Practicing free throws and three-pointers can quickly become tiring if you have to chase the ball after each shot. Make shooting hoops more fun with a basketball return system that sends the ball back to you after each shot.

Are you having trouble picking the best basketball return machine? After researching the market, we have identified the seven best products. Check out our review of each product, then read our buyer’s guide on how to pick the perfect basketball return system for your unique needs.

  • Best Overall Choice
  • Shoot 300% more shots with the ic3
  • Fits most pole-supported hoops
  • Best for All Ages
  • Simple and effective
  • Wide witdth catches most/missed shots
  • Best for Basketball Newbies
  • Catches errant shots
  • Easily mounts and adjusts in minutes
  • Best Budget Choice
  • Returns at 90-degrees arc
  • Backed by Spalding's Warranty
  • Best for Professional Use
  • Does not get in your way
  • Allows users to dunk
  • Best Adjustable Return System
  • Raise or lower it to get the level of coverage you need
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant
  • Best for Indoor Use
  • Returns ball anywhere on the court
  • Great quality and value

The Best Basketball Rebound Systems

The iC3 Shot Trainer is our favorite basketball return net because it catches shots from all angles and can fit on the rim of most pole-supported hoops. It works best with standard 72-inch backboards, and installing it takes minutes.

Uninstalling it for storage on a windy day is also easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave the iC3 Trainer outside. Its welded steel frame is durable enough to withstand the sun, snow, and rain, letting you practice shots, regardless of how wet, sunny, or cold it gets.

The iC3 is our best basketball return machine because it catches both made and missed shots, and its extended net can catch shots that miss the backboard completely. The net will direct the ball through the return mechanism to send it back to you.

Since you do not have to chase the ball after each shot, you can spend more time practicing without getting tired or frustrated. It also means you can complete more shots in less time (over 300% more than without the iC3).

Anyone over seven years old can use the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer to practice sinking two and three-pointers, or for high reps, long shots, and more. The machine comes with a hefty price tag, but its durability and versatility make it a worthwhile investment.

The RolBak Net Gold’s design is simple but very effective. It is a basketball return net that you can attach under your 60-inch wide backboard to catch shots and send them back to you for uninterrupted practice.

The rebound net’s thick polyethylene material can catch balls for years without tearing. It is also light enough to uninstall and store with ease.

The net’s width ensures that it catches most shots, including your missed shots. You can also easily reposition the net to better catch shots made from extreme angles. The net stays in place with the help of water bags, which serve as anchors.

According to customer reviews, the RolBak net’s water bags are not the most durable. If yours start to leak, fix the problem by filling the bag with sand or attaching the net to bricks; or you can always take advantage of the product’s 90-day replacement guarantee to get new water bags.

The RolBak Net Gold is suitable for players of all ages because of its user-friendliness and easy installation. Your kids will love it, and so will you as long as you do not frequently shoot balls over or past the backboard since the RolBak is not tall enough to catch balls that miss the backboard. It is also not the best choice for dunkers since the net covers the ground under the rim.

Are you new to basketball or introducing your young child to the game? If so, you need a basketball return system that can catch all errant shots. The SKLZ Rapid Fire II does that with a 12.75 feet wide net that extends outside the backboard to catch balls that miss the board.

The net is 13.75 feet long, reaching from the top of the backboard to the ground to send caught balls back to you. Two weight bags keep the net in position while you play, and you can reposition the entire setup to match your changing needs.

You can practice all your long shots and three-pointers without worrying about your ball flying into the streets or bushes. However, if you own a molded frame backboard, the SKLZ Rapid Fire II won’t be the best option for you because it is compatible with only metal frame backboards, especially ones installed on garage gates or roofs.

If your priority is improving your shooting accuracy without sending balls flying outside the yard, the SKLZ Rapid Fire II could be the perfect basketball rebound net for you.

Compared to other basketball return systems, the ball return rate on this net is a bit slower. Also, you cannot dunk while the net is in place.

