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If you want to take your shooting game to the next level, you need to start tracking your shots. All of the pros do it and for a good reason. Tracking your performance is the best way to see which areas need improvement, and it’s a ton of fun. You can compete with yourself, which is a great way to become a better basketball player.

Basketball shot tracker apps are for those athletes who crave raw data and want a calculated strategy to improve their overall game-day performance.

In this post, you’ll discover the best basketball shot tracker app and a few different alternatives. Keep in mind that these apps still require you to put in a lot of work if you want to see results on the court.

  • Best Brand
  • 4 challenging mode including buzzer beater
  • Ball and App track field goal percentage and range
homecourt basketball shot tracker app
  • Most Comprehensive
  • Uses computer imaging and artificial intelligence fpr precise tracking
  • Backed by NBA players
  • Best Value
  • Automatically tracks your shot attempts, makes, and misses
  • Compatible with any basketball
  • Most Durable
  • Improves dribbling, passing and rebounding
  • Bounces and reacts same as regulation ball, for more effective training
  • Calculates layups and dunks
  • Provides constructive feedback
  • Ability to record videos

Top Basketball Shot Tracker Apps 2020

Who knew how smart a basketball could be? The Wilson X Connected Basketball is, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent basketballs you’ll find. The ball itself is regulation size (size 7) and has all the high-quality materials you would expect from Wilson. If you want, you can use the Wilson X as a standard outdoor basketball.

Setting up the basketball in the Wilson X app is easy as pie. Best of all, once you have the app set up, you don’t need an internet connection to access all of its cool features. Also, there are a ton of sound effects, such as roaring crowds and air horns, that make practice a lot of fun.

Inside the app, you can track your shots, accuracy, and more. You can see which areas of the court you’re on fire and where you could use some improvements. This kind of tracking is what will make you dominate the court after a few months of committed practice.

The Wilson X Connected Basketball works on both iPhone and Android smartphones and is compatible with any regulation hoop. If you’re looking for a less mundane way to practice your shots, then the Wilson X Connected app might be everything you need in a basketball shot tracker app.

HomeCourt is new to the game but brings a lot to the table in terms of features and functions. One notable thing about the HomeCourt Basketball Shot Tracking App is its impeccable accuracy. The app uses computer imaging and artificial intelligence to precisely track your body mechanics and jump shots as you play.

HomeCourt recruited Steve Nash to work as a consultant during development, and several NBA players financially back the app. Some of the things the HomeCourt Basketball Shot Tracking App can record are release time, speed, vertical, and release angle, all of which are essential components to a perfect shot. 

There’s a free, plus, and pro version of the app, and each comes with different features. The free version allows you up to 1,000 shots per month, basic drills, access to the HomeCourt community, and accuracy reports.

HomeCourt Plus comes with everything on the free version but allows for 3,000 shots per month. On the pro version, you’ll find plenty of training exercises to make you a more well-rounded player. 

HomeCourt is an extremely user-friendly basketball shot tracking app and is perfect for any player who wants an in-depth analysis of their shots to help them become a more technical player.

The ShotTracker is one of the most accessible basketball shot tracking apps to use. All you need to do is start it up, put on the sensor wristband, and you’re ready for action. The simplicity and user-friendly design are what makes this one of the top pieces of basketball shot equipment on the market today.

One fantastic thing about the ShotTracker app is that it’s compatible with any basketball. You can easily attach the tracker to your hoop or net, and the device then calculates which shots you make and how many you miss. The wristband connects directly to the sensor on the hoop via Bluetooth.

The ShotTracker also comes with over 100 different drills and practice exercises to keep on your game. NBA star Klay Thompson claims that the ShotTracker app is what helps him match the same intensity of game day during practice.

Any player who is serious about their performance and wants an easy-to-use app to track their stats should check out the ShotTracker. It’s a breeze to set up and comes with all of the features you need to become a better ballplayer.

