Basketball Interview Questions (For Players and Coaches) You Must Know

Have you ever wondered what it feels like? Basketball interview questions make many nervous. Also, people reported that the tension made them forget answers to even some simple questions.

However, excellent preparation and knowledge of possible questions can make it easier no matter the questions. They increase your chances of passing the interview by 200%. Preparation is vital for success when answering basketball interview questions.

Unfortunately, preparation can be confusing. And people leave out essential questions they should know.

Therefore, this guide helps you know essential things as you review basketball interview questions. As a result, you'll be better prepared for your interview and have more confidence in yourself.

This guide contains the top five basketball interview questions you should know as a coach or team member. Take note of the answers. In addition, feel free to modify each question to suit your case.

In This Guide:

We will look at

  • Top 5 basketball interview questions for coaches

  • Top 5 basketball interview questions for team members

Let's look at these basketball interview questions in detail. 

Top 5 Basketball Interview Questions for Coaches

Firstly, here are five possible questions for a coaching position.

  1. What Is Your Great Achievement as a Basketball Coach?

Tell them what you've achieved as a team coach. Make it short and snappy. If you've won any tournaments, include them.

On the other hand, if you haven't, don't panic. In that case, tell your interviewers about your experience in the last team — where you met the team and how you improved them.

  1. Since You Have Little Experience as a Basketball Coach, Why Should We Hire You?

This question applies to coaches who have a small portfolio or have not coached any major teams before. Tell them your strengths, like a strong work ethic. Also, explain how well you relate with others.

Focus on your sweet spots, such as the ability to copy successful tactics from top teams, books you've read, or coaching classes you've attended. Also, make sure you sound confident and communicate smoothly.

basketball-coach-interview questions
  1. How Is Coaching Our Team Different From Your Previous Jobs?

Here's one of the important basketball interview questions. Talk about the opportunities this new job will create, the new players you'll meet, and the new strategies you will use.

Also, some research on the new team is excellent, so you'd know about their games and previous feats.

  1. What Areas Will You Improve in Our Team?

Talk about any areas where you noticed the team needs more assistance. No team is perfect, and answering this question well gives you an edge over other applicants.

Find the team's weaknesses by watching a couple of their matches. Meanwhile, read the team's reviews on the internet; checking other people's views gives you a headstart.

  1. What Are Your Greatest Regrets in Your Basketball Coaching Career?

This question is one of the trickiest of all the basketball interview questions. Naturally, you wouldn't throw light on your faults. But most interviewers want to know your weaknesses.

Tell them of a scenario that was beyond your control. Make sure there was nothing you could do to change the situation. An example is when players' injuries cost your team a tournament. Also, state what you learned and how you prevented it from recurring.

Top 5 Basketball Interview Questions for Team Members

Sometimes, team owners interview you as a prospective team member. There are some qualities the interviewers expect to see before engaging your services.

Here are the top five basketball interview questions from several interviews. Answering them well increases your chances by 250%.

  1. What’s Special About You?

Most times, this is the first question asked. You should explain why they should hire you in a non-pushy manner.

Since you'll be working with other teammates, it's better to state how your presence in the team will create more benefits. Talk about your previous games (if any) and how you helped the team win.

If you're the funny type that motivates other players, say it.

  1. How Well Do You Relate With Others? 

This basketball interview question is the same as "do you work well within a team?" Remember, you'll be playing alongside other teammates, and therefore, this is your chance to show how well you communicate with others.


Maintain a smile and try to be as friendly as possible when speaking. In addition, show your communication skills. Talk about occasions where you helped others achieve what they desired. Be selfless here.

  1. What Do You Hope to Achieve in Our Team?

Here's another question that turns tables if you get it right. Therefore, you should know which foot to stick out first. Emphasize achieving the team's collective goal here.

For example, tell your interviewer that you'd not mind passing the ball or switching positions with a teammate if that will make the team win the match.

Never talk about personal achievements here — that is a big red flag. Also, it portrays you as a selfish player. Always focus on the team's objectives, and they'll achieve them with you.

  1. How Long Are You Willing to Work With Our Team if We Hire You?

Among the basketball interview questions here, this one has a significant impact on hiring you or not. Here you have to show that you're passionate about this job. Hiring players is tedious, plus the time and money the team spends looking for a great candidate.

Show them you're ready to stay as long as it takes to make the club great. Do not say something generic like "as long as you're pleased with my results."

Tell them you always make efforts to become better in a way that'll make them keep you in the team. Also, focus on the team's goal when answering this question.

  1. What Are Your Strengths as a Basketball Player?

This is a common basketball interview question, and you may have expected it. Here, give your interviewers a shortlist of your strengths. Then, show them scenarios where you used these strengths to give your team an edge over others.

Often, the interviewers are looking for how well you use these strengths. Therefore, show them that their team needs your muscles, and that's the fastest way to get hired.

Wrapping Up: Basketball Interview Questions for Coaches and Players

These are the top five basketball interview questions you should watch out for when applying for a coach or a team member position. No one hires players or coaches that cannot answer them smartly. With this info, you have an advantage over other applicants.

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