accurate pressure alignment
  • Best Budget Air Pump
  • Dual action pumps ball twice as fast
  • Lifetime free replacement
  • Best Air Pump for Storage
  • Never lose needles again with a hose holding attachment
  • Flexible hose reduces strain and damage on balls
  • Best Air Pump for Emergency Uses
  • Easy to pack and bring anywhere
  • Convenient one-hand usage
  • Best Air Pump for Quick Use
  • Pumps balls (and tires) FAST
  • Needs a car
  • Best Battery Powered Air Pump
  • Auto-stop prevents the ball from being over-inflated
  • Memory function remembers last used pressure settings

Best Basketball Air Pump

If you are looking for a convenient pump that will fit in your backpack, this is the one for you. The Pumteck Electric Ball Pump’s slim design will slide into your gym bag with your basketball.

Along with the convenience of size, this pump is electric. It features a USB port, typically only takes 120 minutes to reach a full battery capacity, and fills up about 30 balls on one charge.

The digital screen on the air pump shows you the pressure as it is filling up your ball. It also has intelligent pressure detection. All you have to do is enter the PSI you want your basketball to reach, and the pump will stop when it’s finished.

The only downside to this pump is that if you forget to charge it, there is no other way to use it. Even so, the convenience and simplicity of the product seem to outweigh the fallouts.

The title of the best budget air pump belongs to the Valiant Dual Action Ball Air Pump. This particular pump is not battery powered, but that is one good thing about it. You don’t have to wait for it to charge or worry that it may die when you are using it.

Dual-action refers to how air is pushed into the ball when you pull the handle out and push it in. This feature helps fill your basketball faster than your typical air pump. It also has a textured rubber body to prevent your hand from slipping while you are pumping.

This air pump comes with three needles as well as a nozzle to inflate other things. It also comes with a storage bag that has a zipper for the extra needles. The pump will fit perfectly in your gym bag with your basketball, due to it being less than 12 inches long.

Another benefit of this excellent air pump is that it comes with a lifetime free replacement. Overall, this air pump will meet all of your needs, and it works with your budget. This air pump ticks all the boxes!

Ball Pump is only six inches long, and it can fit almost anywhere. Its compact size is complete with a hose holder built into the side for more convenient storage.

The functionality of this air pump is fantastic. It is dual-action, so your ball is being filled when you push and pull the handle. The result is a fast-fill, especially for a hand pump.

You won’t lose your needle with the hose holder attachment because it will stay strapped in place with the hose. If something does happen, and you accidentally misplace one, the REVIVL Ball Pump comes with five U.S. size needles and one nozzle.

Another great feature of this pump is the flexible hose. Its flexibility limits the damage that may occur to your ball by preventing the strain on it. It is also nice to have the flexible hose so you can hold the pump in different positions when pumping up your basketball.

In case of emergency, the Pocket Pump Ball Pump is readily available, and, as the name implies, fits in your pocket. The pump’s small size is one of its main benefits. It's smaller than the palm of your hand and is suitable for quick ball refills.

This handheld pump has easy one-hand usage, so you can grab some water while adding some air to the ball. You don’t have to worry about straining the ball while using the pump, either. The flexible hose prevents strain and damage to your ball.

As a bonus and unusual feature, the Pocket Pump Ball Pump has an air release valve on the top to help you deflate your basketball. Stick the needle into the ball, open the air release valve and push down on the ball for a quick and easy deflating process.

The size of this air pump is a positive aspect, but the functionality isn’t as great. You may have to switch hands a few times when using this pump, and it may take a little longer to use. However, if the size is a deciding factor for you, this air pump may be the best option.

This is an action-packed air pump. The Foseal Portable Air Compressor Pump can be used universally for any issues you may have. All you need is a car, and you’re all set.

This pump is powered by a 12V car charger port and can pump up a basketball fast. It can even fill a car tire in three to five minutes! The plugin wire is over eight feet long, too, making it easy to access and move around.

The air pump also comes with four different attachments. Whether you need to fill up your ball before a match or have an issue with your tire on the way home, the Foseal Portable Air Compressor Pump will meet your needs.

A digital screen is just icing on the cake. While using this pump, you set the pressure to what you want, put the needle in your basketball, and hit start. You can walk away without worrying. The pump’s auto-stop feature will prevent your basketball from being over-inflated.

Overall, this pump has a lot to offer. There are not many downsides, other than needing a car to use it. If the car is not an issue, then this pump is a great option.

Wow—talk about the top of the line! The VEEAPE Mini Bike Pump is the perfect battery powered air compressor for your basketball needs! This multifunction digital ball pump will have your basketball ready to go in minutes.

It even features convenient lighting for when it starts to get dark out, but you want to finish up your basketball game, and you need to pump up your ball. There is also a memory function, so you don’t have to set the pressure every time. Auto-stop prevents the ball from being over-inflated, as well, so all you have to do is plug it in and wait a short amount of time to get back to your game.

The VEEAPE Mini Bike Pump is unique in the way it prevents damage to the battery. It will shut off when the battery is getting low, so you don’t overexert it. It also will stop charging on its own to prevent damage from overcharging. It usually takes three to four hours to be fully charged.

This basketball air pump uses its turbo-charge movement, making the pump quieter, more stable, and more powerful. This small but powerful air pump can pump four to five bike tires with one charge. There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee and one year of service included with purchase.

Buyers Guide for the Best Basketball Air Pump

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking to purchase an air pump. Below are some things to keep in mind.


Size plays a significant role when shopping for the best basketball air pump. There is a wide range of sizes available, from models that fit in your pocket to some that will not fit into your gym bag.

If you need a heavier-duty pump, then a pocket-sized air pump probably isn't the best choice. However, pocket-sized air pumps are great if you need to add a little air once you are already at the court.

Most basketball air pumps are less than a foot tall, so they're similar in size, but that is not the only component to consider when you're shopping for the best air pump.

Hand Pump or Battery Powered

The next thing to consider is if you want to have to charge your air pump. A battery-powered pump can be convenient because there's no manual work to be done on your part. You just plug it in and wait.

Along with a battery-powered pump comes the responsibility of making sure it is charged or that you have somewhere to plug it in.

There are even air pumps that require a car to plug the pump into, such as the Foseal Portable Air Compressor Pump, so if you don't think that's possible, you're probably better off with a handheld pump.

When using the handheld pumps, you want to find one that is dual-action. Some pumps only push air into your basketball when pushing down the handle, not pulling it up.

A dual-action pump saves time by pushing air through when you pull the handle out and push it back in.

Extra Needles and Storage

Extra needles may not seem like an essential aspect of a pump, but you should still consider it. Especially if you often misplacing things, you may want to look into a pump that comes with extra needles.

If you want extra needles, you probably don’t want them rolling around in your gym bag or getting stuck in your basketball, either. Look for an option with a storage bag to keep everything together.


Not every air pump comes with a warranty, but it’s nice to know you’re covered if something happens. Most people don’t think about warranties for air pumps because they are so budget-friendly.

If you are rough with the equipment, maybe a little clumsy, or don't want to buy a new pump, you should consider buying one with a warranty.

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