Spalding is one of the biggest sports brands in the world, especially for basketball gear. To make shooting hoops more enjoyable, the company released the Spalding Back Atcha Ball Return – an affordable basketball return system ideal for solo practice.

The set-up is simple, and the training aid attaches directly to your rim. Each time a ball goes into the net, the return system sends it back to you at a 90-degree arc. It is ideal for outdoor or indoor use at home but is not sturdy enough for commercial use.

You can install it on standard rims and adjust it to fit the Pro Slam, Slam Jam, and Arena Slam rims. It doesn’t matter if the hoop is net-free or has nylon or galvanized steel netting, the Spalding Back Atcha will fit. The return system’s heavy-duty plastic won’t distort your rim shape and can endure most weather conditions.

The Spalding Back Atcha might be durable, but we do not recommend dunking or hanging from the rim when it is in place. If you are improving your shooting accuracy, this basketball return system might not be for you since it returns only netted balls. You will have to chase your missed shots, which will eat into your practice time.

Go for the Spalding Back Atcha if you want an inexpensive basketball rebounder that rewards you with a returned ball every time you sink a shot.

The Rukket is the best basketball return machine for professional use because it rebounds balls without getting in your way. Because it’s positioned behind the hoop, you can take long shots, dunk, or practice dribbles under the rim with no disruptions.

The Rukket Basketball Return Net Guard can return shots you miss or sink. Setting it up is quick with any hoop type, and it comes with a carry bag for transporting the rig to any basketball arena. In addition to being portable, the product is durable and weather-resistant with a fiberglass frame and heavy-duty 7-ply knotless netting.

The net guard comes in one of two sizes to provide the level of protection you need. The XL size costs only slightly more and is easily adjustable to fit both youth and professional height basketball rims.

Rukket is so confident in the quality of its return net that it offers a 100% lifetime warranty on all parts. While it is not the cheapest basketball return system on the market, its quality parts, US-based customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee justify its price.

Do you spend most of your basketball practice retrieving balls from your yard, the neighbor’s property, the street, or elsewhere? The Goalrilla Basketball Yard Guard is a home defensive net system that fixes these problems by catching your shots and sending the ball back to you.

The entire hoop return system is highly durable and weather-resistant with a powder-coated steel frame and resilient nylon netting. It is also easy to install, especially on 5- or 6-inch Goalrilla basketball hoop poles. According to customers, it also fits 4-inch square ground pole systems from other brands, such as Spalding.

The net's number one selling point is its adjustability. You can raise or lower it to get the level of coverage you need. Packing it up for quick storage is also easy since you can fold and unfold the net by clipping or unclipping it.

The net goes under the rim, which means it only catches netted and missed shots off the backboard. If your shots frequently miss the backboard, get a taller basketball return net.

This SKLZ Kick-Out return is different from the SKLZ Rapid Fire II rebound net. If you want something that takes up less space and returns balls with greater accuracy, try the SKLZ Kick-Out 360-Degree. It is the best basketball return machine for practicing shooting hoops indoors. Because of its 360-degree range, the system can send the ball back to you anywhere on the court.

Even though it is best for indoor use, you can also use the SKLZ Kick-Out outdoors. Outdoor use will, however, cause its components to wear out faster unless you pack in the rig after each use.

The SKLZ Kick-Out consists of a rotating chute that attaches to the rim with easy-to-use clips. It can fit on any basket type and can survive thousands of shots. The chute will send each ball you score back to you, anywhere on the court. If you don’t want the chute changing directions, you can use some duct tape to keep the mechanism stationary.

While this rebound system is remarkably similar to the Spalding Back Atcha, the SKLZ Kick-Out is more durable and versatile. That extra quality comes with a higher price tag, but the SKLZ Kick-Out remains one of the more affordable basketball return systems on our list.

Consider getting one if you are on a budget and don’t have enough space for a rebound net. You will love the satisfying feeling of the ball returning to you every time you sink a shot.