Although this smart ball isn’t purely meant for shooting, it’s still a useful piece of equipment to improve your ball control and overall technique. The ball is regulation size and slightly weighted, which will help improve your finger strength and shot power on the court. It weighs more than a regulation ball, but it still has the natural bounce and feedback as a regular basketball.

Some of the critical aspects it helps improve are dribbling, ball control, rebounding, passing, and overall ball handling. Its material is synthetic leather, which is exceptionally durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor basketball.

SKLZ also has lightweight balls available to help boost your reaction time during games. Those players who want a simple, straightforward training aid and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg should check out this practice ball.

By improving your ball handling, you’re virtually enhancing every aspect of what it takes to be an all-star player. Not only that, but you also develop stronger wrists and forearms, which will give you an upper hand on the court. With the right training partner, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better basketball player.

Everyone wants to master those dunks and layups, and now you have the perfect companion to help you get there. Blast’s precise motion sensor can easily calculate your layups and dunks and give you constructive feedback to make improvements. Just attach the sensor to your waist, connect to the app via Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.

One cool thing about the Blast Analyzer is the ability to record videos. With this, you can see yourself performing first-hand and get a better view of where you might be going wrong. It can also capture a 3D image of your body mechanics in real-time.

Once you get better at dunks and layups, upload some of the stats and footage directly to your Facebook and other social media channels with just a few buttons.

The Blast Basketball Jump Shot Layup and Dunk Analyzer are affordable, so almost any coach or player could incorporate these tools. If you’re excellent at shooting three-pointers but can’t seem to get your short game down, give this neat device a try. It’s compatible with any iPhone later than the iPhone 5. That said, your need to be running at least IOS 8x to use this device.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shot Tracker

Basketball is not that old of a game, but it is played worldwide.

As a result, numerous companies and creatives are developing tools and gadgets to help players get better and maybe even become pro. So now, the marketplace is full of devices and applications that claim to make you a better ballplayer.

To make your buying journey easier, we’ve compiled a neat little guide on how to choose the best basketball shot tracker for your needs. Hopefully, you will save a ton of hassle with our guide when making your next purchase.

Consider these factors before purchasing a basketball shot tracker.

Your Budget

Not all shot trackers are created equal. Some of them have comprehensive features that can add up to be quite expensive, while others are highly affordable. Sticking to your budget help you make the right decision.

If you just want a simple tool to help keep track of the number of shots you’re taking, you don’t need to invest in a sophisticated basketball shot sensor or training device.

For ballers who want to take their training more seriously, you might need an app that can calculate each move accurately and some high-end gear.

Most basketball training aids are more cost-effective than hiring a private coach. Remember to always commit to your budget and don’t go out of pocket unless you want to invest heavily in improving your game.


All shot trackers claim to be accurate, but some are far more precise than others.

Readability and accuracy should be your primary concern when making a decision. You want to find something consistent and reliable; this way, you can focus on improving your technique with the right information throughout the year.

Shot trackers typically use a wrist band that connects directly to the net sensor via either Bluetooth or internet connection. They should be able to track both your misses and shots correctly, or else the function is virtually useless.

Fortunately, many companies invest a lot of time making these devices extremely accurate, so the vast majority are reliable.

Your Age

Your age and skill level are also items you need to consider when choosing a basketball shot tracker. Mature basketball players might need something different than a beginner.

The complexity of specific gadgets is more appealing to advanced players, where beginners will need something a bit simpler and more straightforward.

If you’re buying one of these shot trackers for a younger player, make sure they understand what the tools do while they’re practicing.

Not only will this avoid accidents and wasted money, but it will help them engage more and ultimately boost their performance during games.

Final Thoughts: Basketball Shot Counters

Modern basketball technology has taken a massive leap over the last few years. Now, there are training aids for practically all aspects of the game. Shot trackers seem to be the most popular because they offer more interactive data.

Keep your goals in mind when shopping for tracking shot equipment. When you have a plan, it’s much easier to track your progress.

Choose any of the basketball shot counters above, and you’ll be set. With the right training aid, you’re going to crush it during practice and games.

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