What is AAU Basketball?

One of the most commonly asked questions among young players is, "What is AAU basketball?" AAU basketball, which stands for Amateur Athletic Union basketball, is known as "club" or "travel" basketball.

Many people, including coaches and athletes, believe that AAU basketball is an excellent approach to learning new skills since it allows you to practice basketball regularly.

It consists of non-school teams that play in AAU tournaments against other teams. The primary goal of the organization is to promote young and aspiring athletes.

So, let’s dig deeper into other details of AAU basketball. Is it worth it, and does it improve athletes’ abilities?

AAU Basketball - Is It Worth It?

Many individuals wonder whether AAU basketball is worth the time. Of course, the answer differs from person to person as it mainly depends on your personal experience.

However, if you’re genuinely into playing basketball and are looking to hone your skills, AAU is worth it.

The team members, coach, game strategies, and schedules you’re assigned are some of the most crucial things that will make your participation in this program meaningful.

AAU basketball can be incredibly advantageous if you’re able to connect with the right squad.

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The Process of Getting into an AAU Basketball Team

Before joining such an organization, you must understand what you are getting yourself into. AAU basketball serves as a national network to host sports tournaments.

Overall, the AAU platform offers many opportunities for young athletes to enhance their skills by forming teams.

The AAU basketball season generally runs from February to July, with several competitions held throughout the year. AAU basketball is open to both boys and girls between the ages of seven and 19.

All you have to do to join an AAU basketball team is visit their website. After filling in your zip code and preferred distance from the nearest club, the site will present you with various options. You can also find all the relevant information about each club on the website.

If you are a non-athlete member, you can even start your own AAU basketball club. After that, you need to decide the level of your club.


There are usually three levels. Level 1 is for people who want to participate in AAU tournaments but don’t want to host them.

If you wish to do both and use the AAU logo anywhere, Level 2 is for you.

Finally, if you want to raise funds through your club, you should go with level 3. AAU basketball costs vary based on the team, what the club offers, the player’s skill level, the team’s travels, and so on.

Furthermore, a regular youth athlete membership is $14 per year and is valid from September 1st to August 31st. Watch this video to learn the basics of forming an AAU basketball team, including how much it costs and the whole process in detail.

Advantages of AAU Basketball

The following are the main benefits of playing AAU basketball.

1. Offers a Diverse Range of Competition

AAU basketball provides a high level of competitiveness. With so many excellent players and leagues to play against, you will have to give your best. This will help you identify your weak points and work on them to achieve better results.

Competition against high-quality teams is uncommon in local leagues, so the platform provides a basis for players to develop their skills.

2. A Pleasurable Experience

You should not overlook the value of enjoying a sport. AAU basketball may provide you with some of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Playing basketball is a lot of fun, whether you’re with your teammates on the court or simply practicing for the sake of it. 

But to have a remarkable experience, you must work with a good team and a coach who wants to work towards the same goals as you.

Similarly, it’s critical for parents not to see this sport only as competition for their kids. After all, sports should be entertaining!

3. Teaches You to Work as Part of a Team

With the level of competition in AAU basketball, your team needs to put in a collective effort. This requires learning the value of teamwork and how to implement it in all types of scenarios.

Listen to your instructors, practice with your teammates, and put your team first.

4. Allows You to Be Recognized

AAU basketball is a fantastic chance for young athletes to get noticed by college team coaches while competing against challenging teams.

During their tournaments, there is a chance that college coaches may find you talented and grant scholarships.

So, if you wish to be recruited by college coaches, AAU basketball is a great place to start.

Disadvantages of AAU Basketball

1. Winning is the Main Focus

One of the cons of AAU basketball is that many coaches don’t prioritize teaching the fundamentals of the game.

Since the ultimate focus of an AAU club is to acquire the most outstanding talent from various places, hosting practice sessions might be challenging.


As a result, the squad does not receive many opportunities to practice, and the coaches have little time to teach them new skills. Even when the team members manage to get together, it is for gaming sessions with the primary goal of winning.

If you get stuck in a team like that, there will not be much room for learning.

2. High Probability of Poor Coaching

In AAU basketball, you’ll find a lot of amateur coaches. The main reason for this is that anyone can join an AAU team and claim to be the head coach. It is not necessary to have a certain level of experience or eligibility to become a coach.

This leads to many uncertified coaches in AAU basketball who have no idea how to manage a team, let alone assist them in developing their skills.

Conclusion: AAU Basketball

To conclude, AAU is an excellent opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills, but it also has some drawbacks. After reading this article, we hope you have gained a better understanding of this organization.

Remember that with the right team, players, coach, and skills, AAU basketball can be a very gratifying and enlightening experience.

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