How to Pick the Best Basketball Return System

Basketball rebound systems come in various sizes and styles. What works for one person might not be the right for you. For instance, a return machine that only returns netted balls is not ideal if you miss most of your shots.

If you want to pick the best basketball rebound system for your goals, look out for the following features:

Return System Style

Some rebound machines, like the SKLZ Kick-Out and the Spalding Back Atcha, use a chute system to send the ball back to you. The problem with this system type is it only returns balls from made shots.

The alternative is a product that uses the catch net system, such as the Rolbak Net Gold, which catches all shots.

If your shooting accuracy is subpar, go with a net system that returns the ball even if you miss.

Better yet, choose a hybrid system, such as the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer, which uses a net to catch brick balls and a chute to return missed or netted balls. It is the best of both worlds and can satisfy most basketball training needs.

Coverage Level

When choosing a return system with a catch net, make sure the netting is large enough to catch all your missed shots.

For instance, a rebound net that starts at the base of the rim won’t meet the needs of a player that often overshoots the backboard.

This player will need a net that extends to the sides of the backboard and perhaps rises over it a bit, like the iC3 or the SKLZ Rapid Fire II.

Coverage level also refers to how far the rebound system can return balls.

If you are practicing long shots, the rebound mechanism should send the ball close to where you are. Otherwise, you will have to leave your shooting position to retrieve the ball after each shot.

The iC3 and SKLZ Kick-Out can return balls to all corners of the basketball court, ensuring you rarely have to leave your shooting position.

Ease of Setup

If a rebound system is hard to install, it can be frustrating to use the equipment or may even be damaged during installation.

Keep things simple with a basketball return mechanism with a tool-free setup and one that comes with everything needed for installation.

Just as important, the basketball rebounder must be easy to disassemble and store. For example, the Rukket Basketball Return Net Guard is easily collapsible and portable.

When the system is easy to disassemble, you won’t struggle with taking it down during extreme weather. Plus, you can conveniently take the rebounder with you to any court.


Affordability is important, but the cheapest basketball return machine may not fit your requirements.

For instance, the SKLZ Kick-Out and Spalding Back Atcha are both affordable, but neither will return your missed shots. Instead of focusing on price, go for a product that offers the best features at the most attractive price.


If a return system’s components aren’t durable, it won’t serve you for long before falling apart. Practice your shots with a shooting system that has weather-resistant and resilient materials.

For example, when choosing a netting system, make sure its net is weatherproof nylon or polyethylene. For a chute system, metal or durable plastic materials are preferable. You can also shop risk-free by buying a return system with an extensive warranty.

Some of the products on our list come with a 90-day warranty, while the Rukket Basketball Return Net Guard has a lifetime warranty. A robust warranty means the manufacturer is confident about their product’s durability.

Do You Need a Basketball Return System?

Using a return system eliminates the need to chase balls after each shot. Without chasing balls, you can make more shots in less time. For instance, instead of taking a couple of shots every minute, the iC3 Shot Trainer lets you make up to 16 shots per minute.

The more shots you make, the faster you can improve your accuracy and overall shooting ability.

Installing a basketball rebounder, especially one with a catch net, will also reduce the risk of your ball leaving the yard and damaging property and eliminates the danger of chasing an errant ball into a dangerous setting, such as traffic, thorny bushes, sewers, etc.

Can I Leave the Basketball Return Machine on the Rim?

If the machine is weatherproof, you can leave it on the rim, but we recommend taking it down during extreme weather. Also, chute return systems that send the ball back to the center of the court might disrupt playing a regular game with other players.

If it’s a netting system installed behind the backboard, you can leave it attached while playing a game with others. It will stop errant shots from leaving the court and won’t interfere with your game.

Conclusion: On the Best Ball Return Machine

Some basketball return systems are compatible with only specific backboard or rim types.

Make sure the one you pick can fit the backboard size and pole height you have installed. The iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer can fit most hoops and, according to our research, is the best basketball return machine for players of all skill levels.

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