Basketball Double Rim: Is it Good to Play on it? [All You Need to Know]

If you've ever played basketball, you're probably aware that not all hoops have the same design. You may even have come across a double rim hoop on the courts at your local gym or neighborhood park.

If so, you've likely experienced frustration upon shooting as the ball bounces out time and time again.

For some players, double rims are the bane of basketball. Popular NBA content creator Mark Phillips even made a video about the frustrations of playing double rim basketball.

But even though they get a lot of hate, these rims are great for practicing shooting. Why? Using one can improve your accuracy, arc, and form, among other things.

Ready to enter into the fray of the single vs. double rim debate?

This quick guide will answer all your questions about double rim basketball, including whether it is right for you and why you should consider using one.


What Is Double Rim?

There's a range of different hoops out there, and they vary in terms of weight, base, fixings, and backboards.

One of the most notable variants between basketball hoops is the rim, which will either be single or double.

Single rims are probably the most common types and familiar to most people.

Double rims are twice the thickness of single rims. You can easily spot their thickness, and there tends to be an indentation that runs along the middle of the hoop that shows it's twice as thick.

Double rim basketball hoops are often in outdoor public courts because they're more durable than single-rimmed hoops. They don't have the same spring-loaded system as single rims, which allows for dunking without causing damage.

A common misconception is that these rims are smaller than single rims. That's simply not true, but they do look smaller due to their increased thickness at an elevated height.

People also think these rims are smaller because the ball bounces out more frequently, but that's just because of the increased thickness and rigidity of the hoop.


Why Double Rim?

The rim has a significant impact on a player's performance. In professional basketball, changing the rims can drastically affect scoring in any given season. Everything from the design to the wear can affect scoring.

So knowing how much they matter, you may be wondering why double rim? If you've experienced frustration when playing with a double rim basketball hoop before, you might wonder why people bother using them at all.

But, the rim's design helps you improve several vital skills and techniques. Here we take a look at some top reasons you should consider trying out or sticking with a double rim.

Improvement in Shooting

Practicing with a double rim will help you improve your shooting.

Because it's harder to get the ball in, you need concentration and precision with every shot. These rims are notoriously unforgiving, so there's no room for error if you want to score.

Try training with one of these rims for a couple of weeks and then go back to a regular hoop. You'll notice a massive difference in your shooting when you transition to a standard rim.

You may also find that the increased concentration needed with double rims is good for game situation shots.

Many people practice their shots without much concentration or any goal in mind, but you'll have to focus on getting it right with a double rim.



Proper form and arc are key to shooting the ball. When playing with a double rim basketball hoop, it will be much more difficult to get the ball through the hoop if you play a low arcing shot.

Due to the rim's thickness, a ball that hits the rim first due to a low arc is less likely to go in the hoop. The challenge will help you put more arc on your shot to get the ball to go in and make the shot.

Soft Touch

You need a softer touch and softer hands when playing a double rim compared to a single rim.

That's because the ball is more likely to bounce out of this hoop. You also need to be more accurate when shooting a layup, placing the ball more softly on the backboard.

This requirement for a soft touch offers a great opportunity to practice and improve your accuracy.

Double rims are more challenging to shoot in, so if you can nail it, chances are you've improved your overall game by a lot.

Shooting Form

The ball constantly bouncing out of the rim is bound to be annoying, but this is actually a great way to improve your overall shooting form.

Persisting with this kind of hoop will give you a new challenge if you're already a competent shooter. Plus, it is also great for those of you who want to score consistently.

Increase Shooting and Adding More Difficulty

Double rim basketball hoops increase the challenge of shooting and make it more difficult. If you add another variable into the mix, such as an overinflated ball, you make the task even harder.

Why would you want to do that? If you can nail shooting an overinflated ball into a double rim, your accuracy will be on point. You'll be so much better when you return to using a standard ball and single hoop.

When to Use Double Rim

As we've already covered, double rim basketball hoops are great for improving your game. But, you might be wondering whether it's something you really need to do at your skill and experience level.

You might also be considering if you should be using it all the time, or just occasionally. Here we offer some suggestions on using a double rim basketball hoop and how often you should think about doing it.

For Skills Improvement

If you need to improve your shooting skills, it could be time to practice with a double rim rather than a single.

Double rims force you to work on several skills at once — including your concentration, touch, arc, precision, and overall form. Playing with this kind of hoop will increase your accuracy and handling when shooting.

For Motivation

If you're a skilled player, you may not concentrate as much as you think when you're shooting hoops.

Suppose you're scoring with every shot on a single hoop. It may be time to test and improve your skill levels by switching to a double rim.

How Often to Use a Double Rim

The amount you need to practice depends on how regularly you play and where. If you have a double-rimmed hoop available at your convenience, you could:

  • Use only a double rim for a couple of weeks to improve your overall shooting skills.
  • Use a double rim a couple of times a week for dedicated shooting practice.

You should also consider your tolerance for failure. If you feel highly frustrated at missing lots of shots, you should avoid using a double rim constantly.

Alternatively, make it your mission to master the extra thickness and practice for a few weeks solid.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if playing with this kind of rim is worthwhile for you.

Of course, if you're thinking of purchasing a hoop for a public area, a double rim will be much more durable and last longer than the single-rimmed counterpart.

Which Is Better: Single or Double Rim?

As you can likely see by now, each type of rim has its advantages and disadvantages. If you're looking to buy a basketball hoop or wondering which will be most beneficial for practice, you should think about your needs and aims.

The majority of casual players prefer to opt for a single rim. They are more common, easier to use, and most don't need to worry about the durability of their hoop.

Those who are buying a hoop for heavy use or a public court may prefer the hardiness of a double rim. They last longer and offer extra durability when compared to single hoops.

As we've also seen, using a double rim offers lots of benefits and can step up your game.

If you're a professional player, coach, or competitive sportsperson, a double-rimmed hoop offers the chance to perfect shooting techniques, accuracy, and touch.

The increased thickness of the rim forces you to adapt your aim and shot.

Double Rims: The Bottom Line

Now that you know the difference between single and double-rim basketball hoops, you can decide which is right for you.

Many prefer single rims for their ease of use and flexibility, plus they're more commonly used at competitive levels.

But that doesn't mean that you should count double rims out. While double rim basketball hoops are not favored by many, they offer durability and hone your basketball skills.

If you're looking to improve your game, a double rim might not be the enemy you thought it was.

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