Basketball Sizes for Kids: For the Different Age Groups (5 to 13+)

Basketball is a favorite sport among children as it allows them to learn teamwork and sportsmanship. Therefore, kids see basketball as a challenge and enjoy fulfilling it to the best of their ability.

But to play this game, players must have complete control over their bodies, especially their arms and shoulders.

If a kid plays with the wrong-sized ball and throws it 10 feet above the ground, it could affect his shooting technique. Ultimately, he will fail to score the goal.

Since basketballs come in a variety of sizes according to every age group, it can be confusing for parents to determine the right size for their kids.

This article will let you know the perfect dimensions of basketballs based on different age groups.

Basketball Sizes for Children

Kindergarten Basketball Size

Basketballs of size one are ideal for kindergarten kids. They are made for young children between the ages of 2-4 years.

The ball has a diameter of 6-6.25 inches and a weight of around 8 oz., making it the perfect size for young kids.

Basketball Size For 5 - 8 Years Old

A size four basketball is made for children aged 5 to 8. When compared to kindergarten students, these kids understand the techniques quite well. Junior Ball is another name for a size four ball, which measures 25.5 inches and weighs 14oz.

The majority of the children use a Mini ball, which is a size three. As a result, size four can be quite challenging to find. If you want a size four basketball, you'll have to put some time into finding the perfect size.

Basketball Size For 9 - 12 Years Old

Size five is also known as youth size, and it is ideal for children aged 9 to 12. Its name signifies that it is made especially for young children who have complete command of the game.


It also helps them improve and polish their technique while using a ball of the appropriate size. A size five ball has a circumference of 25.7 inches and a weight of 17 oz.

However, some children within this age group prefer to dribble with a ball that is 28.5 inches in diameter.

Here are the best basketballs for youths.

Basketball Size for 13+

Size 6 is the best size for children aged 13 and up. The dimensions of this ball are a bit smaller than a size 7. Most players prefer to play with a size six since it is smaller and allows them to have a firm grip on the ball.

The size six is also referred to as an intermediate size. It measures 28.5 inches and weighs 20 ounces, and is commonly used in youth basketball competitions.

Girls vs. Boys Basketball Size

There is a significant difference in the sizes of balls during professional-level games for men and women. Size 6 is the final size for all games in women's professional games.

On the other hand, size 7 is the standard size for men's professional matches.

However, there isn't much of a difference between boys and girls when it comes to kids, as they all use the same sized ball. In addition, these balls are age-appropriate for children, so they don't put the kids at risk of harm.

Why Is It Important To Get The Right Size?

Your child must play with the appropriate basketball size to develop adequate skills at a young age.


If a child has to play with a basketball that is either too big or too small, they may not be able to manage the ball properly. This way, they develop a habit of using incorrect techniques, making it harder to modify their style as they get older.

It is critical for your kid to learn the right techniques at an early age, so the basketball size you give them must be suitable for their size.

Conclusion: Kids Basketball Sizes

In this article, we went through all of the different ball sizes for kids. Hopefully, you now understand that children must use a basketball that is appropriate for their age.

So, if you want your kids to learn and play basketball effectively, it is essential to do your due diligence and find the right basketball size for their age group and physique.

If they are able to master the skills at a young age, they have a better chance to become a professional player with exceptional skills in the future. Who knows — your kid might be the next LeBron James!

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